Unearthed ‘Titanic’ prop sparks Jack and Kate’s door debate

The door to this debate is once again wide open.

Since then 25 years have passed Titanic docked in theatersbut one big question from the film continues to divide fans: Could Jack Dawson have fit on the wooden door in Titanic?

Viewers have often debated whether Leonardo DiCaprio’s character could have joined the floating panel with Rose DeWitt Bukater (played by Kate Winslet) after the ship sank in 1912, leaving the majority of the passengers on the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

Rose is alive as she safely climbs onto the door while Jack, in the name of love, forces himself to stay in the freezing water and dies (most likely from hypothermia).

The verbal battle around the door was then rekindled TikToker Jtallan posted a video showing the prop from James Cameron’s 1997 romantic epic on display at Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

The user captioned his viral clip“Did you know? I love the story and facts in #disney.” “Did you know that the wooden plaque from the movie ‘Titanic’ is in Disney Springs?” said the video’s caption. The user filmed a plaque that showed a photo of Rose on the board, with Jack dangling from one end.

Viewers, of course, used the comments to get their thoughts off the prop and the infamous wood. Several commented on whether there was actually enough room for Jack – or not.

“Oh damn, I take it back — there was only room for one person,” said one observer. But another fired back: “They could both have passed.”

Another added, “Maybe they didn’t both fit together after all.” One then wrote, “And I’ll always say there’s room for two hahahahahah.”

“Maybe there wasn’t room for two of them. Looks way smaller,” one fan wrote. “That wood panel is the real hero of the movie lol,” joked one.

Cameron, 67, isn’t a big fan of the debate himself and has said in the past that he thinks it’s “stupid”. That’s what the “Avatar” director said BBC Radio 1 2019 that he “never really saw it as a debate.”

“But if you really want to uncover all the silly arguments involved, then let’s go back. I mean, yes – could Romeo have been smart and not taken the poison? Yes,” Cameron said, quoting DiCaprio’s 1996 romance drama Romeo + Juliet.

The infamous moment in 1997’s ‘Titanic’ when Jack and Rose are adrift in the icy waters after their ship sinks.
20th century fox

Cameron continued: “Could he have decided not to bring his little dagger just in case Juliet might stab herself with it? Yes absolutely. It kind of misses the point.”

In a 2017 discussion with vanity fairthe Canadian filmmaker set the record right in front of the door.

“The answer is very simple, because it’s on page 147 [of the script] Jack is dying,” he explained. He added that it’s “very silly” that people are still questioning the scene over two decades later.

Cameron continued, “The film is about death and separation; he had to die. Whether it was that or a chimney fell on him, he went down. That’s called art, things happen for artistic reasons, not physical reasons.”

https://nypost.com/2022/03/23/unearthed-titanic-prop-reignites-jack-and-kate-door-debate/ Unearthed ‘Titanic’ prop sparks Jack and Kate’s door debate

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