What happened in Euphoria season 2 episode 7?

There are several episodes Happiness was expected as high as episode seven. All of the events of the series so far seem to have been built up to this exact moment, shaken by the catastrophic earthquake in Lexi’s play. And no, it’s not Oklahoma.

The trials and tribulations of the misbehaving teens we love – Rue’s drug addiction; Cassie’s downward spiral; Nate’s abusive behavior; Maddy’s lament of a friendship; Jules’ CD; Kat… wait, what is Kat doing? – made for a particularly sad second season.

But what better way to distract from all that than a night at the theater? What happens in the next hour, though, is a far cry from gleeful escapism.


The curtains went up and we went straight in. “It” is a play written and directed by our own Lexi Howard about her childhood spent in second play with her four best friends. Led by Lexi’s narration, the story dives into and closes to her stage production and real-life moments that inspired them. Ingenious cinematography obfuscates the characters with their real counterparts. Sometimes the camera turns to reveal a shot, telling us that the moment we just witnessed, is actually part of Lexi’s play, not reality. And vice versa.

For a high school play, there seems to be a huge budget: revolving stage, confetti, flying rope. But after all, this is Happiness – a universe in which 17-year-olds wear Gucci and high heels to school – so the idea of ​​a big-budget school product doesn’t seem overwhelming. Plus, it’s fun to watch Lexi’s play unfold as her audience reacts in real time. That’s the definition of a car crash that you can’t take your eyes off of.

Driven by Lexi’s narration, the story dives into and closes to her stage production and the real-life moments that inspired them.

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‘Lexi, you’re in G!’

Fans have begged for a Lexi-focused episode and this certainly worked. Maude ApatowThe humble high school student has long been hailed as the likeliest of the bunch. She is kind and a little awkward. She doesn’t wear rhinestones and glittery eyeshadow to school. For this reason, it’s great to see Lexi as an absolute badass. Taking on the role of writer, director and lead, Lexi is the star. For the first time, she was not overshadowed. Instead, she commands, commands her high school troupe, who are in awe of her greatness. Throughout the episode, we’re all moms to Lexi Suze as she enthusiastically claps, laughs, and cries at her daughter’s theatrical achievements.

The plot of Rue-Lexi

Since the beginning Happiness, we learn that Rue and Lexi were once best friends. However, the disintegration of that friendship was never fully explored. It is sad and happy to see it made into a play in Lexi’s play. When they were 13, the two played pranks on each other and chatted about life for hours sitting on the roof of a Fezco store. However, Rue’s father’s death was seen as a turning point. Lexi tries to be there for her best friend but can’t seem to pierce Rue’s cloud of grief – or her impending drug problem is just starting to form its ugly head .

Who else is Cassie?

While this play was difficult for everyone to watch, it was especially difficult for Cassie. The plot goes back to their childhood, and Cassie is portrayed as Lexi’s useless and callous older sister: full breasts, no brain. There are other difficult scenes depicting moments she and Lexi share with their estranged drug-addicted father.

Cassie becomes unrecognizable as she dedicates herself to Nate

(Sky / HBO)

Meanwhile, outside of the theatrical world, Cassie had moved in with Nate and completely devoted herself to him. “You can control what I wear, what I eat, who I talk to,” she whispered. When he asked her if she was afraid of people looking down on her, she replied, “At least I’m loved.” Once again, Cassie’s need to be loved – a recurring theme since season one – is brought home. And so Maddy 2.0 was born: Cassie walked down the hall looking a lot like her predecessor, arm in arm with Nate, wearing a Tiffany & Co necklace that once belonged to her ex-girlfriend and old best friend.

Lexi’s game introduces doppelgängers and Cassie’s use is excellent. Giving a new look with straight hair and unusual makeup, Cassie (do Sydney Sweeney) has looked like a refraction of her former self. Enter an image that looks like Cassie (played by Eden Rose Ginsberg), and can’t tell which is real and which is fake. At one moment in the play, Cassie went to the bathroom in tears, unable to stand her sister’s play. When she looked at herself in the mirror and tried to curl her mouth into a smile, Cassie was completely unrecognizable.

Where are you, Fez?

This episode will make Fexi fans heartbroken. In the process of building her playstyle, Lexi called on Fez for support. Their phone calls are lovely as he soothes her and gives her words of encouragement in his lovely monotone voice. When we found his seat empty during the play (the best seat in the house that Lexi had reserved for him), we knew something was wrong. Fez, as we find out, became a fit and warm to his date night when Custer came to his house (in the final episode, it is revealed that Custer is working with the police to catch Fez for murder). Fast forward to now and the scene is confusing. By the end of the episode, Ash seems to have caught up with Custer’s game – but is Fezco’s empty chair a sign that it’s too late?

Ash seems to have grasped Custer’s plan

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Justice for Ethan!

Finally, it’s time for Ethan to shine. After being pushed aside by Kat (and especially gasping) during a grueling almost painful breakup scene while watching the numerous depictions of abuse on the show, Ethan is in the spotlight. The humble stray turns out to be the star of Lexi’s play, a shape-shifting space player who swings Lexi around as her stage dad, and lifts weights. as Nate’s stage partner.

The show – or what we see in this episode – culminates in its glory with Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero” reimagined as a gay dressing room song. Dressed as Nate, Ethan moves, slams, and pushes in his group of spinning, pounding, and pushing young men. All topless. The bombastic performance delighted everyone – except Nate, who walked out of the theater, fists clenched and jaw clenched. Cassie, incarnated as a docile girlfriend, begins to pursue him, protesting that she doesn’t know what Lexi has planned. Predictably, he told her to pack up and get the cock out of his house. This left Cassie – who had sacrificed her friends and selflessness for the boy who had just boarded and left – dangerously without a rudder.

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