The landowner used razor wire to keep the razors off his property and threw the BRANCH at the women who strayed onto his property

A LANDOWNER has been ordered to pay more than £5,000 after she used razor wire to avoid chattering voices and failed to stop her dog from killing a cat.

Frances Payne, 56, was drawn into the odd row of pedestrians she alleged had strayed into her land near a scenic spot in Evesham, Worcs.

Payne wants to stop people from rambling on the public footpath


Payne wants to stop people from rambling on the public footpathCredit: SWNS
Frances Payne was slapped with a criminal conduct order


Frances Payne was slapped with a criminal conduct orderCredit: SWNS

A court said she blocked the way with barbed wire, chains, and was “vigilant” and even threw a tree branch at two women who tried to get through the gate.

During a battle with pedestrians, Payne’s dog attacked a cat and left it dead in the street.

Payne said her anger flared up after she was abused near her home by “uninformed” pedestrians and “knowing about country rules”.

She was slapped with a community protection notice asking her not to block the footpath before she was later charged with a series of counts.

JPs found her guilty of displaying a sign intended to cause harassment, alarm or distress and for failing to comply with the public protection notice.

She was also found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal after failing to help a cat killed by her dog.

Payne, who appeared on Channel 5’s The Nightmare Neighbor Next Door, was given a five-year CBO fine at Kidderminster Magistrates Court.

She was also required to pay £3,800 vet bills for cat owner Pauline Clarke, £100 for two victims, £1,000 prosecution costs and a £22 victim surcharge.

Sentencing, District Judge Ian Strongman said: “On June 20, two members of the public found it difficult to reach.

“You put up a barricade and get aggressive with them – you throw a tree branch at them.

“They find a locked gate and you watch them struggle through which makes them feel uncomfortable.

“Another offense is when your dog attacks a cat. Your dog has inflicted serious injury on the cat and it is screaming in pain. It has been injured by your dog.

“When you left the scene, you left the cat in pain and did nothing to help.

“As a result Mrs. Clark found her cat dead on the street and spent £3,800 on vet bills. It died later.

“I’ll put you under a Criminal Conduct Order for five years, so you don’t interfere with public footpaths.

“This means that you may not abuse or behave in an outrageous manner toward any member of the public using the boardwalk in the Hampton, Evesham area.

“In addition, you must not place any obstructions, such as electrical wires, on any public walkways or block any exits and entrances.”


Payne said she put the fence in place last April after what she described as “ongoing” problems like people taking drugs, assault, theft and vandalism.

She also said her cattle were being deliberately let loose, claiming she saw a man stalking around the house with a bolt cutter.

Her charges against also include littering, motorcyclists and bicycle riders, climbing fences and fisherman flipping over without a license.

But despite insisting she was taking action to stop trespassers, she was repeatedly hit by community protection notices to stop her from blocking her way.

The judges found her guilty of three counts on December 14 last year.

Local residents Anne Farley and Kate Gartner told how they left “shocked” after being assaulted by Payne for trying to get over the fence.

They said: “We haven’t taken this path since we were shaken.

“We don’t want to go that route anymore. We love walking. It’s a shame that this one person has affected so many people.”

The court also heard how “devastated” Pauline Clarke was after her cat died and that she now feels “lost without him”.

Prosecutor Sarah Hurd said: “Pauline Clark said she found her cat in a terrible condition, the cat was sadly put down.

“She said ‘it’s devastated me, we’re a team and now it’s not, I’m lost without him’.”

Forz Kahn, the guard, said his client blocked the way to prevent her sheep from escaping and is applying to the council to reroute it.

He added: “She locked it so her sheep couldn’t escape onto the highway. She closed the gate.

“She has now applied to the local government to reorient the way so that her livestock is not in danger.

“The locking of the gate lasted for hours, not days. When asked to open it, she opened it.”

I had 97 different counts of my property.

Speaking outside court later, Payne said: “I will appeal this case.

“I’m being bullied by the authorities, maybe because I’m a single woman.

“I have applied to the board to change the footpath. I will not give in to those who abuse other people’s land.

“People took it together to vandalize my property.

“They vandalized gates and fences, and even killed sheep – it was horrible.

“My tenants, who lived in the house, couldn’t deal with it anymore and I moved in.

“A property has burned down. Over the years, I’ve been guilty of 97 different counts of my property.

“The police did not take action, so I told everyone to leave their property for trespassing. Some refused to leave.

“During the lockdown, I had people crawl into my house and back garden.

“I’ve never offended anyone on a public footpath. I regularly have happy dog ​​walkers walking down it.

“There was a new estate built nearby, they didn’t know the country code.

“This one woman started screaming and screaming when I asked them to leave. I have four acres. It’s private land.

“The only way I can keep my sheep is to lock the gate. I have the choice to let the sheep out in the street or close the gate.

“Miss Gartner and Miss Farley trespassed. The footpath was closed but they still went in.

“And the cat was fine when I left. Next thing I knew the cat was dead. I saved a cat’s life and I was prosecuted for it.”

She blocked the path with barbed wire, chains, and "away" Notification


She blocked the way with barbed wire, chains, and “watch out”Credit: SWNS
Razor wire is used to prevent


Razor wire is used to preventCredit: SWNS
The road was a popular one for pedestrians before Payne tried to intervene


The road was a popular one for pedestrians before Payne tried to interveneCredit: SWNS The landowner used razor wire to keep the razors off his property and threw the BRANCH at the women who strayed onto his property

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