AEW Austin Star Gunn Saddles Up for ‘Relatively Popular: Farm Rules’

The offspring of some of the biggest names in showbiz are moved out of the big-city luxury lifestyle to live in the dingy and dirty countryside in the new reality series from E! Relatively Famous: Farm Rules. They will be spending a month rolling up their design sleeves to help the Saddleback Ranch in Colorado reopen to the public and continue to exist. Think Easy life meeting Now you.

New series featuring Hana Giraldo (daughter of Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar), Taylor “Tay” Hasselhoff (daughter of David Hasselhoff), Jasmin Lawrence (daughter of Martin Lawrence and Emmitt Smith’s stepdaughter), Myles O’Neal (son of Shaquille O’Neal), Redmond Parker (son of Ray Parker Jr.), Ebie (daughter of Easy-E) and Harry James Thornton (son of Billy Bob Thornton).

Rounding out the group of ranchers is Austin Gunn, son of WWE Billy Gunn Hall of Fame. The All elite wrestling the star is cut from another celebrity canvas. Here, the 27-year-old reflected on his experience and why he could be considered the initiator of the programme.

How did you get involved in the project? Has the program contacted you?

Austin Gunn: They contacted me directly. I don’t know if it’s real or not. As a wrestler, you have fans and other people texting you about interviews or different opportunities. I saw this photo and I sent it to my manager who thought it was a really great opportunity. I jumped into it because I thought, “I’ve got to go to a farm, do some cool work, and get this ranch back on track.”

You’re not too far out of this world considering your dad’s background — not to mention his first wrestling character was a cowboy-like rodeo star.

Walking into this ranch, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I called my dad up and said, “You don’t know what chance I have. I was reliving what you were really growing up with. ” My dad got a scholarship from Sam Houston State in Texas for bull riding. Growing up, I worked with him and grandpa on their little ranch. When I went to their house, I would ride with them. he would teach me a lot about saddle making I remember as a child liking being in that environment I loved cowboys They would show me old westerners like Headstone and John Wayne. When I first heard about this opportunity to continue Relatively famous I was like, “Sign me up.”

Not really coming from that Hollywood life, how does it adapt to the group?

I can make friends with anyone very easily. People from the outside will think I’m difficult to fit in because they’re from LA. When I’m taken out, everyone hugs me with open arms. I just feel at home. I have never had a problem with anyone. I think in the wrestling business you always meet different characters who play different characters on TV. My personality in general when out in the world is to get along with people. Yes, there was a little voice in my head saying, “Are you going to fit in with these kids? What will they be like? What is their personality? “I think even if I can’t get along with them, I can at least show them how to ride a horse.

You get a nice intro to Myles after you recently hit his dad Shaq with a steel chair during an AEW appearance.

Myles and I bonded immediately. It’s weird to see you: “Hey, I hit your dad with a chair.” It’s funny that after I hit him with a chair, it obviously didn’t mix him up too much because he turned around and hit me. It was a funny little joke we shared.

You’re used to having your camera with you as a performer. What does it look like in this context?

The thing about this show is that I’m playing myself. It can be scary at times, but I know it happens – that I will be myself. Normally, in wrestling you can hide behind a character, but everything on the show is just Austin. I don’t play a character. It was an experience. It was overwhelming but very, very fun.

Did anyone in the cast surprise you in an unexpected way?

I think Harry, my best friend. When I first got there, Harry got in the car and said, “I’m afraid of planes.” I’m a dirty hand to them, get the job done no matter the man; Harry has a lot of obsessions. I thought, in my head, I kept pulling teeth to connect, seeing him succeed there. As you’ll see in the off-season, he’s growing and that’s fantastic. I can’t reveal too much, but you’ll see what I’m saying.



We’ve seen trailers for what’s to come. There is a chance that romance will blossom and even some confrontation. What can you tell us?

Whether it’s an opportunity to take someone out on a date or to strike up a job or someone has a problem with me, I’m not going to give it up. There are a lot of things we have to deal with this season. You will see me at my lowest, my highest. You will see me riding a horse. All kinds of tools. I am so happy.

Would you do this again if there was a Season 2?

There are many doors, this opportunity will open not only for myself but also for my other roommates. You will find out this season whatever is presented to me, I will do it. If there’s a Season 2 or another opportunity, I’d love to take it.

You have decided to follow in your father’s great footsteps, which is not easy at all. How to get a chance to work with him in the ring and on the road?

I think my dad has been very successful in this wrestling career so it was never harmful to go by his side. He found the Fountain of Youth but also a source of knowledge. Yes, as much as me and [my brother] Colton wants to break out and do our own thing in wrestling and trying to find ourselves again, we also want to enjoy this moment. As much as we want to branch out, we know it’s a game of patience and will come at the right time. There’s a lot going on in AEW, but one of the most unsettling things is struggling with my dad. It was a beautiful moment. He pushed me and criticized me. After this interview, I had to go work with him. Not everyone in the wrestling world or in general gets what I was given the chance to do: work with their dad and have the success we have right now.

Relatively Famous: Farm Rules, Series Premiere, Wednesday, January 12, 9/8c, E!

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