Winter Storm Quinlan Path Tracker LIVE – High winds, cold and snow expected in Northeast after storm batters Kansas City

A MAJOR “bomb cyclone” storm is on course to hit the Northeast this weekend after blanketing areas like Kansas City with snow.

the winter stormcalled Winter Storm Quinlan by the weather channelcould bring heavy rain, thunderstorms, damaging winds, snow and a cold snap, especially in eastern US, AccuWeather reported.

“There is growing confidence in a significant storm that will have widespread impact,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex DaSilva.

Parts of Missouri felt the brunt of winter storm Quinlan Thursday, and the Kansas City area reported between 2 and 5 inches of snow, according to the report weather channel.

A bomb cyclonealso known as bomb arches, “occurs when a cyclone rapidly intensifies at mid-latitudes,” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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  • Cold could beat records

    The Weather Channel shared a Graphic on Twitter showing that parts of the South could cope with record cold temperatures in the aftermath Winter Storm Quinlan.

    “Hey Southeast! Are you ready? 🥶,” read the tweet.

    The picture showed that Jacksonville, Fla., could hit a low of 28 on Sunday where the record stands at 32.

  • When will the storm leave the US?

    Winter Storm Quinlan is scheduled to leave the United States by Sunday and make his way to Canada weather channel reported.

    But it could leave bitterly cold air in its wake that could lead to icy roads in the north-east on Sunday morning, so motorists should exercise caution.

  • Dangerous driving conditions possible

    with Winter Storm Quinlan sweeps across the east coast Millions of Americans could face dangerous travel conditions this weekend.

    Wind gusts can vary between 40 and 60 miles per hour, hitting areas from northern Florida to Atlantic Canada before the snow ends after the weekend. according to AccuWeather.

    The forecast expects the inner Northeast to get that heaviest snowfrom the central Appalachian Mountains to northern Pennsylvania, central and upstate New York, and northern New England, with snowfalls ranging from 6 inches to more than a foot.

    That could make for harrowing driving conditions for anyone driving on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

  • ‘Record cold’ in southern US

    “Behind winter storm #Quinlan, a record cold will sweep the southern United States🥶,” Weather Underground said Twitter.

    The report also warned readers of “the looming risk of severe and flash flooding, as well as severe risk of snow and cold from the south to the northeast!”

  • Winds bring freezing temperatures

    Extreme winds will also bring falling overnight temperatures to the Cincinnati area, as well as potentially other affected regions Winter Storm Quinlan.

    Lows of around 15 to 20 degrees will result in wind chill readings in the single digits in the Cincinnati area, and “unusually cold temperatures in the 20s are expected on Saturday as gusty winds persist.” The Cincinnati investigator written down.

  • Snow in Cincinnati

    About 1 to 2 inches of snow is forecast for Cincinnati, Ohio from Friday night through Saturday as of Winter Storm Quinlan moves through the region, accordingly The Cincinncati Inquirer.

    The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather warning for parts of southeast Indiana, northern Kentucky, and central and southwest Ohio.

    It is valid from Friday 7:00 p.m. to Saturday 10:00 a.m.

  • Affects millions

    The massive winter storm expected to affect millions of Americans.

    Winter Storm Quinlan could throw both rain and snow on different areas while bringing strong winds and falling temperatures.

  • Possible power outages

    Wind gusts could reach 70 to 90 mph in southern New England, according to reports AccuWeather.

    Due to the windy weather, power outages could be “widespread.”

  • Snow and wind in the Northeast

    “The Northeast will not only see snow, but could also expect strong, gusty winds.” Meteorologist Domenica Davis revealed about winter storm Quinlan.

  • Wild ‘Bomb Cyclone’ prediction

    Taking to Twitter, Stu Ostro, a senior weather forecaster at The Weather Channel, shared a picture of what this weekend’s “bomb cyclone” might look like on radar.

    “This #Bombbogenese and this #Jetstream,” he wrote.

    “Models predict a central pressure drop of about 80 millibars from this (Friday) afternoon to Sunday afternoon.”

  • Storm timing, part four

    Winter Storm Quinlan should be out of the United States by Sunday.

    At that point it will enter Canada.

    “However, cold air hitting behind the front lines could result in icy roads in the northeast by Sunday morning,” police said weather channel warned.

  • Storm timing, part three

    Snow and strong winds are expected from the Appalachian Mountains to the inner Northeast on Saturday weather channel reported.

    “Closer to the Interstate 95 urban corridor, early rains and maybe even a clap of thunder on Saturday or Saturday night could turn into a period of wet snow before the rain ends,” the outlet noted.

  • Storm Timing, continued

    Rain will turn to snow in parts of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys on Friday night, as colder air is pulled into the storm weather channel written down.

    That could happen as far north as Mississippi, north Alabama and north Georgia.

    Slippery roads could be a problem in parts of the Tennessee Valley.

  • storm time

    Snow is expected to fall as far north as Oklahoma and north and west Texas and the Ozarks on Friday, sources said The Weather Channel.

    The snow band could extend northeast into the middle Mississippi Valley and parts of the Great Lakes, which would include the Dallas-Ft Worth metro area.

  • Freeze in Kansas City

    A winter weather warning remained in effect in Kansas City this morning. KMBC News reported Friday.

    Roads in the area could freeze again as the temperature there is likely to drop into the single digits on Saturday morning.

  • Winter weather warnings issued

    Winter weather warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service along the storm’s entire path weather channel reported.

    Areas affected are from the southern plains to the mid-South, the Ohio Valley, the Appalachian Mountains and the inner Northeast.

  • Possible tornadoes

    Parts of Florida, Georgia and the eastern Carolinas could experience a small tornado threat as part of the developing storm Friday night into Saturday.

  • Merging storm patterns

    The jet stream will be forced south later this week as two faults, one in the southwest and one over southern Canada, converge over the Midwest.

    This will draw bitterly cold air towards the east coast this weekend.

    That will pave the way for a more robust disturbance that will move southeast from northern Canada on Friday, traveling across the Great Lakes and hitting New York, Pennsylvania and New England.

    The third fault is then expected to merge with the previous two, creating an area of ​​low pressure and coastal formation storms along the east coast, and this depression is expected to strengthen fast enough to be called “bomb cyclone“.

  • noxious winds

    Wind gusts can vary from 40 to 50 miles per hour in the mid-Atlantic as well as the Northeast Winter Storm Quinlan.

    AccuWeather predicts “gusty thunderstorms” will be part of this storm.

  • What are winter storms?

    winter storms, like other types of storms, Start with humid air rise into the atmosphere.

    On a cold front, rising air is created when warm air is lifted above cold air, which is essential for cloud formation and precipitation.

    When air flows up a huge hill or mountain, it can also rise.

  • Deaths from winter storms in 2020

    Accordingly statisticsIn 2020, winter storms claimed six lives.

    More people died from extreme cold this year as 13 people lost their lives.

  • How winter storms cause deaths

    Most of those who die from winter storms are not killed by the weather itself.

    A majority of fatalities are traffic accidents on slippery roads.

    Some also die of heart attacks when shoveling snow and hypothermia when exposed to the cold for too long.

  • What is a winter weather warning?

    A winter weather warning indicates that a storm is more than likely in your area and you should take immediate action.

    Expect dangerous conditions and try to avoid travel.

  • What is a winter weather clock?

    A winter weather clock indicates the potential for severe winter weather.

    When a winter weather warning is issued, prepare for hazardous weather conditions.

  • What is a winter weather guide?

    A winter weather advisory is an indication that winter weather conditions are likely.

    However, the expected conditions are not severe enough to warrant an alert. Winter Storm Quinlan Path Tracker LIVE – High winds, cold and snow expected in Northeast after storm batters Kansas City

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