‘Yellow vest’ reveals blackmailer’s identity, plus who dies? (SUMMARIZE)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Yellowjackets Season 1 Episode 9 “Doomcoming.”]

The Yellowjackets host their version of a trip home in the wilderness after their plane crash – hence the title for the penultimate episode. Things get pretty wild and they almost sacrifice Travis (Kevin Alves), due to accidentally ingesting a shroom (Misty is working on), the current timeline includes a murder and the blackmailer reveal them as adults.

Starting right where the last episode ended, Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) bursts into Adam’s (Peter Gadiot) apartment, demanding to know who he is. She eventually finds the blackmailer’s twinkle in her closet, where she’s hidden him from her husband, Jeff (Warren Kole). Adam thinks she’s just introducing role-playing into their relationship, but she finds everything out of him as she continues to love him and let him into her life and have him. the safety code is the flight number (“so f** idiot king,” she said).

She doesn’t find her diary from their time in the wilderness as she expected, but he does research on the Yellowjackets. Well, he Googled her, he admits, after they meet. She grabs a knife, and when he tries to insist that he will never hurt her, she has a flashback to what happened after the plane crash – and then crashes. him to the chest! (The best part of this: seeing both teenage and adult Shauna standing there).

After Adam died, Shauna came home and asked Jeff if he knew where the sparkle in the closet came from. “Glitter? What’s that?” the terrible liar basically asked before caving. Yes, he was the one who blackmailed them, but she was never allowed to get involved, he insisted. He was about to lose his store and needed cash.

“You mean you killed someone?” Jeff asked. “Like you killed someone?” Oh, Jeff. “I stabbed him, and now he’s dead,” Shauna confirmed, explaining that she thinks Adam (“you still keep in touch with the man you ended up with? That’s weird”) is blackmail them. She reveals that she was having an affair, but argues that he has too… until he reveals that Bianca was actually one of the people he borrowed money from and scared him. “I can’t believe you think I’m going to the book club all this time,” Shauna said, shocking Jeff. “What? No book club?!” Oh, Jeff. He was sweet, silly, innocent.

Melanie Lynskey as Shauna, Warren Kole as Jeff Sadecki in Yellowjackets

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Jeff then decides to turn himself in with the claim that he found out about his wife’s affair and accidentally killed her lover when he came to confront him, but she points out that there’s a good chance the police will find out what else he did and people will wonder why Yellowjackets were being blackmailed. So the new plan is to make others think that Adam is also a blackmailer. But first, Jeff reveals that he read Shauna’s diaries years ago and knows exactly what the Yellowjackets are keeping quiet about what’s really happening in the wilderness. “You guys are too young. I’ve been traumatized,’ he said before assuring her, ‘of course I still love you. “Her reaction? She will be home soon.

And so Shauna has Taissa (Tawny Cypress) and Natalie (Juliette Lewis) meets her at Adam’s and presents him as the blackmailer. She said that when he went out to get them coffee, she found the bag they used to keep the money in in his cupboard. He turns around and sees her with it and attacks her, so she has no choice but to fight back. Their texting phone was also there. And to explain how he knew about the symbol, she said that he stole her diaries from her safe. Natalie is angry that they can’t question Adam and find out if he killed Travis. But they had a more pressing concern: getting rid of the body, looking at Shauna’s DNA everywhere. Shauna argued that Taissa was a lawyer. “I use the land, not the cleanup,” says Taissa. (Yellow jacket actually has some of the best lines on TV right now.) But luckily, Natalie has an idea.

Meanwhile, Misty (Christina Ricci) found someone to associate (in her Misty way) in the kidnapping of Jessica (Rekha Sharma), who used the opportunity to manipulate her into wondering how good she really is. with other friends. (Answer: Not at all, as we know.) She’ll be calling so she can meet the ghostwriter, Jessica announced. “So you two ate each other? I mean, that’s what happened, right? ‘ she asked. “My point is, they won’t blame you. They will feel sorry for you. Like they did to those who crashed into the Andes. You are just trying to survive. You know who they will sympathize with the most? The first to break the 25-year silence.”

Operation operations. “I just couldn’t live with it longer than a minute,” Misty said. “No one has to go through what we went through. And we were just kids, innocent kids, and of course when we came back we couldn’t get help, we couldn’t betray the team. But now is the time to face the truth. No matter how painful it is. So that people can start healing. “

That’s when Natalie shows up at Misty’s and offers an apology before explaining why she’s actually there: “We need you to get out of the body.” And Misty, who always like to be needed, smiles.

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