Ana Kasparian of the Young Turks “broke up” with the Democrats for inaction.

A progressive Democratic commentator criticized the party for not previously doing enough to prevent the Supreme Court from hearing Roe v. Wade may have hit out, saying she was “done” with her peers.

“Young Turks” co-host Ana Kasparian blasted her own party on Tuesday after leaking a draft Supreme Court advisory announcing plans to overturn the landmark 1973 abortion ruling.

“If we sit around and wait for our elected legislators to protect us from these religious zealots and these right-wing authoritarians, then something is going to happen,” said “Young Turks” co-host Ana Kasparian on Tuesday.

“How often must we be disappointed by them? I’m done with them.”

Kasparian clarified that she doesn’t speak for everyone on the network, before repeating, “I’m done with them.”

“Absolutely. The Democratic Party, every single one of them, enclosing the square. I don’t care,” the progressive commentator continued. “They didn’t deliver. They didn’t deliver. I’m done. It’s time.” Time to get organized, start organizations that will bring what women and people in this country need, people who are willing to atone for these disgusting, useless, corrupt politicians.”

Kasparian clarified that she doesn't speak for everyone on the network.
Kasparian asked: “How often do we have to be let down by the Democrats?
She blew up the Democrat fundraisers.
Kasparian has also blasted Democrat fundraisers.

Early on in the show, Kasparian began blasting the Republican Party for opposing various Democrat-backed policies like paid family leave to reverse or ban abortion across the country.

“It’s amazing that not a single Democrat has shown even one percent of the passion that Ana has today?” asked her co-host Cenk Uygur.

“They don’t care, they’re fine,” Kasparian shouted, launching her attack on the Democrats.

“They’re all old enough that they don’t have to worry about it affecting them, and when they’re young enough where it would affect them, they get their abortion, okay? They trade their individual stocks to enrich themselves, they’re good,” she said. “They’re good. They don’t care about you. Make sure you understand, you feel it in your bones. They don’t care about you at all.”

She has blasted the Democrats’ fundraising efforts, calling members of the party “losers” for failing to even successfully pass a voting rights bill.

Kasparian specifically called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and said, “How’s your fridge? How’s your luxury ice cream, okay? How is everything going with you?”

“Listen, all the bootlickers in the Democratic Party are so upset that I’m telling you the truth about how ineffective and pathetic Democratic lawmakers are,” she continued. “Go ahead and cry about it. “Oh, but the real enemies are the Republicans.” At least Republicans tell us exactly who they are. They don’t even hide their cards. They tell us exactly who they are and what they intend to do.”

Progressive Democrats accused Democrats of not opposing Republican policies because “they are too busy fundraising.”

“Nancy Pelosis will be raising funds. Chuck Schumer – He can’t abolish the filibuster because that would mean putting some pressure on jerks like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. “Oh, that’s not possible. That won’t do,’” said Kasparian.

She explained why she hit the Democratic Party so hard, saying “they deserve it” and “they fool us” and blasting lawmakers for saying one thing and doing the opposite.

“Nancy Pelosi officially said we need ‘strong Republicans.’ I bet you do. Nancy, I bet you do. How would you fundraise without the strong Republicans, you pathetic, pathetic corporate idiot,” she said.

Ana Kasparian attends the 2019 Watchdog Correspondents Preamble Party.
Ana Kasparian attends the 2019 Watchdog Correspondents Preamble Party.
Getty Images for the young Turks

Kasparian also met President Biden, calling him a “crazy liar” and beating him for failing to take action to cancel student loan debt.

“Don’t know what your job title entitles you to? You do not know? Why are you president?” she said. “Why did you appoint an education secretary? What’s the point?

The “Young Turks” co-host continued her harsh criticism of the Democratic Party on Wednesday, saying it had “let us down on everything.”

“I should give a round of applause to this party that has failed us in everything?” She said. “I will not apologize for ineffective, lazy, corrupt weakness.” Ana Kasparian of the Young Turks “broke up” with the Democrats for inaction.


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