We’re parenting experts—it’s okay to lie to kids about bedtime, but it’s harmful to tell lies to get them to eat dinner

MOST parents are guilty of telling lies from time to time, especially when it makes parenting so much easier.

And that’s perfectly fine, according to experts, sometimes even “necessary” if you want to avoid a tantrum but need to be careful.

It may be okay to tell fibs to your kids, but you have to be careful


It may be okay to tell fibs to your kids, but you have to be carefulPhoto credit: Getty

“Being regularly lied to as a child can increase the frequency with which children lie to their parents as they grow up. So it’s really important to foster a culture of honesty,” explains Sophie Baron, the founder of mom made said fabulous.

“But occasional lies are okay, especially if they are cursory and genuinely have the best interest of the child in mind — like ‘Your bedtime is already up’ or ‘The store is closed’ — we might call these instrumental lies.”

Angela Karanja, psychologist and founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers Said harmless white lies “must be something to laugh about later.”


“I would welcome white lies that prevent harm, increase well-being and promote safety, and if lies are told as a story, that’s fine,” she said.

For example, it’s perfectly fine to make up a fun story to get kids used to something, such as B. Brushing your teeth.

“By the time [they] realized it’s a lie, a fable, [they would have] has already developed great brushing habits,” she said.

“But parents have to be willing to admit that when her time is up and she’s no longer an effective motivator, it’s a lie.”

However, Kimberley, elementary school teacher and owner catkin toywarned that some white lies risk creating confusion and suspicion, “especially if they’re simply designed to make our lives as parents easier.”

“Instead, we should strive to find ways to clarify the truth in simple terms so that our children have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to deal with negative emotions such as disappointment,” she explained.

“This builds trust and a lasting bond between you and your child that can often be destroyed over time by white lies.”

The occasional lie is ok, especially if it is cursory and genuinely has the best interests of the child in mind, we might call these instrumental lies.

Sophie BaronFounder of Mamamade

Kimberley thinks lying about food at mealtimes just to get your kids to eat their veggies is a big no-no, and there’s no scenario where it’s beneficial for kids.

“With so many issues surrounding food, both for children and adults, it might sound like a good idea to tell a white lie to get your child to eat their broccoli, but in reality, telling one might help.” creating unhealthy associations with food in general,” she said.

“While the ‘cauliflower makes you taller’ white lie sounds harmless, it doesn’t address the real reasons why we should eat a healthy, balanced diet. Instead, try to find time outside of mealtimes to talk about healthy eating.”

For example, if your child enjoys playing in their toy kitchen, spend some time discussing healthy foods with them, or use Play Dough to prepare healthy plates of food.

“Another option is to involve your child in the cooking process,” Kimberly said.

“They’re far more likely to eat a meal they helped prepare and prepare!”

Other harmful lies lead to hatred of people, slander and slander, Angela said.

Sophie agreed, saying, “Perhaps more harmful are bigger, empty lies that destroy trust between parents and children — especially when a child’s understanding of the world increases and they can understand that they have been lied to.”

For example, “I’ll call the police if you don’t behave” or “Dad is going on vacation” instead of declaring a divorce or separation.

When in doubt, Kimberly said try to calmly explain the reason for the decisions you make, rather than lie to make it easier for the parents.

Recently, TikTok user Ashley Molina she revealed lies to her kids about their bedtime every day but claims people think she’s a genius.

Plus Mom made a to-do list to get her kids to do jobs and saying her house is the cleanest ever.

And the The 19-year-old mother of nine has fought back trolls who accused her of starving her children.

Lying to your kids to make them eat veggies is a big no-no


Lying to your kids to make them eat veggies is a big no-noPhoto credit: Getty

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