A Florida father says his baby went bald after a chemical attack

A distraught Florida father claims he, his wife and their young daughter all suffered hair loss after a neighbor allegedly sprayed an opioid concoction under their door.

Umar Abdullah, 36, says he and his family suffered from vomiting, dizziness and severe headaches after Xuming Li, also 36, was caught on camera drinking a liquid containing methadone, hydrocodone and a third unidentified harmful element splashed through her door frame.

He and his wife also found “tufts of hair” on their little girl’s pillow several times in June, when Li allegedly engaged in a month-long “torture” campaign over noise complaints.

“Our baby lost his hair” Abdullah told the Daily Mail.

“During that month, we noticed our baby’s unusual hair in the shower. We googled and found that babies don’t shed hair and we noticed our hair in the shower too.

“We can’t prove there was a link, but we suspect it was the chemicals.”

In the picture, Umar Abdullah, 36, talks about the incident.
Umar Abdullah, 36, said he and his family suffered from vomiting, dizziness and severe headaches after their neighbor injected an opioid cocktail under their door.
News channel 8

Abdullah is pictured with his wife and young daughter at a picnic table by the water.
Abdullah said he and his wife also found “tufts of hair” on their little girl’s pillowcase in the aftermath.
Facebook/Umar Abdullah

Abdullah added that he was shocked when he saw the camera footage because Li seemed like a “normal guy” and even a “friendly” neighbor who often stopped to chat in the hallway of Oxford Place in Tampa Palms .

Abdullah said when his baby was born in August 2022, Li texted him asking how his wife and newborn girl were,” the outlet reported.

However, complaints about noise began a few days later, when Li asked if the family could “walk more slowly” so he couldn’t hear their footsteps at night.

Text messages received by the Mail show that Li regularly complained about minor noises – from the movement of the toilet seat to someone dropping their phone on the floor.

At one point, Abdullah offered to buy padded footwear to lessen the impact of her footsteps and even visit Li’s apartment so he could see what it sounded like for himself.

But the efforts didn’t seem to calm Li, who in March called the police within 15 minutes of the family returning home and complained about the noise of their luggage scraping the floor, the outlet reported.

Li, in a blue shirt and blue and white striped sweatpants, is seen spraying the chemicals under the door frame.
Abdullah set up a hidden camera and caught 36-year-old Xuming Li spraying the opioid cocktail under his door.
news channel 8

In the picture, Li can be seen injecting the chemicals into a syringe.
Li, a chemistry student at the University of South Florida, used substances he received from school.
news channel 8

Then, while the family was in Ohio for a conference in June, Li — who was expelled as a chemistry graduate student at the University of South Florida, the Mail reported — allegedly began using chemicals he received from school in to inject her apartment.

When the family returned, they didn’t know what was causing her nausea until a friend, who was getting a package for her while the family was away, noticed a chemical smell coming from the door.

Abdullah also noticed the smell and suspected a problem with his water heater. But the stench lingered even after replacing the unit and cleaning the air ducts and vents, the outlet reported. Desperate for a solution, he called the fire department, who ran tests but found nothing out of the ordinary.

It was only when the family fell ill again that Abdullah set up a hidden camera outside his door and caught Li in the act, the outlet reported.

Abdullah told the Mail that he immediately evacuated the home and called the police, who arrested Li and charged him with numerous crimes, including possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Li was released on bail; His next court date is December 5th.

The homeowners’ association’s attempt to evict Li and his roommate is still ongoing.

Li is pictured in a mug shot.
Li was arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, among other things.
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Abdullah told the outlet his family remains concerned for their safety.

“We still live in constant trauma and are haunted by the memories of that horrible day,” he said.

“Now a month later we still clean and disinfect the door area with disinfectant almost every other day in hopes of ridding ourselves of any poison that the monster injected us to inhale.”

“Since the incident, we have lost our sense of security and cannot leave our home on our own,” he added.

“My wife and daughter enjoyed being outside in the mornings while I work, but now they are paralyzed with fear and don’t dare to walk alone.”


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