7 Movies Like Spencer Should Watch If You Love Kristen Stewart’s Movies

Spencer has been a major topic of conversation this awards season, especially with Kristen StewartAn amazing turn as Princess Diana. Manager Pablo Larrain break audience expectations and come back Spencer more like a character ghost story than a traditional biopic. Set over Christmas 1991, the film chronicles Diana’s time at the Queen’s Sandringham Mansion in Norfolk. She has become disillusioned with the line of the royal family and her mental health has worsened due to the constant media attention and her marriage to Prince Charles. on the verge of divorce. The costumes and luxuries of the royal setting are certainly there, but instead of being painted with glitz, the film paints it as an awe-inspiring experience.

Spencer unlike any other media that focuses on the royal family. this is not Crown or Diana: Musical, instead, the film takes influences from other types of stories and films resulting in a unique experience. For those interested in movies that evoke a similar tone and theme as Spencer, here are 7 other movies you might also like.

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Image via Fox Searchlight

Manager: Pablo Larrain

Before Larraín got us into Princess Diana’s mind, he showed audiences the inner soul of first lady Jackie Kennedy in Jackie. Movies that have the participation of Natalie Portman as the recently widowed first lady, dealing with the sudden death of her husband after he was assassinated. Instead of focusing on the conspiracy theories that dominate other JFK movies, like Oliver StoneThe film won the Oscar in 1991 JFK, Jackie is a movie about grief.


The film explores Jackie’s heartbreak as she has to tell her children what happened to their father, moves out of the White House, and plans a funeral not only for her husband but also for the President. USA. The movie, like Spencer is a tragic character work that examines the inner life of an iconic woman in history. Portman, who was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in the film, fully embodied the role, perfectly capturing Kennedy’s voice and mannerisms. Jackie It’s a far cry from your traditional bio and that’s what makes it so special. Even in 2016, Larraín broke expectations of the public going to the movies.

The Shining

Image via Warner Bros.

Manager: Stanley Kubrick

You may be thinking to yourself how a movie centered around Princess Diana has anything in common with the prolific queen Stanley KubrickThe brooding and chilling adaptation of the horror conductor King StephenThe novel was widely praised. The answer is; more than you think. For the small number of people who may not be familiar with the 1980s classic, The Shining revolves around the Torrance family consisting of a struggling writer and an alcoholic Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), his wife Wendy Torrance (Shelley Duvall), and their son Danny Torrance (Danny Lloyd) telepathically gifted person of ‘the one who shines.’ This family acts as winter caretakers for the Overlook Hotel based in remote Rocky Mountain, where dark secrets and many evil nests lurk. Jack quickly went insane and terrorized his wife and son, leading to one of the scariest movies ever made.

The Shining has much deeper meanings and metaphors but at its core it acts like a haunted house movie, like Spencer do. It takes a beautiful location and turns it into something creepy and scary. The Shining provides plenty of ghosting, while Spencer featured the ghost Anne Boleyn. Many critics have even written about the similarities between the two films despite Larraín saying Los Angeles Times that it was all accidental, explaining, “That movie was just in my blood.”

Marie Antoinette

Image via Spotlight

Manager: Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola‘S Marie Antoinette very similar Spencer in the sense that both films are horror portraits of royalty and power, which also have flamboyant fashion. Marie Antoinette focuses on the life of the famous and infamous queen of France (Kirsten Dunst).

Coppola’s films are more satirical than Larraín’s, but both use haute couture to exercise theme ignorance of the rich towards those with less money. Bright colors of Marie Antoinette like candy for the eyes and gives the movie a pop-punk feel compared to Spenceralternative feeling. This creates a stylish dual feature with Spencer.


judy-Renee-zellweger-changing room
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Manager: Rupert Goold

Judy plays much more like a standard biopic than Spencer, but both films share a connection in how they paint tragic portraits of the final stages in the lives of two iconic women. Directed by Rupert Goold, the movie starred Renee Zellweger as Judy Garland, a role for which she won her second Academy Award. About the final year of Chronicles Garland’s life, the film focuses on her alcoholism, substance abuse, crippling mental health and her falling out of stardom.

Just like Stewart owns the role of Diana, Zellweger is the center of Judy. It’s a test of being brought into the limelight, especially when it turns out to be undesirable. Both films are illustrated as tragedies with only a glimmer of hope.

All the money in the world

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Manager: Ridley Scott

By Ridley Scott All the money in the world make more titles for it last minute transmission changes that was seen Christopher Plummer take on the role of J. Paul Getty compared to the actual film itself. Unfortunately, because All the money in the world Still a damn good movie. The film chronicles the kidnapping of Getty’s nephew John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer) and his mother (Michelle Williams) tries to save him while her wealthy father-in-law shows little sympathy.

Much as Spencer, All the money in the world is a harsh look at the 1%, portraying Getty as more concerned with wealth than with the feelings of people or his family. Williams’ Gail Harris is mistreated by her wealthy husbands, and Scott tries to unravel her inner and emotional struggles when her son’s life is at risk.


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Manager: Green Kitty

Green Kitty‘S Assistant is a melancholy viewing experience. The film, labeled ‘unofficial Weinstein’ film, follows Jane’s daily workday (Julia Garner), assistant to the head of a film company. Throughout the film, we recognize boss Jane’s predatory behavior and Jane’s attempt to report misconduct is brushed off by HR.

Assistant far from an easy watch and like Spencer, the movie is an emotionally draining experience. It’s the kind of movie that presents a situation that we as audiences want a solution to but will unfortunately never see on screen. Assistant, in a way, is a much more bland experience than Spencer, but it is also a necessary and timely watch.

I’m thinking of ending everything

Jessie Buckley in I'm Thinking About Ends
Images via Netflix

Manager: Charlie Kaufman

Charlie Kaufman always fills his movies with Surrealism and existential elements and theme and I’m thinking of ending everything is his most experimental Kaufman. The film revolves around a young couple (Jesse Plemons, Jessie Buckley) who took a trip to visit her boyfriend’s parents (Toni Collette, David Thewlis). Of course, not everything goes as planned as Kaufman is constantly toying with the continuity of the film, the pacing and the work of the characters resulting in a surreal experience.

Similar to Spencer, I’m thinking of ending everything Take the premise that most people consider simple on paper, then add layers and give the audience a cinematic experience they won’t be able to take their eyes off of for a while. The film takes the introspective themes of mental health, suicide, and loneliness and conveys them in a unique way that only Kaufman can.

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