Agnes Moorehead ignores her adopted son and then cuts him off

Agnes Moorehead is loved by many and she has a great relationship with her colleagues. However, her relationship with her adopted son is so bad that she ignores and rejects him.

Agnes Moorehead is the actress best remembered for her role as Endora in the TV series “Bewitched.” However, during her life on earth, she lived by the principles she learned from her parents as a child.

Those principles have made her one of the most respected figures in the film industry.

Agnes Moorehead as Endora in “Bewitched” circa 1965 | Photo: Getty Images

Although the actress’s career spanned several decades in Hollywood, little or no people know about her personal life. Moorehead has succeeded in keeping most of the details out of the limelight.

One fact that fans may not know about the actress is that she has an adopted son. Let’s take a look at the actress’s life before her death.

Portrait of Agnes Moorehead circa 1945 | Photo: Getty Images

Born in Clinton, Massachusetts, in December 1900, Moorehead entered the entertainment industry when she was 3 years old. Thanks to her father, who was a Presbyterian minister, she appeared on a radio program.

In 1912, her family moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, joining the city’s Municipal Opera Company. Years later, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

During her student years, Moorehead was a high school teacher and also worked in summer cinemas. In 1929, she graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City (AADA).

Portrait of Agnes Moorehead at the beginning of her acting career | Photo: Getty Images

In AADA, Moorehead realizes she’s not the kind of pretty woman who can do romantic movies. Her perception initially hurts her career but ultimately benefits her.

After booking a number of gigs in Broadway productions such as “Macro Millions” and “Scarlet Pages,” she worked with acclaimed director and screenwriter Orson Welles on “Julius Caesar,” the first play. your.

Then things got complicated for the actress, as there weren’t many acting gigs available. So Moorehead started acting in radio, which was entirely fitting since her looks didn’t limit her roles.

Agnes Moorehead at the CBS microphone station in Hollywood, California, January 1943 | Photo: Getty Images

Her career skyrocketed in the 1940s when she appeared in “Citizen Kane”. Additionally, Moorehead was also nominated for an Academy Award for her performances in “Mrs. Parkington,” “The Magnificent Ambersons” and “Johnny Belinda.”

The years that followed saw the Hollywood star achieve immense fame in the entertainment industry. She is a famous name with a stable and lucrative income for many years and countless screen appearances.

Portrait of Agnes Moorehead circa 1938 | Photo: Getty Images


Although Moorehead keeps most of her personal details private, her two marriages have been made public to the media. She married her first husband and Actor, John Griffith Lee, in 1930. The marriage lasted for more than two decades before they called it broke.

In 1954, two years after his divorce from Lee, Moorehead walked down the aisle again with Actor Robert Gist. Their relationship was short-lived as they split up just 4 years later.

Although Moorehead was married twice, none of her unions produced children. But while she is still married to Lee, the couple serve are the adoptive parents of a boy named Sean.

Agnes Moorehead on July 1, 1947 in Hollywood, California | Photo: Getty Images


While Moorehead’s studios portray her as the perfect wife and mother, her relationship with Sean is the opposite. The media revealed that the actress ignored her adopted son and let him beg for attention.

According to American Author Geoffrey Mark, Moorehead distanced himself from Sean because he didn’t grow up to be a conservative Christian.

As the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, Christianity was of prime importance to the actress. She tried to mold Sean into a conservative Christian, but when he failed, Moorehead turned him down.

Agnes Moorehead filmed “Summer Vacation” circa 1948 | Photo: Getty Images

Sean is said to be rebellious, showing a stubborn and stubborn expression despite being very young. A hired housekeeper named Russell once alleged that as Sean grew up, he was very possessive, wanting Moorehead for himself.

Russell believe Sean has struggled with abandonment issues as a result of being an adopted child. Being away from his adoptive mother made Sean’s insecurities as a child grow.

Whenever at school and without Moorehead around, he becomes bossy and possessive of toys and food that he wants to share with other kids.

Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Sarah Heartbum on “The Phil Baker Show” in New York on March 26, 1936 | Photo: Getty Images


Sean grew up as a teenager, and having a mother who applied strict discipline made things worse. One day, he had a conflict with Moorehead, and as a result he ran away.

In 1963, he flew from Europe, where he was still studying, to Beverly Hills to live with his adoptive mother. Like many other teenagers, Sean wants to grow his hair long. However, Moorehead opposes that opinion.

She is aware that he will abide by her rules as long as he lives in her house. Sean was not pleased with his mother’s reaction, and in the end, he ran away for three weeks.

Agnes Moorehead as Endora in 1971’s “Bewitched” | Photo: Getty Images

When he returned, he got his wish. His hair is long, but Sean’s looks only make Moorehead angrier. She agreed to bring her son home only if he cut his hair, and the teenager agreed.

Choosing Sean’s hairstyle wasn’t the only problem Moorehead had. She disagreed with his clothes and choice of music. Overall, the actress blames Sean’s friends and company for his behavior, driving them apart.

In 1966, Sean graduated from high school. While his mother hopes he will continue his college studies, the teenager has other plans for himself. He wanted to experience life, and get there; he left home. That was the last time Moorehead saw her son.

Agnes Moorehead as Endora in 1970’s “Bewitched” | Photo: Getty Images

Not long after, the actress fell ill. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was treated at Methodist Hospital, Rochester, Minnesota. While in the hospital, Moorehead received inspirational letters and messages.

However, none of them belonged to Sean, whom she hadn’t seen since he graduated. Actress Debbie Reynolds’ friend begged her to find Sean, but she forbade her.

Moorehead said that talking about Sean would make her more uncomfortable. Sadly, the actress never got to see her son until she passed away. Moorehead died at Methodist Hospital on April 30, 1974. She is 73 years old.

Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorhead and Dick York, circa 1960s. | Photo: Getty Images

In her will, the actress requested that no memorial services or funerals be held in her honor and that her loved ones respected her wishes. Furthermore, written documents show that Moorehead left nothing for Sean.

She said that she is single, has no biological or adopted children, life or death. Instead, she left her fortune to a number of people who had served her, several Christian organizations, and a scholarship program.

Now, Moorehead’s The legacy lives on, and she is remembered for her wonderful work. On the other hand, little or no information is available about Sean.

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