Thinking about moving to the US? Here’s what you need

If you have decided that you want to move to the United States of America, then you need to make sure that you are prepared for the move. Not just anyone can come into the borders and make the country a home, and if you want to move to the US you need to be prepared.

There are a few things you are going to need before you can make your preparation to move to the US. However, once you have them, you will find that the rest of the process goes very easily! Here’s what you are going to need.

You Need A Visa Or The Visa Waiver Program

Without some type of US visa, your journey to get into the US will be over before it can really begin. You can apply for a visa at your nearest US Embassy or American consulate in your country, and you will get your visa if you wish to become a citizen or wish to stay in the US longer than 90 days.

However, there are two things you need to know about Visas. First, they expire, and the expiration date is shown plainly on the Visa’s face. They can last for up to 6 months to 10 years, but they will eventually expire and will need to be renewed. The time that the visa has before it expires will largely depend on what type of visa it is.

Additionally, you need to make sure that you give enough time for your visa (as well as any other government documents or paperwork such as passports) to arrive for you. They can take several weeks to a few months to arrive fully, and you don’t want to have the added stress of waiting for your documents piling on to all the other stresses of your move.

Look For A Social Security Number

If you are in the US, you need a social security number, and think of this number as a key that unlocks your insurance. It’s a nine digit number that allows the government to identify and record your wages. You will need a social security number to get a job, collect wages, and receive social security benefits. This process can take some time, so again it is best that you get your social security number as soon as you possibly can.

Prepare To Have Your Stuff Moved

Moving abroad has a lot of costs and potential headaches attached to it, and one of those headaches is whenever you are moving your stuff. While you might be comfortable with packing up your essentials in your suitcase to take on the plane, moving your bigger items and appliances can be very tough. That’s why you need the aid of a shipping company that does International removals to the US, and they will be able to move your larger items for you. Just make sure that you can spare the money, and once again the time. The shipping process is a timetable that you need to keep your eye on, because if you do it right you could arrive in the U.S at the same time as your stuff, that way you won’t be kept waiting!

Learn About The State You Are Moving Too

Finally, you will need to have some knowledge of the state you are moving to, because while a lot of the US has national and federal policies that encompass all of the states, each one of the 50 states has its own laws and rules too. They additionally have their own rules, cultures, and state laws.

So, no matter which of the 50 states that you choose to move too, you need to at least do some research on the state and see what it is like. You might find some states that relate to your values or have laws and regulations that you appreciate more than others. For the US, location is prime, so knowledge about what state you will be hanging your hat in will be essential.

You Need A Lot, But It Will Be Worth It

No matter what you want to move to the USA for, you will need a lot in order to stay in the country and have success. However, once you put in the hard work you will find that you have a great place to stay, filled with plenty of things to do and people to see, and you’ll learn to love your new home!

Huynh Nguyen

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