Widow slashes daughter’s heir after daughter meets father’s mistress behind her back

A widow brought it to Reddit after her daughter met her deceased husband’s mistress, who claimed the man was her child’s father. The woman who slashed her daughter’s inheritance because of what she did behind her back.

A 46-year-old woman whose husband died in a car crash revealed that she feels devastated after his death but remains strong for the happiness of their three children.

However, things took a different turn when the late husband’s lover without her knowledge knocked on the door to ask for child support. She claims that OP (Original Poster’s) husband is the father of her child.

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Reddit user named Comprehensive-Grab-27 admission that her husband’s image in her mind had been tarnished when she learned he had a mistress.

OP feels terrible for being betrayed by her husband and beating the woman for having the courage to ask her anything. She told her she wasn’t getting a dime and that “she shouldn’t have slept with a married man” in the first place.

Although she refused, the mistress continued to harass her to ask for money. She eventually contacted OP’s husband’s family and even tried to talk to her children.

Another woman claims OP’s husband is her child’s father | Source: Unsplash

Before the mistress could contact OP’s children, OP told them about her. She also asked a lawyer to fight her case because she did not want to share her assets with another woman.

After a lengthy legal battle, they finally came to a settlement at Alex’s expense.

OP believes that the mistress will not be able to claim child support because she cannot prove paternity of her child. However, things don’t go as planned when her 19-year-old daughter, Alex, intervenes.

Thinking that the owner wouldn’t bother her anymore after the lawyer sent her a letter, OP was surprised to learn that Alex had met her and did a DNA test. Explaining Alex’s motives, Ms told:

“She said [sic] did it because she wanted things to be worked out, the kids deserve to know who their father is and get the financial support they owe. “

OP hires a lawyer to help her fight the case | Source: Unsplash

When the DNA results came back and proved that the mistress was telling the truth about her child’s paternity, she filed a lawsuit against the OP, asking for her son’s share of the inheritance. And after a lengthy legal battle, they finally came to a settlement at Alex’s expense.

The OP decided that because of Alex, the mistress’s child had grounds to claim her husband’s inheritance, so it would only be fair to the other siblings that the child’s share would be taken from Alex’s.

Alex feels it’s unfair but OP has made it clear that she won’t let her other children suffer because of her eldest daughter’s choices. After all, this wouldn’t have happened if Alex hadn’t gone behind her and taken a DNA test.

Alex feels his mother is unfair | Source: Unsplash

Although Alex will be less than her siblings, her mother reveals that she will still have enough money to finish college even after giving half of her share to her employer’s child.

Furthermore, OP has planned to divide his assets equally among his children, so Alex won’t face any problems in the future.

Other users read OP’s story and share their views. major_shayne feel sorry for OP and speak she did the right thing. They believe that Alex will have no problem sharing the money if she truly thinks the child “deserves to know who their father is.”

OP posted her story on Reddit because she felt guilty | Source: Unsplash

Another user named Trilobyte141 believe OP is at fault because her husband said all his children should get the same money, so OP shouldn’t have asked Alex to split her half. But another Redditor answered:

“It’s not fair that she can influence all of their inheritance with her choice.”

Overall, some readers believed the OP was at fault, while others felt Alex shouldn’t have approached the mistress behind her mother’s back.

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