Will Logan and Shanice get back together?

This week on 4400 Part 1, we get a deeper look at Logan’s life when Shanice disappears. Meanwhile, an event that exposes the 4400 to the public leads to disastrous results, and Jharrel and Andre stick together because of romantic troubles.

Read on to find out what happened in 4400 season 1 episode 8, “The Kaminski Trial.”

4400 season 1 episode 8 recap: Will Logan give his relationship with Shanice another chance?

Hayden is adjusting well with Logan, Bridget, and Mariah, even planning to go to Niagra Falls with their families. There’s just one small problem: Logan wants Shanice to sign a permit to take Mariah out of school. This worries Bridget, as she doesn’t want him back to the dark place he was when Shanice was gone and now she’s back in his life. It took a lot of time and help from Mrs. Grover to convince him to continue in the first place.

Although Shanice was happy to consult when Logan gave her the license to sign, it clearly sparked something in him. He went to a support group, where Keisha was also there to talk about missing her sister and how she still behaves by sleeping with co-workers right after the breakup. (Oops! Good thing Soraya wasn’t there to hear that.)

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Despite going there for support, the group quickly rejects him when they realize Shanice is part of 4400 – some consider it a hoax; Others envy their loved ones back. Keisha, however, comforts him and encourages him to participate in an event where the 4400 will be introduced to the public. Their harmonious family can be a good publicity, and there is clearly still love for Shanice in his heart.

Logan tells Shanice that he will be joining the interview, admitting that a part of him will never recover from her departure and that he is jealous when he sees her with Andre. Shanice asks him if he wants to give their relationship a second chance, but he tells her he needs an end – a clean breakup and moving on. When Shanice reached out to him, she saw all of the painful memories he had experienced when she was gone and how painful he was. Logan still participates in the interview, but it’s about Hayden’s positive impact on his life, and Shanice isn’t one of them.

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4400 season 1 episode 8 recap: What forces is the government planning for?

Now knowing about the conservatorship hidden in the contract, Shanice confronts Isaiah. However, Isaiah was defensive, saying that Bill kept his word about good conditions for the group. Shanice, on the other hand, didn’t buy it – she knew that they knew the 4400 had powers and were planning to find a way to harness them.

Her suspicions were seemingly confirmed when they saw a man with fire powers appear at the event. The fireman told Shanice that he showed the government what he could do, and they released him. She and Jharrel think they’re trying to make something catastrophic happen to activate conservatorship.

4400 season 1

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Isaiah saw the light, refused to lose his temper at reporters’ curious questions, and told Shanice she was right about the contract. Either way, he vowed not to let anyone hurt the 4400.

Unfortunately, the plan to stay calm doesn’t work out for Mildred, who bursts into Bill’s office. Still angry and trying to find her sister, she used her powers to throw him out the window. She only stops when Isaiah pulls her away – she can’t use her powers on him for some reason. He tells her to run away, and Mildred flees to safety.

4400 season 1

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Logan, shaken by the news of the power, asks Keisha if Hayden has any. Keisha tells him he needs to ask Hayden, saying he will tell him his way. Although Hayden was afraid Logan wouldn’t want him to live with her anymore, Logan comforted him, saying that he loved him and that he knew he would never hurt anyone. Hayden also feels guilty for not helping or stopping Mildred, but Logan tells him that sometimes loving someone isn’t enough to save them or their relationship. Sometimes, people just go down different paths.

4400 season 1 episode 8 recap: What is Andre’s future?

Andre and Shanice grew closer and went out together, but unfortunately their little bubble burst when Andre admitted that he signed the contract before Shanice figured out what was in it. He tries to be optimistic and says that this way he can continue to make medically easier for the 4400.

Andre also continues to try to complete the task LaDonna has given him, convincing Jharrel to go to Claudette’s apartment and look for a missing page in Manny’s old textbook. Andre suspects that Claudette is fine with Jharrel snooping around when she’s not around, and he admits that the two hooked up and argued.

Andre wants advice, as he doesn’t understand how to date in the present moment, and Jharrel reminds him that he ruined his last relationship with Carla while searching for his brother. Plus, Shanice comes with a bunch of other complications with Logan and Mariah.

Andre finally found the piece of page he was looking for and even asked Shanice out for a drink after the public event. Sadly, however, the happy mood was ruined after the incident with Mildred, and both were worried that Andre’s protective role would be activated. The two dance together, trying to have a good night before worrying about the future.

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