20 foods that can help cure a sore throat

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Are you having trouble swallowing? Is your throat swollen or itchy? If so, you can sore throat. After all, millions of people suffer from this condition every year and now we are in a state of colds and flu season (not to mention also dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic), sore throat everywhere.

While the cause of your sore throat will be different — a sore throat is a symptom of an illness and can be caused by a bacterial infection, like strep or a virus — they tend to feel the same. “A sore throat is a feeling of discomfort or pain in the throat” Omid Mehdizadeh, one An otolaryngologist and laryngologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, told Parade. “It may be more recognizable when speaking or swallowing at different times.”

The good news is that while there’s no “cure” for a sore throat, there are ways to ease the discomfort and give your immune system a little boost. Some foods can coat your throat while others can reduce swelling and pain. Here are the 20 best foods for sore throat.

Food for sore throat


Honey can soothe a sore throat, but there are some search shows that two teaspoons of honey can also act as a cough suppressant.


Smooth, cold and creamy ice cream is a delicious way to soothe a sore throat — one study found that ice cream has a soothing effect on patients after tonsillectomy.


In addition to soothing a sore throat, the live micronutrients in yogurt can actually help boost your immune system. Base on the research.

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Chicken meat Soup

A little search that the vegetables and chicken in chicken soup actually have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help relieve a sore throat.


Delicious and nutritious, eggs are a great food for sore throats. They are soft and can be prepared in a number of ways, including mixing. They’re also full of protein and infection-fighting minerals, such as zinc, iron, and selenium.


High in fiber and ingredients like magnesium and zinc, oatmeal is a great food for sore throats, because of its anti-infective properties and soft texture.

Mashed potato

With their super soft texture and creamy consistency, mashed potatoes are the perfect “I don’t feel good” snack. Potatoes are also a surprising food source of vitamin C, which can help ease the symptoms of a cold or sore throat. Just make sure you don’t eat the potatoes while they’re hot, as heat can cause further irritation and inflammation.


Although Jell-O doesn’t have any healing properties, this fun, fruity and easy to swallow food is ideal for people with sore throats.

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Puddings are also recommended for people with sore throats, as their soft texture will not cause further irritation. They are also a delicious dessert.


Long known for nausea– analgesic properties, ginger is also very good for people suffering from sore throat. Based on Harland Adkins, A registered dietitian and dietitian, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease a sore throat by reducing swelling and pain.


Does the thought of eating solid food sound scary because your throat hurts? If so, you may want to drink your calories. Fruits and vegetables tend to be packed tons of vitamin C, which can help ease the symptoms of a sore throat.


Made from boiled cornmeal and mixed with butter or cheese, crushed ice is another great option for sore throats. In addition, ground tubers are rich in iron, which is necessary for the production of red blood cells.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is not only delicious, it’s also nutritious – especially when you’re sick. “Studies have shown that the nutrients in pomegranate juice can prevent infection and reduce inflammation,” explains Adkins. Serve cold or cool.


If you are looking for something a little more, you might want to try a little cooked pasta. While this has a bit more bite than the other foods on this list, it’s nutritious and (relatively) easy to swallow.

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Bananas are soft, nutritious and packed with vitamins like C and B6, which boost the immune system while soothing the throat.

Cheese sticks

Cheese sticks are another easy food to consume, especially small curds, as it doesn’t require much effort to swallow and it has so many health benefits.

Well cooked vegetables

While vegetables may seem like an odd choice, cooked vegetables are packed with essential nutrients that can help ease a sore throat.


While sage is (technically) an herb, not a food, the health benefits of sage should not be overlooked, i.e. sage can tone irritated tissues. Likes and kills bacteria. Not sure how to use it? Try steeping sage with honey and water to make a tonic or tea.


Another great herb is turmeric because, according to Adkins, it may have healing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


One research found that gargling tea Solution to help relieve sore throat after surgery. Not only that, hot tea can also soothe an itchy throat. Just make sure it’s not too hot.

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