“AITA for not forgiving my fiancé” Reddit story leads to relationship failure

A sad Reddit story titled “AITA for not forgiving my fiancé for missing the birth of our daughter” was shared via TikTok, giving users hope that the dating dilemma ended in a breakup.

Many social media users went into a frenzy after reading the heartbreaking relationship story on Reddit, which involved a mother giving birth after an argument without her fiancé around. HITC gets to the bottom of the issue, investigating the responses of shocked users online and discussing the couple’s update.

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“AITA for not forgiving my fiancé,” the Reddit relationship story explained

A Reddit post titled “AITA for not forgiving my fiancé for missing the birth of our daughter” was uploaded to the discussion site on July 22, 2020.

AITA is based on the concept of posting situations from users’ private lives for assessment, where any user can post a post starting with “AITA” and ask if they agree with what they are dealing with in a situation they are in was involved, is wrong.

The post was recently shared on TikTok, accompanied by a gameplay video of the virtual video game, and has since garnered widespread attention across the internet.

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  • The author explains that she was nine months pregnant when she and her fiancé, known in the story as Michael, attended a gathering with other friends.

    Her partner’s best friend, called Madison in the story, never liked her mother for unknown reasons and drama suddenly erupts between the three of them at the party.

    Michael began calling his fiancée hurtful names after Madison showed him controversial messages between her and his partner. However, Michael didn’t listen to his pregnant partner and instead angered the writer.

    The mother began to cry at the insults, and when she left the situation, she felt cramps in her abdomen. Even though she wasn’t due for labor for three weeks, she unknowingly went into labor and Michael had told her to stop faking the pain.

    Alone on the way to her mother’s house, the writer soon went into labor and drove to the hospital without being able to reach Michael.

    After two hours of urging, the mother gave birth to a baby girl, who was named Grace Noel in the story and was sadly quoted as saying:

    “For me, giving birth without my fiancé by my side was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.”

    Michael then contacted his partner and later appeared apologetically at the hospital, but the author says:

    “I don’t think I can forgive him.”

    Dating dilemma enrages TikTok

    The story ends with the author summarizing the heartbreaking situation with his fiancee:

    “I had the pain of delivering an 8lb baby alone just because he chose to believe his best friend without listening to his fiancee.”

    On Reddit, the user asks the question:

    “Am I the idiot who won’t forgive him?”


    Am I the idiot who won’t forgive my fiancé for missing the birth of our daughter?

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    Ever since the story was shared on TikTok, the comments section has been filled with users expressing their angry reactions.

    A user named @Tonyz Moon responded that the “best friend is more valuable to him” and urged the author to “leave him child support and supervise visits.”

    A user named @kirschteiins expressed his irritation in his comment:

    “The anger I feel for this woman.”

    Another user named @Dave shared his opinion:

    “No, I would even tell him the wedding is off until he proves himself to be trustworthy again.”

    @jessicaharden125 also encouraged the author to get out of the relationship:

    “Don’t forgive him and go!”

    @bamapam confirmed in a comment that she’s not wrong;

    “NTA break up with him, you deserve better.”

    Updates explain the couple’s split

    Along with the angry comments about the situation, TikTok users were also eager for an update on the situation.

    @swestern replied:

    “Update, please tell me she left him.”

    A comment from @Saysayrah confirmed that the author had left Michael:

    “Update: She left and moved in with her mom.”

    When asked if the fiancé entered into a relationship with Madison, the user says the author hasn’t made it clear, but suggests it’s “likely.”

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