A journalist is attacked and slandered, the media cheer

There are a lot of ruins in a city. But if you want to see how much ruin there is, Portland, Oregon is the place to be.

The once proud city has become internationally notorious in recent years. In the summer of 2020, the city experienced more than 100 straight nights of unrest.

Every federal and state building in the city was attacked. Businesses have been attacked and forced to shut down or shut down. Downtown became a wasteland with homeless people roaming the graffiti-covered city.

I checked it out myself. At this point, Joe Biden dismissed the group as an “idea” rather than a reality. Well, I went undercover with the radical group for two nights and saw that they were very real indeed.

I saw them intimidate local residents and watched them attack the city’s only ICE facility and attack the remaining law and order forces.

One reason Portland drew so much attention was a young and brave local journalist named Andy Ngo. This son of Vietnamese immigrants had seen what had happened to the city where he had lived and studied. And he started documenting it.

In particular, he has filmed and posted online the violent activities of Antifa. He also systematically collected mugshots of actually arrested Antifa rioters. Most looked like the Addams family who used meth.

Andy Ngo
Andy Ngo, the son of Vietnamese immigrants, had observed what had happened to the city where he had lived and studied.
Getty Images

Portland riots
NGO documented antifa riots in Portland and identified members.
Agency Anadolu

This, of course, made Ngo a target for Antifa. I saw that myself. Aside from the usual radical left slogans, the most common graffiti in Portland was “Kill Andy Ngo” — often in large red letters.

At least twice, Antifa tried to follow up on their threats with action. In 2019, Ngo was violently attacked by Antifa while covering one of their protests. Left-wing media outlets tried to downplay the attack, but Ngo was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and subsequently suffered severe cognitive impairment.

Antifa activists monitored Ngo’s mother’s home and were once caught on camera approaching the front door, all wearing masks with Ngo’s face.

One would have thought that the media would have protected one of them at such a point. One might have expected that PEN, the ADL and all these other fat, overfunded, pompous organizations would condemn the violent assault on a journalist.

But they didn’t.

In part because they are all cowards who only defend journalists and writers when they happen to be leftist. And secondly, because they have apparently been taken in by Antifa’s point of view.

This smear was that Ngo was in reality not the quiet, hard-working son of immigrants, but a “far-right” lunatic who provided “kill lists” for “real Nazis.” It’s a way of disparaging your opponents. And Antifa certainly realized they had an opponent in Ngo. Because he was reporting accurately on them, they did everything they could to take him down.

In 2021, they almost did it a second time when they tracked him down while he was working undercover, ambushed him and chased him into the lobby of a local hotel. If Antifa had caught him, they would undoubtedly have killed him.

So far, such a shame. But consider this.

Portland riots
Antifa activists monitored Ngo’s mother’s home and were once caught on camera approaching the front door, all wearing masks with Ngo’s face.
Andy Ngo

Although Ngo was assaulted on camera not once, but twice, the authorities did nothing to prosecute those identified against him in the on-camera and social media assaults.

The law didn’t bother prosecuting people who tried to kill an American journalist in an American city.

So Ngo decided to start a civil process with crowdfunding support. Requests to try Rose City Antifa themselves were denied by the judge, who only allowed Ngo to try two of his attackers. It was left to an NGO and a crowdfunding campaign to do what the authorities didn’t do.

But the process was a disgrace. The two activists, Elizabeth Renee Richter and John Hacker, were identifiable from evidence including their own boasts on social media. The hacker even admitted part of an attack on Ngo.

But Antifa had a team of ten lawyers alongside two NGOs. And thanks to the judge’s actions, there was almost a media standstill.

Antifa called the shots in court. They brought forward an “expert witness” in Portland State University’s Alexander Reid Ross who claimed Ngo was responsible for a “neo-Nazi kill list.”

On cross-examination, it turned out that this “expert” had no evidence whatsoever to support this claim. Another attempt to vilify Ngo in court included the shocking claim that Ngo had appeared on – wait a minute – Fox News. My goodness.

In contrast, the evidence Ngo’s team was allowed to present was damning. But here’s one thing. The judge and jury were local residents. And you’d have to be a pretty brave local in Portland to sit on a jury convicting two Antifa thugs. Antifa supporters roamed the halls of the courthouse hoping to intimidate the plaintiff and others.

In her closing argument, the Antifa activists’ attorney even told the jury that she will now be wearing an “I am Antifa” shirt. And she told the jury that she would remember all their faces.

Portland riots
An Antifa lawyer told jurors she will remember all of their faces.
Agency Anadolu

The jury returned a verdict of “no fault” and let the Antifa activists get away with it altogether. The hacker didn’t even have to pay damages for a phone he admitted had caused damage.

The only journalist covering the entire process – a colleague from NGO – had her car broken into and robbed. Meanwhile, “journalists” on sites like the Daily Beast celebrated with headlines such as “activists released after right-wing troll Andy Ngo accuses them of assault.”

Note again the defamation of NGOs and the turning of violent thugs into mere “activists”.

The whole thing is lazy. Portland today is not only a city without law, but also a city where there can be no justice. Even if private individuals take over the work of the authorities and try to achieve this. I hope Ngo appeals. And I hope that a huge crowdfunding call can help him. He hasn’t given up yet and I hope he won’t give up now either.

In the meantime, I hope that one day all the people who allowed this situation in an American city will hang their heads in shame.


DUSTIN JONES is a USTimeToday U.S. News Reporter based in London. His focus is on U.S. politics and the environment. He has covered climate change extensively, as well as healthcare and crime. DUSTIN JONES joined USTimeToday in 2021 from the Daily Express and previously worked for Chemist and Druggist and the Jewish Chronicle. He is a graduate of Cambridge University. Languages: English. You can get in touch with DUSTIN JONES by emailing dustinjones@ustimetoday.com.

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