All movies about screams are ranked from worst to best

There are several icons horror film basically changed and redirected the genre. Frankenstein scare everyone in the golden age of Hollywood and leave a lasting mark pop culture. Night of the Dead exploited a new defunct censorship code with violent imagery and zombie creation. Halloween make killers fashionable to the point of eventual exhaustion; it is said to be the most cut movie ever made. A movie that completely belongs to this conversation? Scary film conductor Wes Craven‘NS Screaming (from sharp, established Kevin Williamson script), an extremely effective, self-aware satire in which the characters of a horror film are actually watched horror film. It seamlessly blends raw mystery with bloody, stone-faced fears; For this category, there is no turning back.

This January, co-directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillettand co-author James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick, is taking us back to Woodsboro for Screaming 5. Franchise star Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette will all return for the fifth season, simply titled Screaming (Premiering exclusively in theaters on Friday, January 14). In nail biting prediction of the first Screaming movies in a decade (and the first without Craven – who passed away in 2015 – at the top), we rank the series in order from worst to best, taking into account how scary , interesting and funny of each movie and how well they hold up. All four Screaming movies are available to rent and buy on major streaming platforms.

In ascending order, here are all four Screaming movie ratings. Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

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Screaming movie ratings

Dimensional movies
(Dimensional film)

4. Scream 3 (2000)

Firstly Screaming Without Williamson as a screenwriter, the genre-bending franchise has gone too far into self-parody and has largely lost its way. There are many conveniences, such as voice changing technology, and more Science Fiction than a killer and that exists just because the plot needs it, which is regrettably undermined Roger Jackson“Ghostface”’s great nefarious performance was crucial in making the first movie so terrifying. Scream 3 was also appreciated in its broad aspect: Its “revelations” feel so tight that the film almost falls apart. However, it is not completely. Much of the credit goes to Craven’s clear direction, and the joy of keeping up with the series’ unlikely trilogy of heroes: survivor Sidney, reporter Gale, and cop Dewey as beloved as any other. anyone in modern horror movies.

When Scream 3 possibly the lowest on this list, it is important to remember that Screaming the series has shown considerable quality control throughout its operation; No complicated comparisons, entertaining Scream 3 to the low point of other horror series like Freddie‘s Dead: The Final Nightmare or abyss Halloween Kills.

Best part: Parker Posey hilarious as “Jennifer Jolie”, a ruthlessly selfish star who plays the downed Gale Weathers in Stab film. Many actors in the supporting cast of Scream 3 it seems unlikely that they’re in a horror movie or a spoof (and that could be a script fault). Posey reads the room and when she comes on the screen, Scream 3 more confident.

Dimensional movies
(Dimensional film)

3. Screaming 2 (1997)

The wildfire, the widespread box office success of the original (which grossed $173 million, or more than $300 million today) prompted the producers to rush to release a sequel less than a year later. The first part. Especially taking this into account, it’s magical Screaming 2 was a worthy successor — lighter on its feet, but also bloody and tense. Returning characters have a lot of work to do, and Randy’s violent death (Jamie Kennedy) is one of the most surprising and memorable of the series.

Screaming the pictures full of red ropes mostly just add to the fun of trying to guess whodunit, but Screaming 2 noticeably less gratifying than the first because the identities of the killers are unpredictable; we get a ton of plot information that’s satisfying enough in the end — not like we feel completely cheated on — but it’s not like the tag team reveals about spoiled, haunted children. by popular culture Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard from the original. After two hours, Screaming 2 too long at least 10 minutes — but still easily one of the most polished killer movies ever made.

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The best part: Scenes from the movie in the movie Stab Used sparingly, giving excellent results. Playing a version of themselves playing forage in a killer movie, Luke Wilson, Tori Spelling and Heather Graham is the evil deadpan.

Phil Bray / TWC
(Phil Bray / TWC)

2. Screaming 4 (2011)

Initial meh the reaction — something close to a layoff — of 2011 Screaming 4 (Wes Craven’s last film) is confusing and even a little infuriating. More than anything, Screaming 4 underperformed at the box office as the killer picture opened as two rival sub-genres dominated — find-it-scenes and torture porn — in and out respectively. At first glance, important younger viewers might think this is like a horror movie from their parents.

Screamingreviving on TV—running from 2015 to 2019 — brought young audiences back, and many viewers enjoyed the most recent film. Undeniably flawed, but worthy – sometimes wildly entertaining and thrilling – Craven’s Swan Song (importantly Williamson wrote this) shrug off season 3’s weird mistakes and tilts. himself into horror, with rock-candy, 21st-century meta- satire. On a side note, it’s the dumbest movie in the series, and Craven (who has a master’s degree in philosophy from Johns Hopkins, and is a background director for light erotic) is better than any other filmmaker. any movie in history except maybe George Romero at giving such graphic content a point, makes it worth the challenge.

The most obvious shortcoming of the outstanding, underrated person Screaming 4 is the way it looks, soft focus cinema looks too much like a villain 60 minutes interview.

The best part: Campbell is beautiful, tough and natural. It’s easier to call and get a installment check; Campbell delivered a complete, solid performance throughout the series; She didn’t miss a beat.

first. Screaming (1996)

The original Craven has been with us for more than a quarter of a century; it is still a watch with the best possible combination. Screaming was released to social media and Reddit, before vandals spread like wildfire. It amazes and delights everyone.

It’s a funny, relatable movie – it’s even hilarious at times – but the comedy never detracts from the ghastly horror, white-fingered tension and (literally) mystery. about the cloak and the dagger. Are from Hunter (a movie that most people have forgotten by now) even a famous movie Super hero movies, too much comedy and self-perception is a problem that plagues many genres of film to this day. Screaming get that balance and pretty much everything else, just right. It’s worth noting that on its 25th anniversary, Paramount has released only one in-place restoration for home and digital media, fixing the many washed-out colors of the previous release. Screaming is a classic that transcends its genre, and it looks like itself again.

The best part: It’s really important to note that, at a glance Mental, it was established star Drew BarrymoreThe idea of ​​playing Casey Becker, a Woodsboro student who was mocked and killed – in horror – into the 12-minute film, served as a warning to audiences: No one is safe. Be afraid. Barrymore’s decision initially confused Craven, and especially the producers at Dimension Films. It was clearly the right choice; The ruthless coldness unfolds as one of the highest levels of horror. It’s still scary as all hell.

By Paramount Pictures, Screaming open Friday, January 14, 2022.

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