7 Underrated Keanu Reeves Movies You Might Have Missed

Neo will be back soon Matrix Recovery, and the fourth installment in the beloved sci-fi series is the latest installment in “Keanu-sance.” After the success where he starred in some of the best action movies of the ’90s, Keanu ReevesHis career faltered in the early 21st century due to a series of financial and critical bombs, but in 2014, John Wick The franchise provided Reeves with the comeback he needed.

Between back to Neo, create a new action hero with the John Wick Franchising, and revisit Bill & Ted seriesReeves is best known for his most iconic franchise characters. He’s often labeled a meme or mocked as “ironically good,” but Reeves is a far more talented actor than he’s often hailed for. Hidden among his established franchises are a host of interesting performances by the actor whose most unpredictable character is Hollywood.

Here are seven of the most underrated Keanu Reeves performances.

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River’s Edge

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In the early 80s, Keanu was a teen fan right before that Break point Set him up as an action icon. Compared to his more arrogant nature in “Brat Pack”, Keanu displays a goofy personality that’s usually not a joke. Compared to his more overtly comedic roles in Being a parent and Bill & Ted franchise, Keanu’s original role in the coming-of-age drama River’s Edge have seen him in a much more sensitive role.

Keanu is still a lifelong crush, but he doesn’t aim to be openly likable, and River’s Edge was a bleak contrast to the warmer teen films of the era. The film revolves around a group of poor teenagers in Northern California who must deal with the murder of their friend Jamie.Danyi Deats) when they found out, they knew all too well about the culprit. Keanu captures the despair of isolation in a character with no hope for his own future.


Last night

the night before
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Keanu showed ingenuity in his early teenage roles, and Last night was his take on a string of trashy sex comedies that shed light on the more mature elements of John Hughes and Cameron Crowe era. Last night certainly a movie with some evil undertones behind it, and its depiction of juvenile longing and class relationships is not one that would endure to this day. It is Keanu’s charisma that gives the film any value.

Told using a slightly odd non-linear narrative, the film follows Keanu as a poor teenager Winston Connelly, who tries to score a date with the famous, rich girl Tara Mitchell (Lori Loughlin). She’s forced to date eccentric Keanu after losing a bet, and the two have a wild night in the midnight Los Angeles scene after stealing a car. Compared to the really mean-spirited nature in the movie, Keanu’s adorable goofiness emerges like a sore thumb (but in a good way).

Dangerous link

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If you Google any list of “worst movie voices of all time”, Keanu’s absurd British accent in Bram Stoker’s Dracula will definitely appear. He was clearly lost inside Francis Ford Coppolagothic romance, but it leads to the unfair label that Keanu can’t do historical works. Compare to vampire where he’s lost, Keanu’s performance in Dangerous link is a great piece of subversive acting that helps bring out the character’s discomfort when he’s being manipulated.

Stephen FrearsThe tragic phase of the period after a nefarious gamble between the scheming Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil (Glenn Close) and Vicomte Sébastien de Valmont (John Malkovich) about the seduction of maidens Madame Marie de Tourvel (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Cécile de Volanges (uma Thurman). Keanu has a major role as Le Chevalier Raphael Danceny, a young bachelor trained in how to woo Cecile from Valmont. Malkovich chews the scene over his subtle suggestions; Keanu is the embodiment of an innocent person who is easily targeted.

Ado much about nothing

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There’s nothing subtle about Kenneth BranaghWilliam Shakespeare’s Lavish Adaptation Ado much about nothing, and that’s entirely on purpose. Branagh understands comedy can be harnessed from immersion in horror, and as a result the entire cast plays their characters in an incredibly expansive way. Branagh and Emma Thompson chews scenes like Benedick and Beatrice to the point of absurdity, and there’s a comical exaggeration of Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard) and Heros'(Kate Beckinsale) youthful innocence.

Keanu understands the exaggerated direction Branagh intends to take the material from, and his performance as Don Pedro is funny, blunt, and clearly villainous. His malicious intent to manipulate Claudio isn’t subtle, but it works perfectly with the film’s climax and Leonard’s insensitivity.

Devil’s Advocate

Devil's Advocate
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Devil’s Advocate Is one really weird movie. Although it has both the running time (144 minutes) and budget ($57 million) of a courtroom epic, the material is trash. Taylor HackfordLegal thrillers aren’t your typical ’90s courthouse movies due to their shocking violence, erotic plot, and demonic imagery, which critics and audiences alike don’t know. sure what to do. Is it a horror movie? An excess of satire? Pure Schlock? It’s correct.

Keanu has a slick Southern accent, but he’s absolutely obnoxious as the crooked lawyer Kevin Lomax, who becomes the job of a law firm due to the literal demon (Al Pacino). Pacino is having an all-time flop, but Keanu makes Lomax funny. This is the rare case where Keanu is more subtle; compared to Satan himself, Lomax is a more recognizable and humane villain.


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Presents not your typical Sam Raimi movie. Compared to fun, the kinetic energy of Dead Devil or Spiderman triangle, Presents is a miniaturized supernatural horror film. Set in a murky Georgia town, the film follows psychic Annie (cate Blanchett), who became a witness in the trial of Ms. Valerie’s client (Hilary Swank).

Keanu plays Valerie’s abusive husband Donnie Barksdale, and it’s a rare instance where he’s been shown to be completely unacceptable. Keanu weaponizes his straight line delivery to play a toxic male character who is clearly the one behind bars, but seemingly unable to be squashed by the court system.

Demon Neon

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In the years after the end Matrix trilogy, Keanu’s status as a leading man begins to decline before he revives in John Wick. The catch is that amidst his deteriorating star cast, Keanu has played a few odd characters in auteur movies. The most memorable was his role as the seed motel manager Hank in Nicholas Winding Refnhorror movie of Demon Neon.

The film follows teenage model Jesse (Elle Fanning), who went to Hollywood with her boyfriend to start a career in fashion. An exploration of the twists and turns of the City of Angels through the different characters Jesse encounters. Refn explores the evil behind the corrupt fashion industry, but Hank is a suburban predator.

Keanu Reeves really wants to play Constantine again

Reeves played quite a few Johns.

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