An influencer’s hot sex challenge for couples leads to 150 births – and the number is rising

Oh baby!

A mom and influencer racks up 150 births and counting after sharing steamy advice in the form of a sex “challenge” in an Instagram Live video.

Apparently many of her followers followed the recommendations.

Sara Buckley, a 36-year-old content creator and podcaster from Las Vegas, became a real hit in January 2021 when she set out to heat up couples and “posed the challenge of simply encouraging women to intentionally and sexually pursue their spouses.” for seven days.”

“Be prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually for whatever you need to do to prepare for a week of essentially ‘the worst,'” says Buckley. known online as “Not The Worst Mom” said The Post.

“My advice was to try to have sex every day…Then in between actual copulation, send sexy messages, send sexy pictures when you feel comfortable,” she added, mentioning that it was also advisable to approach men say that they are good fathers and husbands.

Sara Buckley urged women to have more sex with their husbands.  At least 150 of them became pregnant.
Sara Buckley urged women to have more sex with their husbands. At least 150 of them apparently became pregnant.

But the real gifts that kept coming — women sending in photos of their positive pregnancy tests and later pictures of their children — began trickling in steadily a week after the challenge, Buckley claimed.

“They just kept rolling,” she told the Post. “If I could go back, I would have preferred to start with an Af King table.”

To date, according to Buckley, there are 150 confirmed children in eight different countries, a dozen of whom are twins. However, she believes 200 people is probably a more realistic number – especially after a recent repost of the challenge on her TikTok.

These children are now called “Sara’s Tots” – Buckley only received confirmation from someone else on Thursday – and they have their own story highlight on their Instagram about their own origins.

Women from all over the world quickly told Buckley that they were pregnant.
Women from all over the world quickly told Buckley that they were pregnant.

However, Buckley insists that the challenge “originally had nothing to do with pregnancy at all.”

“I didn’t specify whether I should use birth control because I didn’t think I would have to,” she joked to The Post, expressing her strong desire to one day take a group photo with all the little ones.

“I was really surprised at how many women were willing to take this on… There is no group of people more deserving of regular sex than the role of wife and mother,” she said, adding that so many testimonials mothers are incredibly warm.

Sara Buckley was overwhelmed when women became pregnant on her advice.
Sara Buckley was overwhelmed when women followed her advice – and shared the results with her.
Courtesy of Sara Buckley

“Lots of stories [moms told us were] For example: “We struggled with infertility, we lost our last pregnancy and just decided it was no longer an option for us.”

Buckley – who admittedly cried for hours with joy over the apparent baby boom – said the challenge was inspired by her own successful romance with her husband Sterling, a 39-year-old engineer with whom she spent years raising her four children. Teenager.

“Sex has become kind of easy for us personally,” she said of her liaisons with her high school sweetheart and podcasting partner “Not the worst marriage.”

“We’ve always talked about it on the podcast that it’s something that requires intention after a certain amount of time,” she revealed. “I think the longer you’re together the more true that statement becomes and sometimes we just need a little reminder… That’s the challenge.”

Not that these were ulterior motives, but she quickly realized the almost guaranteed benefits that wives and mothers would enjoy thanks to the extra rolls of hay.

Mother-of-three Sara Buckley says her advice comes from the great sex she's had with her husband Sterling for many years.
Sara Buckley, a mother of four, says her advice comes from the great sex she’s had with her husband Sterling for many years.
Courtesy of Sara Buckley

“Wake up on Saturday morning and have those curtains you’ve been meaning to hang for a few months? They’ll be awake,” Buckley said of the spouse’s obvious enthusiasm for household tasks.

But rest assured, these men don’t feel taken for granted – especially the many whose wives haven’t told them where their sudden source of loving attention is coming from.

And those who did know, were also more than grateful.

“I definitely got a few messages from husbands who were. How. ‘Hey thanks.'”

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