Ukraine brings reality to the West and other comments


Culture critic: Ukraine brings reality to the West

The war in Ukraine “implicitly challenges the seriousness, the smallness of what passes for public life in the West in the 21st century” explains Spiked’s Brendan O’Neill. “While ordinary Ukrainians are banding together and arming themselves with guns and petrol bombs, British military leaders have other concerns. For example why you should avoid words like “manpower”, “strong” and “grip”. “It once took war to hurt us; now all that is needed is words.” This war on European soil confirms “that history is being violently resurrected and that we are morally, politically and physically unprepared for it”.

Liberal: Dems are losing the working class

“In a loose sense” warns Ruy Teixeira of The Liberal Patriot, the Republicans are already “the party of the multiracial working class”: In 2020, “Trump took the overall vote of the working class (non-college) by 4 points”. And the GOP won that vote for Congress “in three of the last four elections” with a tie in 2018. Dems posit it’s “just a question of working-class white voters,” but “since 2012, non-whites have Working-class voters moved away from Democrats by 18 points.” This “should be unacceptable”: “What good is a left-wing party that lacks working-class allegiance and therefore plausibly claims to represent its interests?” Democrats must “ reposition themselves on cultural issues where they are decidedly at odds with working class opinion on issues such as crime, immigration, race, gender, schools and language policing”.

Libertarian: Warren’s insane gas price fix

Senator Elizabeth Warren “says the solution to high gas prices is higher taxes on oil companies.” notes Reason’s Ronald Bailey, but “history shows that imposing a windfall profits tax on oil is particularly short-sighted.” When “the Iranian oil shock” tripled prices in 1979, “President Jimmy Carter lobbied for the 1980 windfall profits tax on crude oil” . But it “raised far less money than forecast” while “reducing the amount of oil that would otherwise have been shipped.” Warren’s proposal would have the same results: “less domestic production, greater reliance on foreign oil, higher prices at the pump, and negligible tax revenues.” In fact, the “prospect of higher profit margins is already encouraging investment in domestic oil production.”

Conservative: Trans-radicals alienate Americans

“Transgender activists will not see the rapid success that gay rights activists have enjoyed in recent decades.” predicts Philip Klein of National Review. “The issue of women’s sports is the most likely to backfire on the transgender movement as more people see what it means in practice.” Klein points to University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, “who, as a male swimmer Ranked #462 but shot up after moving to #1” and allowed to compete against college women. When transgender activists call for “more tolerance and compassion,” the public supports it. But they risk backlash if their agenda runs counter to “American understanding of human biology and their appreciation of basic fairness.”

Identity Watch: Why you don’t capitalize “black”.

My newsletter team “apparently made the decision” not to capitalize “black” writes Glenn Loury in The Glenn Show. Why? The choice shows “the author’s alignment with one of two vaguely defined but still distinguishable political positions regarding the coherence of racial identity.” Few, for example, capitalize “white” because it “treats white people as coherent, unified human beings, an idea that I think has its roots in the most virulent brand of white identity politics. But if all the different groups that make up ‘whites’ don’t include a single people, why should all the different groups that make up ‘blacks’ do?” It’s hard to understand “the sociological similarities” between an “affluent member business class in Lagos and a man on Chicago’s South Side who works three part-time jobs just to pay his rent. Learning that they’re both black” says “exactly nothing”.

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