TikTokers try to hack freckles with hair dye

This might be the hack you want to share.

TikTokers spray their faces with a touch of hair dye to create fake freckles.

They quickly spritz on their faces with root concealer to supposedly reveal cute freckles on their nose and cheeks, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

The brave women who attempted the hack were inspired by makeup artist Sydney Purl, which went viral online for the dupe in February According to the promise, it looked “so realistic.”

While amateur beauty gurus are always looking for the latest hack, this one seems like a bust considering TikTokers are posting their freckles online.

TikToker Chloe Dillon, whose video now has over 9 million viewsShe decided to try the supposed “hack”. She closes her eyes and sprays – but with a heavy hand.

Instead of looking natural, she gives Violet Beauregarde by Willy Wonka.

Even after several attempts in the clip, she is not satisfied with the results.

“That was the funniest thing I saw today,” commented one viewer.

“The first try looks like something exploding in someone’s face in a cartoon,” joked another.

Chloe Dillon on TikTok
Chloe Dillon just couldn’t get the hack to work, even after multiple attempts.

Other TikTokers were quick to jump on the trend, like Mia, who wrapped her hair in a plastic bag to protect it from the root spray.

Complaining that “it’s on fire” She has subtitled her video“If you can do fake freckles with this root spray, you’re my idol because HUH.”

Maggie A on TikTok
Maggie A thought she could master the sun-kissed look but accidentally made her spots too dark.

Another makeup and beauty enthusiast from the UK, known as Maggie A on TikTok, tried the trend but it flopped.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. I literally look like a Dalmatian,” she said in the video, which has racked up more than 544,000 views. “It’s safe to say that’s not for me.”

But not every video was a failure.

Monique Mariek on TikTok
Monique Mariek’s freckles came out naturally.

TikToker Monique Mariek successfully achieved the natural freckle look in a clip posted last month.

“I know you’ve been seeing this all over your TikTok, so of course I have to try it,” said Mariek, from Australia, in the video. which has more than 20,000 views.

After lightly misting her nose and cheeks with the hairspray, she achieved the sun-kissed look that other TikTokers could only dream of.

“The camera doesn’t do it justice. It looks so natural,” she said. “That’s one hundred out of ten for me.”

These TikTokers are far from the first to try artificial freckles. One woman was left with permanent scars after getting freckles tattooed on her face, while others hoped to look like Meghan Markle had “bee stings” painted on their faces. TikTokers try to hack freckles with hair dye


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