Urban Legends Nicolas Cage Addressed to First Talk Show in 14 Years

A two-headed snake, orphan gambling, naked caving, and pantomime stalkers are just a few of the bizarre urban legends that Nicholas Cage is finally determined to debunk—or admit—after decades of myth-making.

The “Thespian” – not call him a mere “actor”, People! – and be “Insufferable weight of a tremendous talent” are back on the talk show circuit for the first time in 14 years.

The Leaving Las Vegas Oscar winner, 58, stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday to reveal the truth behind the rumors that have been circling the cult icon for years.

Kimmel, 54, asked Cage about the time he played at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas for just $200 about 20 years ago.

Cage explained that he played roulette at the casino and the money turned into a whopping $20,000. It’s rumored that he donated all of his winnings to an orphanage in the Bahamas.

While trying his lucky hand at the roulette wheel, he decided to keep playing the same numbers. “It was one of those nights where you feel like the mojo was with you and nothing was going to go wrong,” said the wild man of Raising Arizona.

After winning the money, Cage went to the children’s center – where he handed the headmistress the 20 grand and then he was sent on his way. The “Moonstruck” lead actor told Kimmel he never made bets again because he felt it ruined the “magic” of gambling.

Another wild rumor that put Cage to rest was the fact that he may or may not have been in possession of a two-headed snake.

The answer: He once had one.

Kimmel pulled out the “Peggy Sue Got Married” stars current GQ cover spread, where he hugs a snake, and he asked Cage if the reptile was ever his.

“I have, and it’s weird,” Cage admitted. He went on to note that there was one night when he dreamed of two-headed eagles. The next day his manager at the time received a call from someone saying they had one two-headed snake and they thought cage might like it.

The chilling takeaway here: Cage also noted the animal cost four times the amount of cash he gave to the orphanage.

Santa cage
Cage hasn’t been on a talk show since 2008.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Meanwhile, Cage admitted the snake was too much for him – and the two heads would often fight each other. The Hollywood royalty – born Nicolas Coppola, he is the nephew of legendary The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola – finally decided to take them to a zoo, where they have now lived for 14 years.

Kimmel also revealed that Cage’s National Treasure co-star Diane Kruger was on the chat show recently and she revealed that while filming the 2000s adventure flick he almost bought a cave full of bats so he could explore caves naked (btw caving is the hobby of exploring caves just for fun .)

Cage said the cave he wanted to buy was “beautiful.” [with] milky white crystalline walls.” He just wanted the sanctuary to go caving with his – bare bottomed – at the base of the natural wonder then wife. But that fantasy never materialized when the “Face/Off” star didn’t buy the cave after all.

Santa cage
Some rumors about Cage that make madmen wonder include that he keeps snakes and crows as pets and if he ever bought a den.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Another gossip that has been swirling around Tinseltown for years was that Cage kept a bad mouth African mourning crow as a pet.

He quipped that the crow was “well dressed” — with black and white feathers that made him “look like he was wearing a tuxedo.”

“He likes to say ‘hello’ to me when I enter the room and when I leave he says ‘bye’. I don’t teach him the words. He came with the vocabulary,” Cage said. “And one day he called me an ‘A-hole’ and I don’t know why.”

The latest urban legend the Moonstruck star made real was the “strange experience” of being attacked by two mimes.

The silent stalkers followed him and got him to ask the “proverbial question ‘Why?’ to deliver. and ‘Who are you people?’ ”

He politely asked her to go away and they left without saying a word. “We all get persecuted sometimes. I think I was their only audience,” Cage said.

https://nypost.com/2022/04/21/urban-legends-nicolas-cage-addressed-on-first-talk-show-in-14-years/ Urban Legends Nicolas Cage Addressed to First Talk Show in 14 Years

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