Twitter explodes after Biden admin makes ridiculous statement about withdrawal in Afghanistan

I’m starting to think that the term “safe and effective” has lost all meaning in the Biden era.

President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has stated that this summer the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, in which 13 US service members were killed, dozens of Afghans were wounded, and hundreds of American civilians were left behind when the last of the soldiers were removed were, in fact, proceeded “safely and safely” effective”.

Understand what I mean? The Biden administration has a very humorous definition of “safe and effective”.

So Sullivan quite deserving of his comments being burned on Twitter after he delivered a speech on Friday at the Council on Foreign Relations, especially since the troop withdrawal is not only related to the military’s deaths. military and civilian danger, but also an incident that disgraced our nation in front of the entire world.

“Standing here in December, that strategic decision is still the right decision,” he said. “For the first time in 20 years, no US troops were harmed in Afghanistan this holiday season. We have safely and effectively reduced our diplomatic presence. We raised tens of thousands vulnerable Afghans safety in a uniquely American example of sheer competence, commitment and logistics. “


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Interestingly, he doesn’t mention the unsupported and abandoned Americans – some of whom still maintain, to this day, in Afghanistan.

What about them?

Here’s one of the many stinging points that Twitter reacted to Sullivan’s comments:


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This kind of public gas lightThis way of talking to the American public is like we’re suffering from a case of mass amnesia about the Biden case. main disgrace on the world stage, silly bragging about one of our most humiliating failures as a nation in years, is everything we’ve come to expect from the Biden administration.

They think very little of the American public if they think we really believe this.

Afghanistan is and will probably remain one of the lowest score of a presidency that has been marred by incompetence and disaster.

If Biden runs for re-election in 2024 – which, by all accounts, blesses his heart, he is indeed planning (he will turn 82, by the way, shortly after election day) election) – he will no doubt be pressured about his failures in the Afghan withdrawal.

At least, if the organizers of the debate have the backbone to find anyone tougher Chris Wallace in moderation, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

When the President Donald Trump leaving office, he planned to withdraw it all, but Biden had to go and mess it up.

Is Jake Sullivan surprising Americans?

You can blame Trump all you want for the terms of the withdrawal, the Biden administration has made the choice to abandon Afghanistan’s air bases immediately; they decided to leave millions of dollars worth of money equipment for the Taliban to use; they treat these extremist terrorists as legitimate allies; they refuse to call them “enemies” and they put the lives of Americans and their allies in jeopardy handing over list who the Taliban are most likely to want to kill when the US allows them to run security at Kabul airport.

It was the Biden administration that let the Taliban bully it hang on to their withdrawal times, ignoring our good will. NATO Allies stay until every citizen can be rescued.

It is President Joe Biden who is leave the Americans.

And Biden was president when an explosion of ISIS killed 13 service members between chaos and chaos of his own making.

There is nothing “safe” nor “effective” about it. Afghanistan is exactly like it was when the US first got involved in 2001, saving 2,401 Americans who died in the war and the generation of Afghans who grew up in relative freedom but now live under the terror of Sharia law. .

The only thing the Biden administration can say is that there aren’t any American troops left in Afghanistan, and given the circumstances in which they have conducted their now notoriously disastrous withdrawal, I don’t even think that’s the point where they can be proud.

It’s shameful.

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