A middle-aged mother’s baby fever divides users when her disappointed teenage daughter moves out

The removed from the platform Reddit post “AITA for adopting another baby and telling my daughter to move out” has led to divided opinion about a mother and her baby’s fever causing a rift in her relationship with hers biological children.

The story shared by a mom on Reddit differs from the usual posts about patterns we see in intimate relationships or family dynamics. We brought you a similar story revolving around a user whose parents were disappointed in her relationship with her maternal family. Users are once again at odds over the mother-daughter duo as they bicker over welcoming a new member to their family.

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Reddit User Asks “AITA for Adopting Another Baby”

The story is about a mother in her forties and her desire to adopt a child. She and her husband are parents of two biological children.

The Reddit user’s friend had a surprise baby a few years ago, and the baby was the youngest in the group of children. But taking care of the child was very easy compared to the adult children in the family, and when the Reddit user saw that her friend was having another baby, she started thinking about having a child.

This gave her baby fever—the strong urge to have a baby—but her birth children weren’t too keen on it. Being 40 years old, adoption was the only way for the wife and her husband to have a child, so they ended up bringing home a two-year-old.

The new baby is taken care of and the Reddit user says she has no fondness for it, but her biological children haven’t made an effort to get along with her siblings. They would rather lock themselves in the room with their cousins ​​than spend time with the new family member.

Not only did the kids avoid the baby, but the teenage daughter even threatened to move in with her uncle. The mother told her to do it, but her daughter hasn’t spoken to her since.

Her friend supports the teenage daughter

To the Reddit user’s great surprise, her friend, who inspired her to adopt a baby, called out that she had a baby but not a child to take responsibility for.

The dispute between the Reddit user and her friend erupted when she was accused of her age, which the latter felt was unfit for raising a child.

Even though her friend’s children were born years apart, the Reddit user didn’t want to be treated any differently for adopting a child much younger than her biological children.

She said everyone disagreed that she was choosing the new baby over her grown children, while her husband was the only person supporting her in her decision to expand her family.

The mother’s decision is dividing users

Some users feel that the mother did nothing wrong when she decided to have another child with her husband as they claim to have enough funds to support all their children and to support them equally treat. Still others feel that the decision to adopt a baby should have convinced all members of the family before going ahead with it.

One commenter said: “‘Trust me, when a child threatens to move out and the parents act like they don’t care, it really hurts the child a lot!’ YTA!”

“YTA. It should be a FAMILY decision to add another member,” said another.

“You’re all so negative, she’s the right age and financial situation to have a baby. “Baby fever may have been a motivator, but she didn’t do anything wrong,” said one.

Another asked: Both parents wanted a baby and are ready to raise it. What’s the problem here?”

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