Unverified review: Tom Holland repeats his Spider-Man shtick in the geek video game adaptation

Dir: Ruben Fleischer. Starring: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, Antonio Banderas. 12A, 116 minutes.

Give up hope to everyone who enters here. There’s really no future for game-to-movie adaptations if Hollywood can’t even crack it Not detected yet. The treasure hunt series – consisting of four games and several spin-offs – is frequently cited as an example of the medium’s cinematic potential. Like Tomb Raider before it (and Indiana Jones before it), Not detected yet Borrowing heavily from the adventure sequels of the Thirties, delving into the romantic tradition of discovery and exotic fascination.

The Not detected yet the games all follow the same basic, believable structure: treasure hunter Nathan Drake, at the behest of some puzzling ancient map or archaeological piece, solves some puzzles and kills wings down to remote locations. He’ll hitchhike on a freight train, a helicopter, or a speedboat, and dodge bullets fired by faceless goblins. These are strictly traditional stories. That always seems to be the main point. Not detected yetThe rich cast of characters and fine-tuned gameplay – bringing in and out of cutscenes with elegant beauty – allow players to feel like they’re in the driver’s seat of their favorite childhood adventure .

So why, Not detected yet feel the movie is lost and lonely? Although it is not separate from its source material, it is also difficult to be enchanted by it. Video games may become more and more like movies (2019 .) Death Stranding has a 31-minute cut), but the movies have yet to figure out that people actually enjoy and play video games. Say what you like about Detective Pikachubut at least it knows what a Pokémon is. Not detected yet has the distinct tendency of a studio to aim for the financial success of a series, without ever bothering with the “how” and “why” questions.

This is how we ended up with Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, a character very famous for his looks Castle star Nathan Fillion the actor was hired to play him in a 2018 fan movie. The gift that Sony Pictures didn’t invest too much in the character was the fact that Mark Wahlbergwho previously starred as Drake in 2010, has now jumped into the role of Drake’s mentor and father, Victor “Sully” Sullivan, without hesitation.

The plot of the movie is a collection of sequences from the game. Where do we open? Uncharted 4 begins, with a flashback of Nate and his rebellious brother Sam, who has since disappeared except for the occasional postcard. Now working as a bartender and a petty thief, Nate is joined by Sully to uncover Magellan’s hidden treasure – though they’ll have to defeat Antonio Banderas’ Santiago to claim it. He was part of the shady Moncada family who funded the Inquisition, the Franco regime, and just about any other piece of Spanish history you can get out of a textbook.

Holland, as a matter of difference, is meant to play the younger, less experienced iteration of Drake. And, for sure, he would be a great fit for an aging version of some other adventurer – in an action setting that’s largely human bricks, it’s interesting to see a Billy Elliot first This slides, slides and bounces off the wall with such nimble grace. But the movie doesn’t quite understand what the character “Tom Holland as Nathan Drake” will look like. It feels as if he’s retreating back to his “gee-whiz”, the Spider-Man shtick.

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland in ‘Uncharted’

(Sony photo)

Wahlberg, too, is an odd fit. He mostly uses autopilot in Not detected yet – something that has worked in the past, but operates at a completely different energy level than the always-sincere Holland. The actors are left to force some relationship out of a script without knowing what either of these characters means to the other. Sully is a man of contradictions, though that is oddly demonstrated by the initial revelation that he was part of the looting of Baghdad’s national museum – therefore, he committed a crime. a real war crime. He’s also a tech-savvy boomer, whom Drake mocks for having “too many open apps.” Who wants to be a mentor here when both are incompetent?

In fact, there are many Not detected yet feel cluttered or inconsiderate. The only roles for women – Sophia Ali’s Chloe Frazer, who entered the game, and Tati Gabrielle’s Braddock, who was not – were all written as a slight variation of the “cold, emotionless action girl.” . The film’s finale also avoids the effective, foreboding message of the games (borrowed from Raiders of the Lost Ark and its fiery spirit) that history should be respected, not used for profit. For fans of the source material, it can be disappointing to see such a rich series reduced to some dense CGI sequences about people clinging to things mid-air (and the lack of puzzles). What an adventure movie without puzzles!). For those who are new to joining Not detected yetthey will only be left to wonder what all the fuss is about.

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