ABC Reporter Tries Gotcha Kari Lake Question, So She Turns The Scenario In Brutally Takes Down MSM

An ABC News reporter sought to corner Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake with one of the leftist’s favorite gotcha questions for Republicans: Do you think Joe Biden is the legitimate president?

Having served as press secretary for many US Senate candidates, I admire the handling of questions by Lake and her media team for having privately videotaped the exchange.

The interview is clearly not a live shot, which means the reporter can cut the footage to tell the story she wants to portray about the candidate.

Lake knows this well, having been a anchor for Fox affiliate KSAZ-TV in Phoenix for more than 20 years before leaving last year frustrated with the biased direction the store had taken.

Lake first responded to an ABC News reporter’s Biden investigation saying, “Well, he’s obviously sitting in the White House.”


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The reporter next asked if Lake believes the election was stolen – is Biden really the legitimate president?

At a rally that former President Donald Trump held outside Phoenix last month, Lake summon the 2020 race “has rotted to its core,” adding, “You don’t steal our votes” and just expect people to accept it.

Lake turned the tables on the ABC reporter, asking, “Do you think Joe Biden got 81 million votes? Do you think the elections are fair?

Do you think Kari Lake handled the question well?

“The problem is that the American people don’t have all the answers because the media is part of the problem,” Lake continued. “The media doesn’t cover it. The media never reported our forensic examination fairly. They do not report what is happening in Georgia. They do not report on the traffickers being paid to vote. “

The Maricopa CountyArizona, the audit team submitted its report to the state senate in September.

Auditors raised concerns about the existence of 34,448 duplicate ballot envelopes from 17,126 unique voters, raising the specter that some 17,000 voters may have cast two or more ballots. (This doesn’t mean any of these votes were counted twice, but experts suggest it’s investigated further.)

According to official counts, Biden won the Grand Canyon State in the November general election by 10,457 votes.


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Furthermore, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann emphasized in a September letter to the state Attorney General Mark Brnovich that the auditors found that Maricopa County had overwritten the security logs of the Management System. voting display activity on the server.

“This was made possible by handling more than 37,000 of the same questions days after a court ordered Maricopa County to provide election materials to the Arizona Senate,” she wrote.

Fann added that the county also failed to provide “sufficient documentation to match duplicate ballots with the corresponding original ballots.”

Duplicate ballots are ballots created by elections officials when the original cannot be read by county voting machines. By county, near 28,000 votes was sent for cloning.

In one document Released after the audit, Maricopa County responded, saying that the duplicate ballot envelopes that the auditors discovered were actually multiple scans of the same envelope, which occurred when a voter “cured” “problems – such as envelopes missing a signature. The county says only one ballot is counted per voter.

The county explained the scrambling of records was part of “standard archival steps” and was preparing for local elections in March 2021 and was subject to a Senate subpoena.

During a hearing in the US House of Representatives in October, Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona squeeze Maricopa County officials for their failure to turn over all of the documents sought by the auditors.

The county said many election database files were stored and were not specifically requested in the Senate subpoena.

Biggs confirmed to Bill Gates, a member of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, that the archives had not been turned over to the audit team.

“They didn’t subpoena those things. That’s correct,” Gates said, chuckling from Biggs.

“Okay, so you don’t feel obligated to turn that over, do you?” congressman query.

“We responded to the subpoena,” Gates repeated.

Biggs then turned to Senate auditor and former Secretary of State of Arizona Ken Bennett for his reaction to Gates’ explanation.

“I find it ludicrous to suggest that a county in response to a subpoena could say, ‘We’re going to delete the files from the hard drive and the documents that we gave the auditors because we have files That was stored on data that we didn’t give the auditors,” when the subpoena said, “Turn over all the records related to the election,” Bennett said.

Meanwhile, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirmed last month that his office was investigating allegations that large-scale illegal ballot collection took place during the 2020 general election in his state.

The investigation was launched in response to True the Vote’s complaints in November.

The group said it has “collected evidence that scores of activists have worked with nonprofit groups to collect and deliver thousands of absentee ballots, often during hours of operation.” late at night, to makeshift ballot boxes distributed throughout the state during the pandemic,” Just the News reported.

Ballot collection is illegal under Georgia law, which requires absentee ballots to be mailed or personally delivered unless the voter has a disability, in which case a family or a member of the household may transfer the ballot.

True to Voter’s complaint, it provided Raffensperger’s office with access to what it described as detailed phone records and surveillance video that the company said would show up to 242 people repeatedly to the boxes to deliver ballots it describes as a mass vote-trafficking operation. , ‘” Just news reported.

Georgia Law ask for the drop-down boxes below 24 hours video surveillanceaccording to Raffensperger.

True to the report, Vote obtained access to some footage through an open records request at the start of the investigation.

Some of the videos will apparently be featured in conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming documentary “2,000 mules,” which will premiere this spring.

In the trailer, D’Souza says, “We tracked 2,000 mules doing multiple votes, leaving no fingerprints, taking pictures to get paid, a coordinated round of illegal vote collection in all the important states where elections are decided.”

The trailer highlights the statuses of ArizonaWisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia are the places where this alleged illegal practice took place.

True the Vote, the company that worked with D’Souza on the film, said website that in addition to Georgia, it will publish “staggeringly similar findings” in five other states.

In an interview with ABC News, Lake predicted that the American people will finally get the full story of what happened in the 2020 election.

She noted that outlets like ABC, CNN and MSNBC have turned around misreport that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election.

“And now they are doing the opposite. We have evidence of corruption in our election, and they refuse to cover it up. They refuse to be honest with the people of this country,” Lake said. “When you’re lying to people and you’re getting into the media, that’s a bad business model.”

Acclaim! We need an honest review of what happened in 2020, so the necessary changes can be made to prevent fraud.

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