Weaknesses and Resistances of Fairy-type Pokémon

Knowing the weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokémon is important if you want to defeat these cute creatures in battle, as well as their resistances and the best counters to have on your team.

There aren’t many Fairy-type Pokémon, but they’ve quickly become one of the most popular typings since their introduction generation 6mostly because they can defeat dragons – and they’re cute!

Of course, having them on your team is great, but when you find yourself on the other side and facing off against a Fairy-type Pokemon, you need to know their weaknesses and resistances to stand a chance of victory.

Below you’ll find all the information you need on how to defeat Fairy-types, including some recommendations for the best counters to have on your team.


The Fairy-type Pokémon Slurpuff
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Fairy-types may look cute, but they can be tough to defeat.

Weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokémon

are Fairy-type Pokémon weak against Poison and Steel-type attacksmaking these guys the perfect offensive choice for combat.

However, just having Poison and Steel-type Pokemon on your team isn’t enough, as they also need to have strong movesets that match their type to be effective.

Powers and resistances of Fairy-type Pokémon

are Fairy-type Pokémon strong against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type opponentsso it’s best not to bring them into battle if possible.

When it comes to resistances, Pokémon are Fairy-type completely immune to dragon-type attacks and resistant to Bug, Dark and Combat Attacks.

Fairy-type Clefable in Pokemon
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Knowing every weakness of Fairy-type Pokémon makes defeating them a breeze.

Best counters for Fairy-type Pokemon

Some of the best counters against Fairy-type Pokemon are powerful Steel-type Pokemon like Metagross, Melmetal and Dialga. Paired with Steel-type attacks, they make it easy with Fairy-types.

In addition to being super effective against Fairy-types, Steel-type Pokémon don’t have any major weaknesses or vulnerabilities that Fairy-types can easily exploit, making them very reliable counters.

There are also tons of Poison Pokemon that can be used to take down Fairy Pokemon Roserade, Gengar and Salazzle. Again, they require a series of Poison attacks to be effective.

However, if you’re using Poison-types, it’s important to remember that many Fairy-type Pokémon can learn Psychic-type attacks, which are extremely effective against Poison-types. So be careful.

That’s all you need to know about Fairy-type Pokémon’s weaknesses! Check out some of our other guides below:

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