7 Things To Look At In An Area When Looking For A Property

It is normal to think that you have found the best place to live when stumbling across your dream property. A large garden or an extra bedroom might be something that you have always wanted in your dream house. Unfortunately, there are some factors that can make or break your new property. 

The place that you have chosen to live and paid money for is more than the walls of your house. The immediate area outside your property lines will also have a profound effect on your quality of life. As such, it is worth looking at the following before you move into a property. 

The Parking Situation

For some people, the stress of work can leave your shoulders as soon as you step through your front door. Unfortunately, the inability to park properly once you arrive home could take you a lot longer to let all this stress go. It may even pile more stress onto your day. That is why it is so necessary to assess the parking situation before you move into a property. 

Some streets may have you fighting over the ideal parking spot with other residents on your street. Other properties may come with a driveway or garage to give you a guaranteed parking spot when you get home. If parking your car or keeping it in your sights is important to you, then perhaps the former is the ideal situation for you. Therefore, this is something to add to your criteria when looking for a property. 

Transport Links

Unfortunately, some homeowners only have the opportunity to care about the location of a parking space if they own a car. Sadly, driving isn’t a privilege that everyone has access to. You may yourself in a position where the only way that you can get around is by using the public transport that is near your house. 

Of course, public transport links are more common in the city rather than in a rural area. You don’t want to have to wait for an hour after you finish work to catch a bus and then walk an additional half an hour just to get home every day. The inability to travel can leave some property owners feeling isolated, so make sure there are plenty of transport links available in the area that you are planning on moving to. 

Direct Neighbors

It is commonly accepted that anyone that lives within a mile of your home is your neighbor. However, the neighbors who have a direct impact on your life in a property are the ones on either side of you. 

There are many things that your direct neighbors can do to disrupt your lives. Playing loud music, parking irresponsibly, or ignoring property lines are all common disputes between neighbors. However, the issue isn’t always the immediate problem. The main trouble can start when you start addressing the problem. A quick glance at your potential neighbors property can give you a small idea about what their lives are like. Although, you may find that actually talking to them before you move in will give you more of an idea of who they are. Make sure that you take the time to knock on the door and introduce yourself to the direct neighbors before you buy a property. 

Local Developments

A property may look nice when you first go for a look around. It may even be a lot cheaper than you expected.  

Any residential space is always under development. Sadly, all it takes is one development in the area to greatly affect your quality of life or property value. For example, a new supermarket will increase the amount of traffic in the area or obstruct the view you have from your top window. It is always a good idea to look into any new developments coming to the area and how they may affect your life in a new property. 

Cost Of Living

The cost of living crisis is a big issue for people all around the world, So much so that it is even a concern for those looking to buy property. The cost of living can refer to how much it is expected to cost you to buy essential items, but did you know that the cost of living is lower in different places? 

That is why you will find that one of the positive aspects of real estate in Wilmington is that the area has a relatively low cost of living. It doesn’t take a lot to find homes for sale in this type of area. All you need to do is see how EZ Home Search can help find some homes for sale like the ones in Wilmington. As such, you will find that your life is much easier if you find a place to live with a cost of living that suit both your lifestyle and current earnings. 

Crime Stats And Safety

There is no place on the planet that is completely crime free. Therefore, this aspect of society is going to affect the area you live in no matter where you choose to move to.  

 If you are worried about your safety, you can always look up the crime stats of a local area to see how safe it is to live. You can also use these stats to find out what type of crime is likely to take place in an area. Multiple home break-ins are definitely going to cause you worry when moving to a new area but a few instances of anti-social behavior in the nearest city when you live in a very rural area will not. That is why it is important to analyze this type of information to determine how safe the area is where you plan to move. 

Schooling Options

Even if you do not have kids when you first move into a property, it would be nice to have the option of starting a family without having to move house when the time comes. That is why it is always worth looking at the local schooling options when you move to a property. 

A local Primary School may be within walking distance, but you do not know what type of reputation this facility has. That is why it is always a benefit to have multiple schooling options on your doorstep. However, a child’s education doesn’t stop there. No one wants to uproot their children halfway through their childhood. That is why it may also prove useful to keep an eye on middle schools and high schools in the area. While most teens move away from home to attend college, it also doesn’t hurt to know if there is a respectable college in the nearby area in the event that your children want to pursue further education and stay at home. 


The area that you plan to move to may show its true colors on the same day that you visit. However, some life-changing flaws may take a while to appear. That is why it is important to visit the area multiple times before you move and research the key areas mentioned above. 

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