£3 product removes 20 of the toughest stains ever

The stains of STUBBORN in the households caused riots among the British.

Everyone goes through the pain and heartbreak when you realize you just can’t get those nasty stains out of something you like.

A super cheap cleaning product that removes 20 of the hardest stains


A super cheap cleaning product that removes 20 of the hardest stainsCredit: Getty

From the carbonated marshmallows, to the chocolate flakes on the carpet, or even the more glittery body you or the kids used to get ready.

However, a cleaning product has mastered the art of removing stains and the British can do it.

Dr. Beckmann’s chair covers Stain Remover costs around £3, depending on which store it was purchased from, having been praised for its power.

To help remove tough stains like Vimto, where bright colors can damage carpets, experts recommend dipping a damp cloth in the affected area and then treating with Stain Remover on Dr. Beckmann’s carpets are the best for sure. All evidence is removed.


Same goes for Coca Cola Zero, WKD in blue, Slush Puppies in blue, Jaeger bomb, Long Island Ice Tea’s, Espresso Martinis, Cosmopolitan cocktail, Oat Milk Flat Coffee and Tequila Rose.

They all taste great, but aren’t worth it when it starts to spill all over the place, which is why experts say there should always be this £3 stain remover in your cupboard. friend.

Chocolate has always been a tough stain, luckily there are reliable stain removers to make the job easier with the likes of Kind Bueno, Choc Ices, Oreo Ice cream and Nutella.

The removal also helps to remove Scary body glitters from carpet or upholstery.

A beauty product loved by pop princesses around the world, glitter is a staple for anyone entering pop culture during this time but can be a pain. when getting rid of anything if there is no suitable product.

And who can forget the iconic debut of the hit teen comedy blockbuster Mean Girls, which saw teens immerse themselves in film culture.

From chocolate bars to chocolate ice cream

The saying “We wear pink on Wednesdays” has become such a big part of a teen’s vocabulary that everyone has embraced the mantra.

However, when it comes to washing favorite pink outfits, make sure to use one of their color collectors to make sure those bright pinks don’t run off and transfer to your other laundry.

Dr Beckmann stain remover costs around £3


Dr Beckmann stain remover costs around £3

A pencil case filled with gel pens is a must for any kid at school during the early decades of the decade.

With different colors, from green to purple, and different smells from apple to orange, gel pens are great for marking and experts claim Dr. Beckmann’s stain remover will do just the trick to help remove stains.

Candy and Bubbles

Tippex is another pencil case staple, this iconic repair liquid ironically famous for causing some of the hardest stains to remove – at least it does the job.

Bubble gum is one of the most recognized sweets around the world, but its sticky properties make it a nightmare to get rid of! Always wait for the gum to dry before removing, place a few ice cubes on the painful area and scrape off any remaining gum.

And whether it’s for a gradual glow or an immediate fix, fake tan known to cause some of the worst stains, especially on furniture.

Last but not least, mud.

It even claims to be able to remove chewing gum


It even claims to be able to remove chewing gumCredit: Getty

Don’t want to wipe the stain, let it dry and then scrape off the dried stain, before washing the clothes as usual.

Dr Beckmann spokeswoman Susan Fermor said: “It is interesting to look back over the years and see how people’s habits, preferences and tastes have changed over time.

“Some products like chocolate, coffee and sweets will always be loved, but the mess that is often left behind is not so lovely.

“Dr. Beckmann has been trusted for decades, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the freedom without worrying about any unwanted spills or stains, and we will continue to do so for two years. next ten years and beyond. ”

Resist temptation

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You don’t have to be a cleaning expert to have a perfectly organized home – and it won’t cost you anything. £3 product removes 20 of the toughest stains ever

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