Ukraine War Is America’s Opportunity To Show Who We Are

Ukraine needs our sympathy

My longtime Ukrainian friend told me about her family in her old hometown:

“I talk to them every day. They live in the east of Ukraine. So far the phone service has not been cut off. What they say is, the whole world has abandoned them. People praise, journalists talk, but no one really cares about them. They don’t see the whole world responding.

“They asked, ‘Why doesn’t NATO send jets in and blow up the soldiers who are killing us? Why didn’t the US stop this three weeks ago? Washington knew this was coming. If our White House really cares, you don’t think anyone in it should choose right now – the tanks and soldiers on the day of the march come to shoot us – to bring a Supreme Court new high? Just to appease those who don’t support him? How about his time? Is he not respectful? ‘

“There is blood everywhere. My mother’s family is there. My father’s family is there. They will try to get to western Ukraine. They couldn’t believe they were living through this.

“My parents worked in a Nazi war camp. They say, ‘We don’t give up. It’s Germany again. ‘ They’re bending over. Motor. But no support. Everyone was shot down. Many Ukrainians were killed. But that word is ‘we don’t give up.’

“There are mobile mortgages now. The soldiers killed hundreds and what was done was that the corpses were quickly distributed. Deleted. Throw it in these portable trash cans so no one can see or report it.”

I was also told Kyiv’s mother was instructed to sew small pieces of fabric on Children’s wear List the names, dates of birth and blood types of the children.

A view shows a residential building damaged by recent shelling in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Buildings and streets were damaged by Russian shelling, for example in Kharkiv.

I was also told that Putin clearly sees the weakness and incompetence of the US government.

And we have long been told that Russia exists as our existential enemy. Even Lincoln despised that obstinate regime. And Reagan called it “Evil Empire.

2020 vision of movie stars

GRIFFIN Dunne, Gina Gershon, Emily Mortimer, Rosie Perez did a screening of “With/In” on Sunday. Homemade short shoots from styles like Bart Freundlich, Talia Balsam and Chris Cooper. Producers, Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler.

Gina Gershon arrives on the red carpet.
Gina Gershon stars in the movie “With/In”, which revolves around themes of confinement and isolation.
John Angelillo / UPI / Shutterstock

Using an iPhone or whatever comes around, it’s life’s quick isolation of 2020. The result is a grieving widow, a man locked in a john after a one-night stand with a girlfriend. temporary, a tense thriller about a writer being held hostage, some dark comedy about baking sourdough, another device that disappears in transit, an interracial marriage ethnicity, a therapist dealing with her own OCD, etc.

Beat everything on Netflix.

Bits and bobs

BACKSTAGE at MSG, inside a silver jacket, Elton John said, “I came to America in 1970. Growing up, all the good music I ever heard came from America. I love New York.” . . . ANYONE Who Knows Andrew Cuomo’s Attorney Rita Glavin also represents Trump’s CFO Allen Weisselberg? . . . ABC March 20 “Enter. . . movie Yes Derek & Julianne Hough“Airs a week before we skip the Oscars. They are recreating the dances from the movies “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “La La Land”.

Julianne Hough and Derek Hough hang out in Los Angeles together.
Sibling duo Julianne and Derek Hough will star in a dance show that will reenact classic scenes from the movies.

Congratulations CNN

Bonus RELATED to CNN. Many people mistake it when it bends to the left making Bernie blubbery Sanders seem just right. Now in Ukraine its reporters on the ground and their reports have been excellent. Even my television set is grateful.

It’s time to award awards. It won’t be long before we can skip the Oscars. And, listen, don’t worry if you tune in late – you better miss it in the first place.

Only in New York and everywhere, kids – just in New York and anywhere. Ukraine War Is America’s Opportunity To Show Who We Are


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