What are Identity Abilities in Lost Ark? Abilities for all classes

Lost Ark allows players to choose between 15 different advanced classes to customize their adventure, with each class boasting different abilities and world-shattering identity abilities. Here’s an overview of what these do and which ones your class can use.

One of the best aspects of Smilegate RPG‘s MMOARPG, Lost Ark, is the fact that you can switch between a variety of classes and advanced classes to find a play style that suits you.

Whether you want to smash skulls as a fearsome berserker or heal your allies as a loyal bard, you’ll need to get used to juggling not only their individual attacks but also each character’s identity abilities.

But what exactly are these powerful abilities and how can you use them to break through the hordes? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about identity abilities in Lost Ark. from how you enable them to what your class will use.


Lost Ark Ogre roars in the sunlit forest
Smilegate RPG

If you’re going to take down Arkesia’s monstrosities, you’ll need all the firepower you can get.

What are Identity Abilities in Lost Ark?

identity skills are class-specific skills which give your character a lot of buffs. Activated with ‘Z’ Their respective meter is usually located at the bottom of the screen in the middle of your base skills and items.

Each of these must be charged up by killing enemies, with many offering different tiers of buffs to work through.

lost ark of soulist martial artists in morai ruins identity skills
Smilegate RPG

You can find your character’s identity ability at the bottom of your screen.

Lost Ark: Identity abilities of all classes

Each class has a different identity ability that is completely unique to them. While these shouldn’t dictate what character you want to play, they’re worth considering if one appeals to you a little more than the others.

All identity abilities for each class are listed below, along with what they do:

Class identity ability effects
bard Serenade meter Serenade of Courage: Large attack buff

Serenade of Salvation: Large party-wide heal

sorceress Z-Skill: Magick Boost

X-Skill: Vision Move

Magic Boost: Increases damage

Vision Move: Increases mobility

deathblade death orb A death orb is filled, instantly reducing the cooldowns of all your skills and giving you access to a new high-damage skill, Burst
shadowhunters Shadowburst meter Load up the gauge with attacks, then activate them to enter demon form, where you have another set of more powerful attacks
berserk burst mode Burst mode increases attack and movement speed and damage reduction when performing Berserker Technique, or increases critical hit rate, attack speed and movement speed when performing Mayhem.
gunslinger identity display Increases with Attack. Defensive Stance and Battlefield Shield consume the Build Gauge to protect either yourself or the team.
paladin piety meter Sacred Executioner increases attack range by 30% and damage by 40% for normal and punishing skills.

Holy Aura grants 10% additional damage to party members in a 12 yard radius.

scraper Endurance & Shock The scrapper uses a special identity display which consists of two different types of energy: staying power and shock. Spending one restores the other and vice versa, meaning you don’t have to rely on mana and can stay in combat for as long as possible.
soulist Hype (3 levels) The Soulfist has three different levels that need to be changed manually. Hype builds through levels 1 – 3, each granting higher damage and attack speed with shorter cooldowns. Note that the higher the level, the shorter it lasts.
striker Elemental Orbs The Striker generates elemental orbs by dealing damage. Esoteric abilities consume the orbs to deal high explosive damage.
Wardancer Elemental Orbs The Wardancer generates Elemental Orbs by dealing damage. Esoteric abilities consume the orbs to deal high explosive damage.
gunner Barrage (3 levels) The counter is divided into three tiers that are filled by damage. Once it’s full, activate Barrage mode, which immobilizes you but grants four additional attacks.
dead eye Triple Weapons The Deadeye can switch between three weapons: pistols, shotgun and sniper
gunslinger Triple Weapons The gunslinger can switch between three weapons: pistols, shotgun and sniper
sniper Hawk meter When your Hawk Meter is full, you can activate Summon Silverhawk to gain access to Wings of Storm and Last Rush

So that’s all you need to know about identity skills in Lost Ark. of how to use them, which ones are unique to your class. Would you like to try all the heroes of Arkesia? Be sure to check out our dedicated building guides:

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