The Diocese of Michigan wants to refuse baptism for transgender people unless they meet a major condition

Today, secular, modern humanists have become emphatic on “multiculturalism” and “tolerance” at the expense of true diversity.

This has severely limited the ability of millions of conscientious people live in peace stand together in a nation founded on the recognition that they are all created equal and have the freedom to worship and practice their religion as they see fit.

We live now in an age where churches being attacked not only to advocate against the acceptance of alternative sexual lifestyles and gender identities in public life, but merely to stipulate that churches adhere to the most basic sexual standards as outlined in the Word of God.

In other words, thanks to the intense secularization of American culture, the sacred properly Christian churches must behave simply as the Catholic churches that have been targeted.

A Catholic diocese in Michigan is under fire after issuing guidelines for communion, baptism and other services Sacraments requires individuals who have identified as transgender to repent of their lifestyle. One imagines that they too must repent of the rest of their sins before God, for repentance is a key component of living in a relationship with Christ.


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Follow Detroit News, the diocesan guidelines appear to be the “most far-reaching” policy of their kind in the United States and come at a time when Holy See did not clearly outline the church’s position on transgender individuals receiving Communion.

The Diocese of Marquette issued “Guidelines on Certain Aspects of Pastoral Care for Persons with Same-Same Attraction and Gender Disability” in July, but it received renewed scrutiny after a Pro-LGBT priest, James Martin, shares what they talk about transgender individuals and the sacraments on Twitter.

Martin notes part of document, providing instructions on how to proceed Christen or administering the sacraments to individuals such as the children of parents in a same-sex community or any individual living in a heterosexual extramarital relationship.

The document states that “a person who openly identifies as a gender other than his or her biological sex or has attempted”sex change‘may not be baptized, Confirmed, or have full communion in the Church, unless the person has repented. “

Is the diocese fair?

It also notes that “[r]epentance does not require reverse physical change to the body the person has gone through. The experience of heterogeneity in one’s sexual identity is not sinful if it is not of one’s free will, nor does it hinder the Beginning of Christianity. ”

“However, intentional, freely chosen and manifest acts to redefine one’s gender constitute such an obstacle,” it states.

Overall, the entire document presents a very astute, clear, and compassionate perspective on confronting same-sex attraction and transgenderism in the pastoral field. It would be difficult to describe it from afar as hateful, bigoted, “homophobic” or “anaerobic.”


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Like millions of Christians worldwide, the diocese simply believes in traditional biblical sex ethics and that God created each of us to be exactly like us: male and female. Those who desire to have a same-sex or extra-marital relationship or live their lives in the hypothetical form of a member of the opposite sex must be treated with love, benevolence, and the ministry of God. sincere director; it is simply that Catholics who expect to receive the sacraments of the church must repent of acts that are sinful.

“Our basic approach to people of the same sex who are attractive and those with sex troubles is pastoral accompaniment: a loving interpersonal encounter on the path to deeper faith in Jesus Christ,” the document reads.

“People with gender dysphoria also need our care and pastoral accompaniment. Because of the fundamental unity of man’s body and soul, the sex of man and the sex of the body are the same,” it explains.

“Each of us is made male or female. So to live according to the truth About our human nature, we have to embrace our bodily sexuality. It is a gift given to us. People who experience an imbalance between their body gender and what they consider their gender deserving of our love, compassion, and care. “

It is one thing to discuss how the law should accommodate different beliefs about gender identity.

A completely separate issue is the rights of a Christian church – in this case, the largest church in the world. Catholic sect, no less – to expect its members to behave biblically.

From a Catholic point of view, it’s all about sin, adultery, homosexuality, drunkenness, and trying despite the way God made each of us, male or female. Communion, baptism, and other Catholic sacraments are available to sincere believers, and only those closest to or Progressive Christians denominations will deny that the very foundation of the gospel lies in the sinner’s need for a repentant heart.

No one in the Catholic church is looking for transgender people who do not believe, are not Catholic and try to limit their way of life. This is simply a common practice measure to ensure that those participating in sacraments of the church pursuing a relationship with God according to God’s teachings.

It is remarkable that this diocese has to make this request which is of real concern; Basic ethics in the Bible is never discussed.

But that is the nature of the “multicultural”, “tolerant” culture in which we live. It is rapidly evolving into an ideological tyranny, ironically becoming as strongly dogmatic as it was in Rome when the reformers first began to defy their teachings.

It has never been more important for believers of all denominations to be persuaded to refuse to deny Bible truths, regardless of cultural creed.

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