America’s Pettiest State Revealed – You’ll Be Shocked at Where New York Ranks

Are you afraid of incurring the wrath of a New Yorker after cutting him off in rush hour traffic?

Fake about it!

Taking revenge on someone for a minor crime is obvious declassed According to a September 2023 study that found New York ranked in the top five, Gotham’s worthy residents deserve an award the least Small states in the USA

“For a city that never sleeps, New Yorkers are surprisingly relaxed,” said lead researcher Anna Osborne, who conducted the research on behalf of the Canadian betting site Casino.casaid The Post. “Our nationwide survey shows that petty things just aren’t her style.”

However, the Heart of Dixie apparently lacks heart.

According to Osborne’s poll, Alabama was the state with the “highest level of pettiness.” The survey found that 96% of respondents there struggled with revenge tendencies.

Nevada, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and Arkansas took the other top spots on the virulence list.

Conversely, the District of Columbia, although not a state, is the least small area in the U.S., according to the study. 67% of those surveyed admit that they support the corrosive property.

Vermont was at the lower end of the scale with 68% of respondents, followed by Nebraska and Utah (both 71%) and New York (72%). (Complete data was not available for Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota and Delaware.)

Osborne launched the investigation into people’s pettiness as the unflattering trait gains popularity online, where his eponymous hashtag has more than 4.4 billion TikTok views.

She and her team surveyed 3,000 Americans over the age of 18 and asked each to rate their pettiness on a scale of one to ten. Participants were also asked to indicate which scenario triggers the most: romantic relationships, driving, problems at work, friendships, social media, gaming and playing sports – increases their thirst for trivial revenge the most.

“For a city that never sleeps, New Yorkers are surprisingly relaxed,” lead researcher Anna Osborne told The Post.
NY Post illustration

“New York is the fourth smallest state in the U.S.,” the report said, adding that residents rated their pettiness a mild six out of 10.

However, Osborne told the Post that hot-headed residents of the Empire State typically resort to low-profile, dirty tricks when it comes to matters of the heart.

“When New Yorkers indulge in a moment of pettiness, it’s often in the midst of romantic relationship drama,” she noted, according to the study.

The survey found that 27% of people in New York are most petty when it comes to sensitive arguments with a significant other. Friendships (20%), driving (16%), games and work (12%), social media (10%) and sports (3%) were close behind as secondary triggers for small things.

Alabama topped a survey of the pettiest states in the country.

This isn’t the first time New York has held a prominent position in a national ranking.

According to a survey conducted in September, the celebrated country was the third most popular state in the US to produce Instagram influencers. And in August, New York was named the “bougiest” state in North America for its numerous “Birkin Moms,” who enjoy carrying luxury brand handbags while visiting select stores and spas across Manhattan.

Victoria Lagg, 34, an absolutely amazing member of the city’s designer mom squad, told The Post at the time of the rankings: “There’s nothing wrong with being bougie.” “In New York it’s accepted – whereas in “It can attract strange looks in a smaller town or a big city.”

However, it seems he has more of a penchant for pettiness than a $20,000 wallet in fashion in lesser-known neighborhoods.

According to the study, relationships and driving are key to petty behavior.

Subjects in the new survey also provided examiners with detailed accounts of their most vindictive acts of retaliation.

When respondents from all corners of the country were asked to share their smallest transgressions, they shamelessly revealed their outrageous truths.

“Before I moved out of my old apartment, I took all the batteries out of everything my stupid roommate owned,” admitted one really petty participant.

“I’m the guy who will slow down to 5 miles per hour if you’re following me closely and then suddenly hit the brakes. Be careful!” said another.

“I’ll turn off the game if my wife wins,” admitted one angry loser.

“I stuck gum in someone’s doorknob who was taking up a parking space I was waiting for,” wrote another.

“My boyfriend didn’t want to interact with me on social media,” said one moron, “so I unfollowed him.”


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