Ways to achieve your career goals during uncertainty at work


Employees are distracted, and no wonder. You don’t have to read the news; You see colleagues who are unmotivated, actively seek greener pastures, and quit. Meanwhile, executives are still trying to understand a business model that offers pure office versus hybrid office workspaces. Despite their current efforts, more than 70% of workers are dissatisfied with their company’s location flexibility and plan to look for other opportunities within a year.

In the midst of so much change, how do employees who choose to stay in their jobs create a solid career path? Dealing with uncertainty is something I have become familiar with over the years. In fact, it has become a way of life from an early age. Raised by a single mother who had four mouths to support herself on a caretaker’s salary, I prepared in ways I never could have imagined, informing many of my practices as a young professional and veteran executive in a top -20 companies in the US

Achieving personal and professional goals while the workplace shifts requires uncompromising focus. Here are three ways you can find your focus in an ever-evolving workplace reality.

Ask yourself the meaningful question

If you can’t find a solid foundation in the workplace, you can make it yourself. It has been said that “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Knowing your why is key to discovering your calm center and infinite make better career choices. To start exploring your why, consider this insightful question: “What is something I’m good at that I would do for free?”

The next step is to review your answer and see how it relates to your current job. Ask yourself if your career improves your ability to live your why. Are there gaps between what you enjoy doing and what your position requires? If so, make a list of areas where you could make a greater connection between your skills and your job description. Research what training opportunities you have and contact your boss. Ask if they are willing to do helpful mentoring introductions or facilitate training. If they aren’t able to help, don’t stop here; Consider taking online courses or enrolling in degree programs through traditional providers.

Be your own main repeater and completer

Research tells us that we believe what we hear more often. In the same way, companies complete what they repeat, and the same goes for individuals. Why not be both a company and an individual? When you think and act like a company and imagine being the CEO of your own career, it’s clearer to stick to your path because you apply a single rationale to everything you do.

The mission of any good company is focused on creating value. If you are the CEO of You Inc., think in these terms: What can you do or provide that your employer is so keen to pay you to do or provide? This mentality will help you up your game and focus on your career path and personal mission. Reinforce your mission by making space to write it down and reflect on it regularly.

During the normal flow of conversation, look for opportunities to reiterate your purpose with trusted friends or what I call my “cupboard.” These people know my why, hold a mirror up to my behavior, and help honor what’s important to me. More than 70% from study participants who sent a weekly progress report to a friend reported successful goal achievement, compared to just 35% who kept their goals to themselves and didn’t write them down.

Put a good chip on your shoulder

We all know what it’s like to interact with someone with a chip on their shoulder. You have to prove something, and that often plays out in a negative way. Instead, challenge yourself to have a good chip on your shoulder if you want to create stability in your work life. Put that good tenacity to good use by focusing on two things you can control – your attitude and your effort. Sure, you want to prove something in the traditional sense, but a good chip manifests itself in a way that makes you more valuable to your employer and You Inc.

I appreciate when employees can be part of the big picture conversations. Help your leaders steer toward big problems. Do your homework on the company’s marketplace and understand its challenges so you can be among the first to contribute or take action when opportunities arise to help. Show your attitude and commitment by seeking opportunities to learn what is most needed.

Amidst today’s disruptions and fluctuating expectations, wait no longer to identify your why and seek alignment at work. Not only will you find this connection to your why a grounding experience, but you will also discover that an uncompromising focus on your attitude and effort leads to greater possibilities that make personal sense.

steve White is President, Special Counsel to the CEO of Comcast Cable and past President of Comcast West Division. Ways to achieve your career goals during uncertainty at work


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