The heroes of “Hawkeye” dress up like us

In the first time Kate Bishop appeared in “Hawk Eye, “Disney+ series, she’s barefoot. Young Kate (Clara Stack) is eavesdropping on her parents, and for such detective work, you need to feel comfortable.

You need to feel comfortable great number of of work, a small but not important thing lesson of the year 2020 and more – including the hard work of saving the world. But action stories, among them Marvel stories, often feature superheroes in clothes salesman and bras, tank tops and tight skins, including – or especially – women.

Over the years, many beauties on the big and small screens have struggled with criminals topless in hot pants, which would seem to increase the likelihood of injury. With too much skin contact, some skin will bruise or bleed, or become a target. Those outfits look like a liability in a fight, not to mention a bit chilly on the streets of New York or Asgard, Wheaton or Washington, DC

In “Boys,” the Amazon Prime series about business going super, rookie Annie/Starlight (Erin Moriarty) complains about her skimpy outfit – even smaller, with taller boots and bangs Her hair is mussed like a beauty queen, after she returned sexually assaulted, but her employer is “relying on old sexist archetypes under the guise of ‘feminine power’.” Annie was asked to embrace her feminist power by wearing less clothes, “like Emma Fraser writes on Syfy Wire.

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“The Boys” teases and examines these archetypes, but a lot of time, people wanted their superheroes to be dressed in uncomfortable and impractical ways. Enter Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld as an adult in “Hawkeye”: college archer, rich girl, and will be Clint’s Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) partner. In the current story, we see her first in a lavender athletic set, comfortable yet causal. Her boots are flat and possibly steel. “Nice dress by the way,” her friend said. “Yes, fine,” Kate replied. “Sometimes you have to wear a part.”

Luckily for Kate, the part she’s trying to fake until she does is Hawkeye’s, and if the advice is that you should dress for the job you want, she’s an understandable role model. Clint’s streetwear is jeans and a zip-up hoodie. Even in action star mode, Hawkeye often wears a vest with pockets, wearing a hooded leather jacket as his vengeful self, Ronin.

There are a lot of hoodies in “Hawkeye.”

There are also lots of sweets, a cozy outfit that Kate wears to sleep, and, in an act of self-care, changes to after an uphill fight. She seems ready to homemade. She looks like us.

Kate Bishop was the first aspiring superhero whose clothes I ever coveted. With sweat drops – I especially like a bright purple figure – she wears a signature oversized plaid coat, her long hair is often tied in a messy ponytail when she introduces New York, a scarf neck thrown. You know her shoes are sensible and there are tissues and snacks in her bag. Kate sometimes wears jeans, but they are frayed and torn, with black tights underneath to keep warm.

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Importantly for New York in the winter, no one looks cold in “Hawkeye”. Kate bought herself and Clint matching sweaters for Christmas. Even Kate’s mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga), who wears silk ruffles like a cross between Isadora Duncan and Rebecca from “”Ted Lasso, “to the balls and the benefits of the frosts that can come from By Halston row. Her clothes seem easy, don’t bleed – even machine washable?

A red dress dripped from Eleanor’s frame at the party where Kate wore an all-black men’s suit. After mistaking her for a server, Kate’s uncle almost despaired, Armand said he would “appreciate if she [would] wear something a little more noble. “

But comfort is the most important thing here, along with not conforming to gender or superhero stereotypes. The royal purple also plays a huge role in the show, nod to the original comic. It’s not exactly Pantone’s 2022 Color of the year – clearly more of a periwinkle – but everything is slightly purplish in color which makes the show feel contemporary while also reminding us that it is based on visual arts.

Real life doesn’t coordinate, unlike “Hawkeye”, which reminds me of the green in Alfonso Cuarón’s 1995 film adaptation of “A Little Princess”. In “Hawkeye”, it emerges purple: purple Christmas lights on the balcony, purple on Hawkeye’s costume in Broadway Avengers music, purple smoke, purple arrow goo. It feels like watching a live comic.

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It’s important that the villains of “Hawkeye” look cozy, too. They’re Mafia Tracksuits after all, not Three Pieces or Dark Boys. And while the matching red (and green, Christmas) tracksuits look funny, I’m sure loose clothing will make it easier to fight, while also increasing their antagonistic nature. Probably the best cool mob boss Maya (Alaqua Cox) wears thin black pants and a black motorcycle jacket, its faint three-stripes the only accent to her rather ineffective military outfit.

Clothing plays an important role in “Hawkeye” for the plot as well as the overall. Import LARPers, the versatile role-playing team, who acts as a kind of heartfelt chorus for the show. Clint must regain his Ronin costume from one of them, the affable Grills (Clayton English).

The Ronin costume that was mysteriously auctioned off is what kicked off this whole story, and the LARPers have confirmed it. During the finale, which airs on Wednesday, the LARPers also sewed and gifted Clint and Kate their new outfits, signaling the beginning of a new era, one in which two archers battle each other.

Dressed in stale yoga clothes, sweat, and headbands, the LARPers practice fighting on stage like a group of ragtags rehearsing Shakespeare in the park. Maybe they walked out”Station 11. “Maybe, just like in the Bard documentary, they’re clowns. But the casual, inappropriately dressed LARPers make the story of ‘Hawkeye’ relatable. Anyone can dream of saving their lives. others with acts of courage, strength and boldness Anyone can try Kate shows us: Maybe anyone can really. do it, and you don’t have to be perfect – or wear a Lycra short skirt – when you do.

With her haste and clumsiness — and yes, with those sweats — Kate Bishop, the queen of leaving so many awkward voicemails, may not be the superhero we need. But she is us.

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