Why will the Upgrade Upgrade White Paper be completely washed away

John Mills writes: Whatever the Upgrade White Paper says, it will not be a concrete plan to help areas of the UK that need it most.

The government must create an environment for manufacturing companies that want to come to the UK (Image: Mark Hall / NationalWorld)

Now it becomes clear: Promote The white paper will be washed away. It will not bring economic growth, quality joband the investment that our country and community really needs – and has been promised. If Goverment is really serious about leveling up, it needs to focus on crafting.

The Upgrading White Paper will outline the Government’s strategy to rehabilitate the left-behind areas of the country, especially in North side Anglican. Boris Johnson’s ‘upgrade’ policy was partly to blame Conservatives win the 2019 General Election and change many things in the tradition Labor seats – the so-called Red Wall – blue. Therefore, the Government needs to have the right strategy.

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Although the White Paper is yet to be published, we know from leaks in the media that a large portion of the paper will focus on development. But decentralization will not solve the fundamental challenges at the heart of our local and regional economies. The UK has seen more growth than ever in the last 20 years and despite this we are still a deeply unequal society. I’m sure our new Metro Mayors are hard-working and mean, but they can do little, if any, to grow the economies of the country’s most vulnerable regions. we. They have neither money nor power.

The reason the Tories chose to focus on decentralization, and other similarly hollow schemes, is that it is cheap and easy – two basic requirements for any current Government policy. With Michael GoveThe new division is given little cash to play with, instead focusing on new brands and vanity projects.

We need to focus on production

Instead, if the Government really wants to elevate the country, it needs to focus on the UK manufacturing sector. England was once the world’s factory, manufacturing and selling products globally. Yet years of de-industrialization under the Tories and, admittedly, Labor destroyed that, hollowing out what was once the backbone of our economy.

The areas that were once our industrial centers need something to sell to the rest of the world. They need good, well-paying jobs in towns and cities that have been abandoned for years. They don’t need clichés, unsustainable finances, or another layer of government. They need a competitive edge over other countries, even over London and the Southeast. And that’s exactly what producing more will deliver.

Make the UK competitive in manufacturing

So how do we promote production? It all goes back to making the UK competitive. For too long, we thought our economy could only revolve around the City of London and the big banks. This has created a hostile environment for manufacturing companies, and now they don’t want to set up their factories here. On the one hand, we have oriented our education system, universities and vocational training towards services, especially finance, which has left our economy with a lack of skills. needed to compete in manufacturing and other heavyweight industries.

On the other hand, the City of London wants to sell off proud British properties and companies – from Arm to Cadbury – that have pushed the value of our currency to a level that makes it unprofitable to produce in the UK. Over the past 30 years, the British Pound has been inflated to such high levels that it has little economic significance for base manufacturing activities in the UK. The government must remember that around 70% of the cost of production is affected by the value of the British Pound. If these prices are too high, British-made products will become too expensive to sell to the rest of the world. The Government should therefore pursue a proactive strategy of dealing with our non-competitive currency.

The government has to create an environment for manufacturing companies that want to come to the UK if we are to compete on the world stage. Where cities like Bradford, Stoke, Sunderland and others have become once again the manufacturing hubs of the world, and something the UK is proud of – rather than being excluded from an appendix at the end of an article delayed this much.

Our economy is stagnating, with economic growth nearing a standstill. We need a way to generate wealth and taxes to address some of the most pressing threats of our time, from rising social care costs to climate change, which this article explains. will not provide. This government is too focused on optics and not nearly enough on changing reality.

Whatever the Upgrade White Paper says, it will not be a specific plan to help areas of the UK that need it most. It certainly won’t contain an outline to ‘build back better’, or whatever the Government buzzword of the month turns out to be. We need sustainable growth, more jobs and investments in projects that make a difference. What we don’t need is more of the same hot air that has been blowing out of the No 10 over the past decade.

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