There is no end to Colby Covington beef after UFC 272

Jorge Masvidal (35-15, 18 finish), who will top UFC 272 on Saturday night pay-per-view from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, recently spoke with Post reporter Scott Fontana for Post Fight Interview, a recurring Q&A feature, before his welterweight match against former American Top Team member Colby Covington (16-3, eight finishes).

Q: What does American Top Team mean to you?
A: That’s my temple. It’s the holy grail of lilies to me. That’s where it brings out the better person in me for a variety of reasons. … You wouldn’t be interviewing me if it weren’t for the American Top Team. It’s amazing what kind of energy we have there.

Q: Was there more energy in the gym for this matchup against Covington than in the normal non-title fight?
A: I can’t tell you how my teammates emerged. They come to hug me – people they barely talk to me – they come pat me on the back, hug me. They’re like, “Dude, you have to beat this guy. You need me anything, you need help, my brother, I’m right here for you.” Every day of f-king, it’s It’s just cheering, like I’m playing, and I have about 20, 30 pros watching me because they’re so excited and excited.

Q: You and Covington were a match full of hatred. To what extent is this a real match versus playing for promotion?
A: If I saw Colby right now, anywhere, I would beat f-king sh-t out of him. You can put it to any angle you want.

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal
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Q: Can you see yourself then burying the vault?
A: I can’t see myself with a person like that, that would be about the women, that would be about the opponent’s children, that would be about the opponent’s religion, that would talk about your opponent’s country. Those are the people I’m not with. I don’t like that style of marketing. … Yes, it’s great to mock your opponents. If someone is making fun of me, no problem. [Say] whatever you want to say about me, but what exactly is my child supposed to do with that? Tell me, because if you think that’s going to be stressful or you think that’s going to sell more pay-per-view, whatever that is, it’s a stupid move. So the only hatch I buried with Colby was in his neck.

Q: Are you leaving? first knockout lossagainst the champion Kamaru Usman last April, since 2008. Where are you in spirit after that match?
A: I have a lot of wonderful people around me. I don’t want to go back there immediately. I didn’t know what to do, so my manager, Ibrahim Kawa, pulled me aside and said, “Dude, I don’t want you to fight. And if it’s a year from now, it will be, but I want you to not fight for a while. I want you to be on the right track. I want your brain to heal.” Because, really, it was the first time in my life. They say there is a [technical] KO on my profile, but if you look at that fight [against Rodrigo Damm], I was nowhere near KO’d. Usman has KO me.

Colby Covington
Zuffa LLC

Q: Now that you’re a fighting promoter (Gamebred Fighting Championship), what have you learned about an aspect of fighting games that you didn’t know a year ago?
A: What I’ve learned is, maybe, f-k, it’s not easy being a promoter. I will tell you many of that. Even with all the resources and all the connections I had in the fighting game, being a promoter was not an easy thing. Really hard. And a lot of nightmares happen. Two [or] three days before the show ends, my main event [fighter] had a car accident. It’s like, “What is f-k?” But that’s something I’ve always known in the fighting world. It happened.

Q: Where is the BMF belt now?
A: That’s a good friend of mine [who keeps it for me]. … And he had more guns than most police departments in his house, with a pack of dogs and all sorts of things. So I had my belt at his house. Whenever I needed it, I carried the belt with me, but he took care of it for me.

Q: You can fight anyone in history. Who do you choose?
A: Bastard Fidel Castro.

Q: Weight goes in typical circles between matches?
A: It depends, man. I could be anywhere from 184 to 200 pounds. Depends on what part of the world I’m feeling, what I’m eating.

Q: What do you expect to consider in teamfights?
A: Middle [180s] go to high place [180s].

Q: What’s a perfect day for you that doesn’t involve combat?
A: I woke up. My dad prepared a damn coffee for me because he makes the best coffee I’ve ever had. Maybe my kids and I go to the movies and we go out. Then when I get alone time, I smoke fat shared. I’m talking about it looking like the big arm of a joint. I exploded and twisted. Then maybe I go to the beach. … Naturally, certainly. If I can have a little nature, if I can have a beautiful little beach [and] a fat joint, that’s pretty good for me.

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal has made it clear that he wants to beat Jake “The Problem Child” Paul.
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Q: Favorite movie?
A: I don’t have a favorite movie, but I do have many movies that I like. “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas” is pretty good; “Scar face;” “The Big Lebowski;” “Wedding Crashers;” “Avengers,” this whole series is pretty cool.

Q: Favorite video game?
A: “Call of Duty” is probably my favorite game for a long time. Even as a professional boxer, I spent six or seven hours a day on that game. I don’t know how I ever did that. I used to be pretty bad in that game. I won’t sleep though. … I love “FIFA”, even though I love it. I’m the trash king, but I love that game.

Q: Favorite song?
A: I can’t say I have one, bro. There are many great songs on the internet. … I love my Latin music. I like to listen to my mother tongue in rhythm.

Q: What will you do in 10 years?
A: I will only glorify God harder than ever, brother. There is no end to Colby Covington beef after UFC 272


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