5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Clean Your HAVC Air Filter Regularly

In countries with extreme weather conditions, homeowners tend to invest in something that brings them comfort. Without HAVC systems, there will be discomfort whenever the season changes.

Winter needs heaters, furnaces, or boilers. Summer will need cooling or an air conditioner system. These are the primary home needs that will bring comfort to a home. 

The functionality of the HAVC system is often affected by several factors. The air filter of the HAVC might be having a problem or be compromised. A 18x30x1 air filter helps to maximize the functions of a HAVC system. The filter helps by trapping dirt and pollution inside your home. 

When the filter is dirty and clogged, it affects how the HAVC will work. Here is why it is essential to clean your HAVC filters regularly:

It helps you save money from repairs and maintenance

Keeping your HAVC filter clean will help you save money from repairs and maintenance. When the filters remain unclean, there is a higher risk of a damaged HAVC system. A damaged and falling HAVC system will incur higher expenses from repairs and maintenance. 

An unclean HAVC filter will result in leaks, squeaking sounds, and breaking down of the HAVC system. It is necessary to maintain and regularly clean the HAVC filter. This way, you can save money, and you will have full functionality of the system. 

Extending the lifespan of HAVC

Proper maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of a HAVC system. A HAVC system can last an average of ten to twenty years, depending on the degree of care. Usually, a well-maintained HAVC works longer. 

There are other ways that you can extend the lifespan of your HAVC filter, including:

  • changing the filter regularly
  • scheduling season tune-ups and maintenance
  • cleaning debris stuck in the HAVC components
  • inspecting damages on the HAVC

Improves air quality at home

All dirt trapped and uncleaned from the HAVC filter will eventually circulate in your home. It is essential to clean the HAVC to prevent bad air quality inside your house. A working HAVC filter can trap the following:

  • dirt and dust
  • dander
  • bacteria and viruses 
  • pollen
  • fibres
  • hair
  • moulds

Bad air quality can lead to many problems in health, expenses, and comfort. Dust and pollution build-up can trigger cough and allergies. Bad air quality increases the risk of your family having infections and viruses.

When you clean the HAVC filter, you prevent these problems and help to improve the air quality inside your home. 

Reduce electricity bills

The unmaintained HAVC can drive your electricity bills higher. An unclean HAVC filter will need more energy, which can cause the HAVC to overheat.

Higher energy consumption means higher electricity bills. The HAVC will not work when the filter is full of dust, dirt, and other blockages. The problem may result in you wasting money to pay for electricity.

A well-maintained HAVC filter can help to reduce electricity bills. When the filter works, the sensors and other HAVC components will function at their optimum capacity. 

It helps the environment

When you use less energy, you reduce the emission of carbon footprints. Carbon footprints are an environmental threat that can damage the environment. As an energy-conscious and environmental consumer, it is necessary to find ways to be able to help the Earth. 

The things you do with your home appliances can have a collectively massive impact on the environment. Taking care of your HAVC filters can help to lessen energy usage, making them more efficient and effective for the environment. 

The bottom line

Every HAVC filter needs maintenance regularly. Cleaning will help you save money from costs, repairs, and replacements. It can also help you and your family to combat air-related diseases. 

Cleaning means you check all the components. Make sure that the HAVC filter is properly working. Cleaning your HAVC air filters keeps your family healthy.

Huynh Nguyen

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