11 Actors Who Lost Famous Movie Roles

With every starring role in a blockbuster film comes a cast of rejected actors.

It’s difficult to imagine titanic without Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack, opposite Kate Winslet’s Rose.

But before DiCaprio was cast, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp were being considered for the role.

Sometimes actors make the decision to turn down a major role only to regret it later.

Other times things just don’t go according to plan. Even the best can still screw up an audition.

Ben Stiller is the latest Hollywood star to speak openly about failing a major audition and reveals he “tanked” his chance to star in a major movie in the 1990s.

Here are 13 memorable times a famous actor got rejected from a big movie…

Emma Stone

Emma Stone could have been Alice in Tim Burton’s Alice and Wonderland

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That la la country star said she auditioned to play the lead in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

She told Timotheé Chalamet in an actor-on-actor interview for diversity: “Oh my god when I auditioned Alice in Wonderland… not getting a Tim Burton movie is really devastating.”

The role eventually went to Australian actress Mia Wasikowska.

Timothy Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet revealed he tested for Spider-Man

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In the same interview call me by your name Star Chalamet told Stone that he was auditioning for a role in Spiderman.

“I went up for all these things and tested spiderman, and I didn’t get it, and neither did a Tim Burton movie, and those things didn’t happen,” he said.

Chalamet has since landed a role in an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as an early incarnation of inventor Willy Wonka. Burton previously directed Johnny Depp in the role for his 2005 film.

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller tried to get cast on My Cousin Vinny

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In August 2022, Ben Stiller revealed that he had unsuccessfully tried to be cast in the hit 1990s comedy My cousin Vinny.

“I did my audition for My cousin Vinny. It still haunts me to this day,” the actor said during a question and answer session.

Though he didn’t reveal which role he was denied, fans have speculated that he would play the role of Billy Gambini, which eventually went to Ralph Macchio.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal was in contention for a role in The Lord of the Rings.

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That Brokeback Mountain Actor recalled auditioning for bombarded Lord of the Rings.

“I remember going into this room. There were a lot of stage directions and no lines … It was like finding the ring … and I remember not really doing it because I didn’t really get it because there were no lines,” Gyllenhaal told Jimmy Fallon.

“So I kind of went and opened up [a box] up and I was like, ‘Is that good?’ Peter Jackson was literally like *face palm*.”

The ‘Twilight’ star could have been the face of Disney’s ‘Camp Rock’

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Before the Jonas Brothers got their roles in Disney’s camp rock, Another teen heartthrob from the 2000s was in contention for the role. “Taylor Lautner auditioned and we really liked him,” said director Matthew Diamond insider. “I think we sort of said he wasn’t exactly right for the role.”

The director said they “could tell how talented he was,” but he wasn’t “quite Shane Gray enough.”

“I remember thinking he’s really good looking and quite charismatic,” Diamond added.

Although Lautner didn’t star in the Disney hit, he landed his iconic role as Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise, which released that same year. The role of Shane Gray went to Joe Jonas, who starred alongside his brothers Nick and Kevin.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe reportedly auditioned for My Best Friend’s Wedding

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Russell Crowe once botched an audition for the 1997 romantic comedy My best friend’s wedding At least according to the director of the film.

Filmmaker PJ Hogan recalled in an interview with vulturethat his first choice for the male lead was Crowe, whom he thought was “probably the most amazing actor I’ve ever met.”

To cast Crowe in the film, he needed Julia Roberts’ approval, so he invited her over gladiator Read asterisk to a table.

“I don’t know what went wrong,” Hogan said. “It was one of the worst table reads I’ve ever experienced. Russell sat across from Julia. He reached for that writing and he stared at that writing and he didn’t even look at it.

“He read every line monotonously. At one point, Julia literally leaned across the table, staring inches from Russell’s face, trying to make eye contact. And he wouldn’t look at her.”

Hogan added, “At the end of the reading, Russell came up to me and said, ‘I thought that went pretty well.’ And then I knew: Russell wouldn’t be there My best friend’s wedding.”

The role eventually went to Dermot Mulroney.

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey could have starred alongside Kate Winslet in Titanic

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That Interstellar actor auditioned titanic and was amazed at how it went.

“The audition went really well. Good enough where I got hit on the back for being left behind … good enough where you go outside and call your agent and you’re like, ‘Oh, I did it,'” McConaughey said in a 2019 episode Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“And there was a rumor that I got the part and didn’t do it. That’s wrong,” he added. Despite McConaughey’s feelings about the audition, Leonardo DiCaprio landed the iconic role, and both actors will likely agree that their respective careers have gone well.

Chris Klein

An audition tape surfaced, revealing Klein’s audition tape for Mamma Mia!

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In an audition video that resurfaced years later, american cake Star Chris Klein opted for one of the leading roles in the successful Abba musical. Mamma Mia!.

On the tape, Klein can be heard singing “Lay All Your Love On Me” while auditioning for the role of Sky, Sophie’s lover. The role eventually went to Dominic Cooper.

John Krasinsky

Chris Evans was chosen to play Captain America over John Krasinski

(Getty Images for Paramount Pictu)

“My agent called and said, ‘You’re going with Chris Evans,'” Krasinski said diversity about losing the role of Captain America in 2011.

“And I remember saying, ‘Yeah, look at him. He’s Captain America.’”

In an interview on the ellen show, Krasinski elaborated, “It’s a true story. I put the suit on and this [costume] The guy said, ‘This is really significant.’ And I said, ‘Yes.’”

Reece Witherspoon

Reece Witherspoon could have played the main character Cher in Clueless


There were many contenders for this clueless‘s Cher Horowitz, including Angelina Jolie, who sent in an audition tape.

“I met with Reese [Witherspoon] because everyone was like, ‘This girl is amazing. It’s going to be huge,'” he said clueless Director and writer Amy Heckerling.

“I saw a movie where she [Witherspoon] had a Southern accent. Maybe it was on TV, a movie of the week. But I saw some of her scenes and I was like, wow. She’s gorgeous. But Alice [Silverstone] is Cher,” she said vanity fair.

Alicia Silverstone was recognized for her role in Funniest Actress In A Movie clueless at the 1996 Academy Awards.

Tom Holland

Holland was later cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming

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He may have hit Chalamet Spiderman Blow, but Tom Holland has his own story throwing woe.

The actor unsuccessfully auditioned for the lead role in the record-breaking 2015 sequel Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“I’ve been to four or five auditions and I think I auditioned for the role of John Boyega,” he said.

“I remember doing that scene with this lady, bless her, and she was just a drone. So I was like, ‘We have to get back to the ship!’ And she just said, ‘Bleep, bloop, bloop, bleep bloop.’

“I just couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it was so funny. And I felt really bad because she was really trying to be a convincing android or a drone or whatever they’re called.”

The Avengers star added, “Yeah, obviously I didn’t get the part. That wasn’t my best moment.”

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