Ahri is making a big splash with League of Legends players when the win rate, playing speed skyrocket

In some ways, Ahri’s remake of League of Legends season 12 is very ambitious, turning the pseudo-assassin mage into a highly mobile and highly resistant type. However, it worked, with her win rate and play speed skyrocketing as players picked up Ahri in waves.

Ahri was one of the mainstays in the mid lane of League of Legends, but that was almost ten years ago. Since then, the Nine-Tails Fox has gradually become insignificant as the flashy new champions adopt her avid mid laner role.

So Riot created a new slot for Ahri with her League of Legends patch 12.3 remake, hone in on her highly mobile, durable play and clearly define it. If the numbers have anything to say about it, it worked.

Coven Ahri LoL
Riot Games

The remake of the Nine-Tailed Fox in patch 12.3 of League of Legends has been a huge success.

Ahri’s playing speed has increased to 14% in this patch, a big increase from the 5% it was before. Not only that, her win rate at all levels increased by a few points from around 50% to 51.97%. At a higher rank, this push up more than 54%.

While her play speed was to be expected — champions that receive big changes often see a significant boost in post-update updates —a huge spike in win rate was a surprise.

Ahri also did appear regularly in professional competition since LoL version 12.3 came out. She has played in 10 Academy games in North America with a 70% win rate, while Rogue mid laner Emil ‘Larssen’ Larssen won against Astralis in LEC Spring (Lost 4/7/5).

Main Ahri most are satisfied with the changes, which makes mid lane mage more durable and mobile (conditional) to dash around in teamfights. However, there is some division in the community, with There are a number of reasons leading to the loss of a combination mode.

KDA All Out Ahri in League of Legends
Riot Games

While her win rate has increased, some Ahri champions want to add some damage back to her kit.

Riot added that, after the rework, she is hitting all the bases they expect.

“So far, she looks pretty strong,” developer Ray ‘Ray Yonggi’ Williams as soon as the remake goes live. However, Riot stopped her nerf on patch 12.4instead choose to hear feedback from Ahri players about how the Nine-Tails Fox feels.

Ahri players have much more to offer too, with Her visual rework was written at the end of 2022. This includes an overhaul to the model and VFX on most of her skins, while Prestige K/DA Ahri will receive a new gear as part of the Mythic Essence update.

For now, though, stats show that the original poster kid of the League has returned to Summoner’s Rift’s throne, and the Nine-Tails has found a new place in the League of Legends meta. Ahri is making a big splash with League of Legends players when the win rate, playing speed skyrocket

Emma Bowman

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