Your forever film list – the must-watch titles that every film fan should have in their collection


Watching movies is like falling in love. No seriously. While some make for a fun affair that you don’t necessarily need to go back to (#sorrynotsorry), others are serious relationship stuff – films that you can spend a lot of time with, that you can always learn from and that always offer something new, that interests you.

Whether it’s a classic thrill-seeking blockbuster, a gripping drama to curl up in and lose yourself in, or a sci-fi epic that will make you question life, the universe, and everything To put it bluntly, the brilliant news is that you can watch and own the latest and greatest Warner Bros. movies digitally now.

Collecting your favorite movies and latest releases in digital format ensures the highest possible quality and also ultimate convenience. Your favorite movies are all there for you to watch at your leisure, whether you’re introducing your partner to a favorite movie, settling down with family to enjoy a family favorite, or catching up with friends to check off another one on your to-watch list. List.

To start your digital film collection, simply head to warnerbros.co.uk where you’ll find the latest blockbusters and hit classics ready to watch on your smart TV instantly without a subscription. All you have to do is select your chosen film (or films) and your favorite digital store to start watching today. Here are a few contenders…

Stunning science fiction

Great sci-fi takes us completely out of the world we live in, while making us think about how we could do this and how we could do things differently.

Watch Timothée Chalamet’s incredible performance in Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi masterpiece dune

(Warner Bros.)

A mythical and emotionally charged hero’s journey, that of Denis Villeneuve dune tells the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), a brilliant and gifted young man who must travel to join his family as liege lord of Arrakis, a distant, harsh, and dangerous planet that harbors the exclusive reserves of the most valuable resource known there is – spice. As malevolent forces clash over this precious commodity, only those who can overcome their fear will survive.

For something a little closer to earth, Blade Runner: The Final Cut is the only version of this timeless classic that director Ridley Scott had complete artistic control over, bringing his dystopian vision of replicants and bladerunners to full and unforgettable life. However, when it comes to “classics,” they don’t get much better than Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odysseywhich has been hailed as one of the finest sci-fi epics since its publication in 1968. The foundation of any great movie collection, these movies are always relevant, define the genre, and will grow with you (and who you share them with).

Action-packed adventure

When it comes to quality adventure films, immerse yourself in the cyberpunk universe of the original matrix Trilogy so you’re in the perfect spot to enjoy the 2021 blockbuster Matrix Resurrections, starring Keanu Reeves reprising his career-defining role as Neo, the hero who battles the machines in a simulated universe. Alternatively slip into the wild world of crazy max, about the first cinematic trilogy (including an unforgettable Tina Turner in Beyond Thunderdome), alongside the 2015 Fury Road revival of the franchise, starring Tom Hardy and an equally unforgettable Charlize Theron as Emperor Furiosa. For an action series with a side dish of lols, check out the 80’s classic Deadly Weapon with Riggs and Murtagh and his titular guns firing across his four iterations. For gripping action-adventures, it’s a world always worth revisiting.

Full Mad Max in Mad Max: Fury Road. Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy steer the juggernaut in this excellent addition to the franchise

(Warner Bros.)

Captivating spectacle

Give it a go when it comes to “human” and “persuasive.” King Richard for Greatness – the story of Venus and Serena Williams and their capable, larger-than-life father.

Brilliant biopic King Richard tells the incredible story of tennis megastars Venus and Serena Williams

(Warner Bros.)

Or for a different kind of human drama that pulls you in to wring you out, choose the uplifting, redemptive arc of many moviegoers’ all-time favorite, The Shawshank Redemption, beautifully performed by Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. In a heart-piercing classic drama, follow the fortunes of Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund and Victor Lazlo as they meet in an unforgettable way Casablanca, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. A kiss may just be a kiss, but this is a film to cherish forever.

Forever movies you will keep coming back to go to warnerbros.co.uk to curate your collection now to love. Consider. Keep.

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