The Usos on WWE Endurance, Roman Reigns Story, Backlash

Brothers Jimmy and Jey Uso, the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, have served at the helm of the WWE Tag Team Division for more than 12 years and have been an integral part of Cousin Roman Reigns’ eternal run as ” Tribal Chief”. as part of The Bloodline.

The family members will face off against Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton and Riddle at Sunday’s (8 p.m., Peacock) WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view after originally being scheduled for a match to unify the tag titles with RK-Bro. Before stepping into the ring this week, The Usos took time out for some Q&A with The Post’s Joseph Staszewski.

Q: You guys as a team have been at the forefront of WWE for so long. What was the key and the secret of your perseverance?

Jey: It’s almost as real as can be. There’s a fine line between our character on TV and who we are now. It comes across like we’re trying to hit a “lucha, lucha.” We genuinely believe in what we’re doing right now in terms of the best tag teams that have served the longest. We the. The phrase “We the One” came from “We are the ones who are always on the move, we do this, we do that”. He (Jimmy) said, “That’s it bro, we’re the one.”

Q: Were you disappointed that the opportunity to unify titles didn’t come up this weekend and do you think it might be something that could be there for you guys down the line?

Jey: Personally, hell yeah, I was blown away. We wanted that. We can always fall back on that. Now we gotta do what the damn chief says or he’ll be mad at us again. You know what happens when he gets angry.

Jimmy: Definitely [disappointed]. This is a chance to pick ourselves up again.

Jey: right? [Roman] Are you telling us to unify these tag championships?

Q: You were both part of this story with Roman. What do you think you would contribute specifically if he were trying to do this alone were it not there?

Jey: The tribal chief, the “Acknowledge Me,” came from here with me and (Jimmy). I don’t think that if he had come out and tried to be that tribal chief against Drew McIntyre then it was Cesaro it wouldn’t have worked if he and I didn’t make this story as real as possible. “Acknowledge me,” that was something really like stuff. It was just born there.

Q: On Roman’s WWE Evil episode I thought you said an interesting thing that when he was a kid and you guys had games he would have come if he didn’t have his way or things didn’t go his way Taste were inside and try to destroy things. It feels similar to some of his characters. Do you think that’s part of what made it so natural for him?

Jimmy: It’s basically just a big baby. He’s slamming what’s happening right now. It’s like he said on Evil, he doesn’t play a character, he’s his character. That was something Roman was always like as a kid, he always wanted to rise up, be the best, no matter who’s there. Whether it’s on a baseball team, a basketball team, or a football team, he always wanted to be the star. His work gave him momentum.

Q: Is there a moment as a child that particularly impressed you?

Jimmy: Let’s say we’re in the middle of a 21 game in a 1v1, let’s say it’s like 19… we’re shooting. We were out there for almost 35, 45 minutes, sweating, playing. He walks in, “Yo, let me get a shot (in Roman voice).” No man, we’re in the middle of a real game right now. If we shoot and there’s a bang and he gets the ball, he’ll throw his ass into the next yard.

Jimmy Uso makes a splash.

Q: Who would get the ball?

Jimmy: Hell no, nobody would go.

Jey: My little brother (Solo Sikoa)?

Jimmy: Yes, we would tell the little brother to get it.

Q: What is your creative process like when the three of you come up with something?

Jey: Maybe we’ll be in a text group on Thursday, he (Roman) will shoot the text. We do this. We have RK Bro. Then on Friday when we come in (for SmackDown) we’ll eat. We will always eat together. He’ll say, “I’ve got steak and shrimp ready for the boys.” Then we’re all going to sit down and explain what we’re going to do, what we’re going to say. Authors don’t write for us. That’s real talk.

Jimmy: If it’s something that we don’t like, something that we’re not comfortable with or that doesn’t feel right or doesn’t belong to us, we can definitely do it and at least take it somewhere close to what what they want, but not necessarily exactly.

Q: How’s that freedom for you guys, who probably have had writers in the past, not to have to think about it that much?

Jey: It’s great. ‘Cause you should see some of the stuff they’re trying to write for me and him. I don’t know if you can see it, but when we do our promos, we try to make it like a person is speaking. So it’s like bop, bop, bop, bop. You can’t write that. It’s literally what he and I feel and speak. When they put it on paper, it looks like a lot. It goes fast. “Are you sure it’s a minute and a half?” I say, “Yeah man.”

Jimmy: Before all of that, we started here in 2009 and we said that there was (the script) and it didn’t feel like… what we were saying wasn’t really us. Now we’ve built that trust with everyone to say, “Hey Usos, you mention this and you can do what you have to do.”

The Usos are the Tag Team Champions of SmackDown.

Q: Jimmy, you’ve had your ups and downs over the past year or so (DUI arrest in July). How did you deal with it and how did you try to grow from some of the things that happened?

Jimmy: WWE has always been there for us in good times and bad. We all face the noise and grab our lashes like men and we just need to learn from it and recover and show up at work and just keep going. That’s the only thing we can do. You can’t sit and think about this shit and let people beat you up because they’re going to do it. Trust me, especially in this business we’re in today, there’s a lot of noise out there. We just try to keep moving and leveling up every time and just letting everyone know we’re here to stay. We bust our asses off every week.

Jey: That’s the thing, Joe, we’re slipping out of the ring. Like normal things in life will happen, but it’s never affected our work in there (the ring) on ​​screen. You would never, ever, ever know. Here we are reliable. Anyone can talk. We’re still here. We’re still the ones.

Q: You mentioned your little brother. What was it like seeing him start to find success in NXT and would you want to add him to The Bloodline when the time comes?

Jey: Solo runs the business down there. This is the real Bloodline. Yeah I’m so happy he’s finally down there making noise and making a name for himself. We tell him all the time you have to break up with us, like the whole family. We made it. You have to find your own role. He’ll get there, and then when the time is right, damn it.

Jimmy: The bloodline is definitely in his future. It’s definitely there.

Jey: We want to expand.

Jimmy: He has to take baby steps. He’s just starting.

Jey: Joe, we’ve had little cousins ​​for generations. There are so many, we deep. There’s so many lined up behind us, man. It will take another 50 years. We’re going to invest 100 years in WWE.

Q: You have achieved so much. Is there something else that motivates you and what you haven’t achieved that might be the next goal or the next thing you want to do?

Jey: I think in hindsight, the #1 goal we want…

Jimmy: That would probably be me and you.

Jey: Me against him at WrestleMania, Twin vs. Twin. Maybe my father (rikishi) as a special guest referee. If he can still move.

Jimmy: It’s in our back pocket, man, take it right into the living room. jumping up and down. We already said that when we were drilling holes in the damn drywall.

Q: Have you tried pitching this and it just didn’t happen?

Jimmy: It wasn’t the right time. We’ve been too dominant together, especially since we debuted here in WWE. Together we have always been stronger. If the time was right to get there, maybe yes, or it never will, depending on the circumstances or the storylines.

Q: You guys are expressing disappointment that the reunion game isn’t happening and obviously some fans are disappointed. Does that give you that extra motivation for the six man match that you need to give them something to make them forget about it?

Jey: I just like the fact that it’s always time for Roman Reigns, but it’s almost like those tag titles are like, yo, let’s see what the point is right here. We want this unification game to go under. The promos were fire. Survivor Series, they outperformed us, but that was fire. Everything around us is first. We light it up.

Jimmy and Jey Uso

Jimmy: We let them know every week why we should be the best tag team around here. If that alone doesn’t solidify our legacy as the best tag team in the business, I don’t know what else we can do.

Q: What went into making 1D the new finisher and was there anything else in the running?

Jey: We knew we wanted to do this.

Jimmy: It always has been.

Jey: That was the dumbest tag team finisher move for me and him ever. We had to ask as soon as we got the blessing. We had to ask D-Von (Dudley).

Q: So you asked her?

Jey: Of course. He said, “Man, if there’s any tag team in this world that I’d give 3D to, then you both define it.

Jimmy: We were trying to find another double finish that we could hit together all the time.

Jey: Because that (Uso) splash hurts my knees a bit. We’re getting a little older. We’re getting a little older, Joe. Splash hurts me more than my opponent?

Q: Favorite tag team?

Jey: New day.

Jimmy: No. 2 are The Wyatts, Brodie (Lee) and Erick Rowan.

Q: Tag team you haven’t played against or in the past that you would like to have a match with?

Jey: I would have liked to have had a tag match against the Harlem Heat in the past.

Q: Favorite part of Young Rock?”

Jimmy and Jey: Starring a young Roman.

The Post’s Joseph Staszewski has been covering pro wrestling for six years. His column on the industry, Post Match Angle, appears every Tuesday on The Usos on WWE Endurance, Roman Reigns Story, Backlash


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