A “jealous” woman’s story about a “gold-digging” best friend has an unexpected ending

The OP of the Reddit post “My best friend who digs gold” titled “AITA for telling my friend to stop investing her money” wasn’t expecting to be called out for “jealousy” when she took to the platform to complain about her wealthy friend.

The stories on Reddit sometimes seem unreal, like the one about a man who ended up dating his sister’s bully. In some cases, Redditers are left stranded with stories that don’t reach any conclusion and lack a follow-up post that gives a full picture of the situation at hand. Since people are desperate to know what happened to the original version of My Best Friend Who’s a Gold Digger, we’ve found out all the details.

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The Reddit post “My Best Friend Looking for Gold” has an unexpected conclusion

The full title of the Reddit post is: “My gold digger boyfriend kept attacking me.” I had to put her in her place.

The story is about the OP’s best friend, who she has known since school. Of the two, Jill was the conventionally pretty woman with blonde hair and an attractive body.

However, Jill chose not to date anyone during her school or college years. When the OP asked her why, Jill said she was looking for someone who was financially stable. The OP made fun of it at the time.

Jill grew up in a poor family and aspired to be with a man who could provide for her. After graduating, Jill got a job at a gym teaching yoga, where she met her future husband.

According to the OP, Jill’s husband is burdened and the couple has two children together. She even thinks her best friend might have signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married.

The OP’s opinion of Jill didn’t really matter until a few friends met for dinner at a fancy restaurant and the former snapped at the latter.

User asks “AITA for telling my friend to stop flaunting her money”

The OP, Jill, and two other friends from college decided to meet up for dinner. Jill insisted on going somewhere expensive because she wanted to treat her friends like she always does.

Over the years, the Reddit user had learned to just smile and look away when Jill supposedly showed off her clothes, travel, and other things she owned, but she couldn’t pretend anymore she likes.

Dinner was going well until one of her friends asked Jill what she and her husband were doing for her birthday and she replied that they were spending three weeks in Greece.

While the other two friends seemed impressed with Jill’s vacation plan, the OP scoffed and when asked what was wrong, called out her best friend for taking advantage of her assets.

She took it a step further by telling Jill that everyone thinks she only married her husband for his money. But Jill argued that she may have entered into the marriage for the money but fell in love along the way. She also asked the OP if she doesn’t like what her boyfriend is offering and if she would still be in a relationship if he just loved her and couldn’t care about her.

When the OP said she didn’t think Jill ever loved her husband and implied that she was only with him for his money, she got up from her seat and walked away. She told her friends to finish their dinner and not worry about the bill.

After Jill left, the OP and two of the friends finished their meals in silence, and when they were finished, only the OP was handed the bill for what she had eaten, and the total came to $50, which she couldn’t afford it. Jill had paid the other two and left.

When the OP contacted Jill and insulted her, her best friend told her not to contact her again unless she wanted to apologize for her rude comments about her personal life.

Users think the OP is “jealous” of her best friend

The majority of social media users are waiting to hear Jill’s POV as the OP seems like she is jealous of her best friend who has a wealthy husband.

“She wanted someone with money, so she got someone with money. She knew her worth and did it. You’re TA,” one said.

Another added: “It didn’t sound like she was flexing or anything. I’m just being nice to you,” said another.

A third user wrote: “Financial stability in a relationship is EXTREMELY important. The jealousy is palpable.”

“OMG, you are so jealous! The friend knew what she wanted and she got it,” said another.

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