Who should host the 94th Academy Awards? 7 people can do the job

Before 2019, there were only five Oscars ceremonies without an MC. Over the years, figures from Jack Lemmon arrive Bing Crosby guides viewers through a night that captures the best of cinema from the previous year. But the show has gone without a host for the last three Academy Awards ceremonies. Originally a consequence of the last-minute departure of the scheduled host Kevin Hart in 2019, the following ceremonies continued to take place without filling the once important role.

There’s no word yet on whether the next iteration of the Oscars will return with a host or if this is just the new norm for one of the biggest awards ceremonies of the year. It’s certainly not the dullest job in the world: even talented individuals like Anne Hathaway and David Letterman struggling to work within the confines of hosting the Oscars. That achievement could make potential homeowners wary of rushing into the fray.

But even this tough precedent doesn’t mean there aren’t the perfect people to host the Oscars. Whether they’ve knocked it out of the park in the past or just have a compelling theatrical personality and a gift for being funny in front of a live audience, these seven artists have the potential to redeem their perception. the public about an Oscar host… if, of course, the Academy decides they want to host it this year.

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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman in The Prestige

In 2009, Hugh Jackman hold the Oscars and break the gig. Not only is he charming and entertaining, but he also manages to create some hysterical music that played on the recent Economic Crisis in 2008. The challenges only spark interesting creative inspiration in the opening. Jackman’s head, including performing a singing and dancing routine out of a movie with somber themes like Readers. Nearly every Oscar host gets a negative response after the show ends, but Jackman is the rare case where everyone seems to love the host of the ceremony.

Given his incredible success here and his unwavering relevance in pop culture, it’s surprising that we’ve never seen Jackman return to host the Oscars. Is it just one of those situations where everyone involved is worried that they can never get the magic of their original host back again? Whatever it is, it’s past time for Jackman to come back and host the Oscars once again. His extensive experience in performing live on Broadway means he is perfect to host an award show as lavish as this one, even with the sky-high expectations rooted. from his original Oscars shoot.


Hasan Minhaj

morning show season 2 Hasan Minhaj
Image via Apple TV

Hasan Minhaj does not have a wide presence in the theatrical world (small roles in Hard night and The Spy Who Dumped Me pretty much covered up), but that doesn’t mean he’s not a prolific artist. In the midst of his run as a reporter on The Daily Show, his special rise Homecoming King, and his 2017 gig hosting the White Press Correspondents’ Dinner, Minhaj has proven his talent as both a comedian and a personality with a captivating perspective. .

Bringing together his wit and distinctive personality with ease that makes him seem like someone would be a step up from so many other Oscars hosts just mingling. Plus, thanks Jon stewart host of the Oscars several times, the ceremony has a track record of awarding MC gigs to veterans of the The Daily Show. All signs seem to point to Hasan Minhaj as a top pick for a potential host of the Oscars.

Tom Hanks

Pictures via Universal

It’s been a tumultuous year for cinema. Between the ever-evolving nature of film distribution and the continuing impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on cinema, adherents of the art form are grappling with a constant sense of insecurity. . Maybe it’s time to have a cozy modern filmmaking medium that reliably hosts the Oscars. Who better to fit that mold than America’s Dad, Tom Hanks? He’s never hosted the Oscars before, but Hanks is no stranger to the prospect of performing live in front of an audience. He is organized Saturday night live numerous times and has also performed in many stage shows, including the 2013 Broadway play Lucky guy.

Above all, however, is the way Hanks presents a warm presence that immediately grabs your attention. Instead of straining to attract viewers who would never be interested in the show, the Hanks-hosted Oscars could provide an oasis of comfort and sincerity amid the uncertainty the industry faces. currently navigating. Plus, Hanks remains one of the most notable actors on the planet, so he can certainly help boost the show’s ratings. No matter how you look at it, the prospect of an Oscars hosted by Tom Hanks sounds like a great idea.

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza in the happiest season

Organized the 34th and 35th Independence Spirit Awards, Aubrey Plaza is no stranger to MCing a program specializing in awarding trophies to movie nerds. Plus, she’s well versed in comedy and thanks to her work Parks and Recreation, she is a familiar face to many audiences. But what makes Plaza a particularly interesting prospect as a potential Oscar host is that she’ll be someone different from the norm. The kind of upbeat song and choreography typically featured in this performance will be shunned in favor of the Plaza’s wit and dryness.

It’s easy to be cynical about the Oscars, and Plaza can use her gifts of humor to recognize the show’s shortcomings and contradictions without turning the whole thing into a farce. On top of that, the show will give her the perfect opportunity to provide some half-joke to the Academy for not letting her excel at it. Ingrid goes to the West a nomination for Best Actress.

Amber Ruffin

Image via Peacock

It’s pretty common for a TV talk show host to host the Oscars, whether it’s David Letterman or Ellen DeGeneres. In the modern age of entertainment, consideration for an Oscar presenter should also extend to hosts of talk shows on streaming platforms. Consider that, Amber Ruffin, the host of the program Peacock The Amber Ruffin Show, it looks like she would be a good fit. For one thing, she fits the funny and interesting trend thanks to her track record in both solo productions and during her time as a reporter on The Late Show with Seth Meyers.

Meanwhile, Ruffin’s comedy even pokes fun at the kinds of films the Academy Awards have generally recognized in the past, such as her sketch with Seth Meyers movie White Savior. There could be an opportunity for unconventional and even subversive comedy if the Oscars give Ruffin the keys to this award show. Plus, hiring a talk show host for this gig has worked well in the past (for the most part).

Billy Crystal

Photos via Columbia Pictures

In keeping with the modern cinematic landscape, the Oscars should move forward with the recognition of brand-new talent. This includes who they choose to host the show. Future hosts should be new faces of talent emerging from a variety of backgrounds, not just old staples riding a wave of nostalgia to justify presence. their. However, if the Oscar do decided to go to a familiar owner, it can be nice to see Billy Crystal MC moves again.

Having hosted the show on nine separate occasions starting in 1990, Crystal has undeniably incorporated the modern version of the Oscars. While he hasn’t hosted since 2012, bringing him back could be an interesting way to simultaneously usher in the Oscars host’s return. Who better to oversee this comeback than a man with so much Academy Awards experience? Plus, Crystal’s trusty comedic skills can warrant at least some solid awards gag that can often drag on the tempo.

John Mulaney

John Mulaney hosts Saturday Night Live (SNL)
Photos via NBC

John Mulaney Has several Emmy nominations for comedy work, including a win for comedy special in 2018 Gorgeous Kid. He is an entertaining storyteller as much as he is a skilled comedian. Some Academy Award hosts become pausers as they present the necessary opening monologue. It can turn into a series of pop culture references that people made months ago on Twitter and awkward attempts to go “viral.” But Mulaney’s gift of comedy means he can turn a potentially imperative part of the show into something special, or at least consistently fun.

Even better, Mulaney seems like a top contender for the Academy Awards chair because he’s hosted the Independent Spirit Awards several times. Sure, there are notable differences between these two award shows, but it still provides great training for a potential Oscars gig for Mulaney. There is also the genuine enthusiasm that Mulaney has for cinema as a medium, as shown in various anecdotes of his indie and some Saturday night live segment in which he appeared. The comedian is sure he would be a much better fit for the Oscars than a horse at the hospital.

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