You can use milk, vodka or soda to grow your plants and kill weeds

Weeds can appear out of nowhere in your garden.

They can be a hassle to get rid of and they always seem to come back in no time.

Luckily the pros are there Garden Express have revealed some of the drinks that avid gardeners can use as fertilizer and weed killers.

However, the usual drinks should only be used in moderation, an overdose could permanently damage your plants.

Chris Bonnett, Founder of Gardening Express, said: “People might be surprised to hear that many household drinks can actually be used in their gardens and on their plants.

“If you have some leftover or empty Coca-Cola, this is a great alternative to weed killers, and some drinks like milk and tea actually act as fertilizers.”

The tasty drinks aren’t as powerful as professional weed killers, but they’re a great option if you’re looking to save the environment

“Many of these techniques are best used in moderation,” the garden master explained.

Milk is good for plant growth.
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“For example, adding too much orange juice and milk could potentially do your plants more harm than good and cause them to die if overused.”

Drinks that can be used include:


You probably wouldn’t consider spraying your garden with this drink, but it can actually be used as a pesticide.

It can work well on houseplants too, so next time you fancy a shot of the potent stuff give your bouquet one too.

The liquid can kill bacteria and keep your buds healthy.

Vodka kills bacteria and can be used as a pesticide.
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Coke is another great alternative to harsh chemical weed killers.

But the pros say it can also be used in your compost pile as the sugar provides a natural boost.

Green tea

This drink is not only good for our body, but also has a whole range of plant benefits.

Because green tea leaves are rich in nitrogen, they can enrich garden plants while repelling pesky pests.

orange juice

This fruity drink can be used as fertilizer, but only in moderation.

The high acidity means adding too much could kill your plants, so be sure to only add a few tablespoons at a time.

sparkling water
The sugar in soda is good for your compost pile.
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Milk is high in vitamin B and calcium, both of which are excellent for plant growth.

Just as the drink can help people grow, plants will have similar benefits.

Spray it over your plants for best results, but only in moderation.


Similar to cola, the acid and sugar in this fizzy treat can help prevent bacteria.

This means that adding a spritz to your plants can extend their lifespan and keep them looking fresher for longer.

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