A humble proposition: Let’s heal America’s wounds – with white payback

America’s past unresolved atrocities are a common theme in our politics, and many believe that Native Americans and African Americans deserve redress for the injustices committed by them. their ancestors suffered. While the merits of previous statements cannot be denied, we can also consider those that are imminent – things we know lie ahead. In addition to recompense for things in the past, we should also consider recompense for things in the near future, and make up for it in advance for an injustice that has not yet happened, but is certain to happen.

This impending grave injustice is a demographic shift that cannot change that, within decades, will make whites a minority in America. That’s right, the people who discovered America, explored the vast continent, and built this nation from scratch (or as they liked to emphasize), will at some point be less than half of their population. ta. From the birth of this nation, white Americans have been able to dominate the country with a combination of grotesque political structures, Byzantine electoral laws, and aggressive, often faultless, repression. theirs to other groups. But now, white dominance is slowly being lost due to immigration pressure and disproportionate birth rates, and the day when their domination will end. And when that day comes, we can imagine them crying, as they often do when things don’t go their way, that it was it’s just not fair.

If they weren’t whining and whining about it, adding in the general humming and humming noise to the right, we could just ignore it as ambient noise. But these people are dangerous and will fulfill their disillusioned fantasies, as we all know on January 6th. So in the spirit of paying back the injustice of the historic change that is taking place. pending this, and in hopes of preventing further outbreaks of violence – since the white population is Fully armed and prepared – we should consider paying white Americans before demographics do their detriment. Well, let’s pay them first, mitigate the blow first, and combine their goodwill while we still have a chance.

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Now, many would say this is a ridiculous proposition. (I’d describe it as more modest.) For one thing, there are plenty of white Americans who accept their demographic decline equally, and don’t need to compensate for the injustice they experience. not noticed. Obviously, my proposal is not for these tolerant citizens (of whom, I fully disclose, I choose to count.) But there is a significant percentage of whites who see the problem in one way. and under any society claiming to be a democracy, all people must be heard and their views considered – all the more so if disgruntled citizens are to be Strong violent handling.

In the last election, 74 million Americans voted to continue a racist, corrupt, and incompetent administration, and the most vehement of these voters, arguably, is convincing. that they had been deceived about their electoral victory, had acted in frustration during a violent uprising in the nation’s Capitol. These people are also Americans – indeed, they claim to be the only ones real Americans, the living embodiment of American values ​​- so we must appeal to them in a way that they will understand. We have to make them an offer they can’t refuse, or at least an offer they’re very unlikely to make, and call for what they give them the highest prize of all. All American values: money.

Fortunately, the whites in America have displayed such boundless greed and self-esteem that we can safely assume that their supposed enthusiasm for electoral justice will wane with prospect of financial reward. After all, the white faction sells its vote in every election, and has done so for decades. Its members take money in exchange for their votes when they vote for the party that promises them the biggest tax cut. Sure, it’s money cleverly disguised as tax breaks, but it’s a sale anyway. Indeed, we can show these citizens that selling their votes for a tax cut will be paid for with their own money. Imagine how much more attractive it would be to sell their votes other people’s money.

A new federal agency may be required to manage this, but it is unlikely that whites’ aversion to “big government” will extend to an entity that serves their financial interests. How do applicants prove they qualify? All they need is a copy of their birth certificate (a brief form will be available), and also a supporting document to establish “virtue”, such as membership in any of the established organizations of the right: the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, the Oath Keepers, the Boogaloo Boys, the Ku Klux Klan or, if we must, the remnants of the Caucasian Invertebrate Left of the Skin Right white is called the Republican Party.

Once the qualifying group is determined, how do we determine the amount to be paid? For the reasons explained below, I offer to pay $5,000 every two years, to coincide with federal elections, over a 20-year period. This will increase the financial burden in the long run. Acknowledging white political views, the program would have to be funded without new taxes; one method we think about would be to end our current subsidies to the Afghan drug lords and use the money to address injustice in our country. Who would object to something so sensible?

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And how will the actual amount be paid? One method seems particularly appealing. It is widely understood that many people are left with nothing, if not most, of the financial burden to some degree, often in the form of credit card debt. I recommend that $5,000 every two years be paid directly to the qualifying white applicant’s credit card debt. That is, directly to MBNA and Citibank and Capital One etc – such lenders will no doubt accept this bold reform, thereby freeing them from the burden of hunting down the dead from the transfer address. from one rural to another, while members of the white right would be freed up to charge more on their credit cards and American retailers (especially those selling alcohol, guns, drugs, and electronics) will have a lot of cash. It’s win-win!

Now, on the farthest edge of the white right there may be some moderate citizens who will condemn this program as socialism. But really, has anyone in that demographic ever turned down a Social Security check, Medicare benefits, military benefits or so-called socialism in any other form? Are you sure. They will, of course, insist that their benefits have been earned or paid fairly by salary deductions throughout life, and socialism means any unearned or unpaid benefit, such as a benefit. We all know that white pay cannot, by definition, be a welfare. After all, they always insist that the government should never give anyone a free ride.

Yes, OK: Listen to them. If we want to provide them with compensation for an injustice that has not occurred and which some might describe as no injustice at all – this terrifying demographic shift they call to replace, Forgot to mention the millions already here but to replace by Europeans — and if they insist on the principle of no free lunch, then they must be willing to meet one simple condition: In exchange for these $5,000 payments every two years, they must agree not to vote in federal elections for the next 20 years. many years. That’s it: Get the money, and cast your vote.

Who can object? In the past, this beloved American demographic has sold their votes on tax cuts and iconic war-culture policies, and then had to bother voting to achieve it. what they want. Now they’ll sell their votes for cash up front – and then just stay home on Election Day. Such a deal! They’ll have the money in hand and won’t have to bother figuring out which candidate is giving them a bribe. No more tired thoughts about issues, no more standing in line at the polls, no more worrying about counting votes and no reason to care.

The biennial $5,000 may have to be increased over time to maintain continued support, lest the whites begin to think that $5,000 is not enough, that their new benefits don’t keep up. living expenses, leading them to the company. firmly believe that It’s not fair! But whatever the cost, the return on investment to the rest of the American public will quickly become apparent. We can easily envision the benefits of adopting this system over the next 10 biennial election cycles, beginning in November 2022. With the white vote voided. In the space of 20 years, Americans can finally end College Elections, voter suppression, gerrymandering, filibuster, and all other forms of election secrecy that have perpetuated minority rule since the founding of this country. Indeed, we may even decide to pay restitution to other Americans who believe their debt is long past due.

Furthermore, there would be the added benefit of a greater sense of security, in the hope that whites, having received pre-demographic compensations that made them a minority – not to mention long before there were any any discrimination or oppression – will accept his new status with equanimity. And maybe, just maybe, with this system, we can even hope that the white right will eventually abandon their vision of crushing the rest of America under their boots. .

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Huynh Nguyen

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