UFC’s Chris Daukaus shares how he’s experiencing a ‘dark spot’ after KO loss

Chris Daukaus (12-4, 11 finishes) returns to the Octagon for his second straight Fight Night headlining on Saturday when he takes on Curtis Blaydes (15-3, 10 finishes) as the heavyweights once again pick the bill for the return lead the UFC to Columbus, Ohio. the former Philadelphia police officer recently took part in the Post Fight interview with The Post’s Scott Fontana.

Q: How has work/life been now that it’s been a few months since you officially resigned as a police officer?
A: Personal life: It was really good, especially with my wife and son. My son loves it when I’m always at home. …I don’t have to worry about missing a workout or weightlifting session because of work or any events in town.

Q: What skills from your previous career will help you in your combat career?
A: It’s all about dealing with that fear and pressure. I would say it’s more about the mental aspect of the sport than the actual physical aspects of the sport. You think about that event in eight to ten weeks, and then it’s getting closer and closer. A lot of people can’t handle that anxiety and anticipation of accomplishment when all eyes are on you. That’s a lot for some people, and in my previous career, all eyes were on me all the time, no matter what I was doing.

Q: Were you surprised to be called up for another main event so soon after your first KO loss to Derrick Lewis in December?
A: Yes. I honestly didn’t expect that. In my mentality, the UFC gave me the opportunity to go to the main event. Of course I lost in a dramatic way. And I figured I wouldn’t see any main event or co-main event status for a while until I got some wins in the division again. But apparently the UFC has other plans.

Q: Aside from the obvious, what went wrong against Lewis?
A: It was entirely my fault for letting myself bump into the cage. There were no external factors in my private life. and [in] my training camp, there were no injuries or anything like that. There was no added pressure from the status of the main event, the extra cameras following me around, that was fine. I can drown it all in my head and it won’t matter. And really, it was just a mistake on my part in my tactics. I needed to get smarter on my defense and Derrick Lewis took advantage of that.

Q: What emotions and thoughts go through your mind in the days and weeks after a knockout?
A: It’s really awful, to be honest. You start guessing everything. You’re starting to have doubts, especially… That was the first fight since I left the police force, so obviously there’s this doubt that’s creeping into my head, you know, I just left my job. I just finished my 10 year career pursuing this. And I get flattened the first time. It’s that doubt you have, am I really good enough to compete in the UFC? I shouldn’t have quit my job. It’s just all big what-ifs, and it’s just that self-doubt. But I’ve dealt with that. I got myself back. I stayed in this dark spot for a while because I don’t want to feel that again, and I don’t want to just dismiss it like it was a coincidence or something, or he was lucky. No. He hit me. He does and I have to accept that. And I accepted that and moved on. I’ve been in this dark spot for a while, and it’s been hard, man. It was really tough. I lost all kind of motivation just to go back to the gym for a little bit. There are days when I just didn’t want to do anything, man. It was just really bad. But I got through it. I was there. I accepted the fact and now I’m ready to go.

Q: You’re known for your punching power, but you also have a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt? Do you feel more dangerous while standing or grappling?
A: My confidence in both abilities is pretty much the same. I just didn’t really show the floor game. And to be honest, it’s not that I couldn’t get it to the ground. I just like punching people in the face.

Daukaus during his loss to Derrick Lewis
Daukaus during his loss to Derrick Lewis
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Q: Did you and your brother Kyle, a UFC middleweight, get into a lot of fights growing up?
A: All the time. … I was taller, but I was just fat, so I just got on top of him and just sat on top of him, and he cried. When he was younger, when he was about 5 or 6, I did that. So I was like 8 or 9.

Q: What does the perfect Philly cheesesteak order look like?
A: You have to go to Steve [Prince of Steaks]. I like whiz sans. So Cheez Whizz without roasted onions. But I also do American [cheese] without. I make onions; It’s not my first choice. … Hissing without, spicy fries with a side of cheese and a root beer. This is right for me.

Q: You can fight anyone in the story. who do you choose
A: I’m either going to fight Abe Lincoln – and my reasoning behind this is that he’s a bigger guy, has a longer range, it would be interesting to try to reach him, and apparently Abe Lincoln was a really good wrestler, so me I would also like to measure myself against it. And also Teddy Roosevelt because Teddy Roosevelt was a boxer and stuff. He apparently boxed in the White House, so I’d definitely like to measure myself against this guy.

Q: Teddy Roosevelt was also known to have trained in judo.
one really? Well then, Teddy Roosevelt just jumped over Abe Lincoln to number one.

Q: What is the coolest technique in martial arts?
A: I like throws, man, like judo throws out of the cage. They’re really good, and foot trips too, foot sweepers.

Q: Is there a great MMA movie?
On a. No. I mean the premise behind Never Back Downs, the premise is fine. but it’s just bad acting and bad fight scenes. “Warrior”, the premise behind this “Warrior” film [is] a little crazy, all that fighting two nights in a row. That wouldn’t happen.

Q: Favorite movie?
A: Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Q: Favorite song?
A: I don’t really have one. I like jazz because it reminds me of my grandfather.

Q: Favorite video game?
A: I’ll tell you what video game I hate: I goddamn hate Elden Ring. I’m playing this right now, and this thing is the worst game in the world. but [my] Favorite Video Games: I like Mario Party or Mario Kart.

Q: What is a perfect day for you that is not about fighting?
A: Either go to Disney World with my family and wake up, go to the parks, enjoy it, eat, go to Epcot, drink, have a good time horseback riding. Or going down to the shore, hanging out on the beach all day, watching my son swim in the sea, building sandcastles and going to the boardwalk, playing games, like the quarters with my wife. We’re super competitive. UFC’s Chris Daukaus shares how he’s experiencing a ‘dark spot’ after KO loss


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