The diet: 9 alcoholic drinks to avoid if you want to lose weight – and what you should order instead

Drinking alcohol can be bad for your health for many reasons, which is why the recommended weekly limit for men and women is 14 units.

But even if you’re drinking within the recommended threshold, some alcoholic beverages can contain more sugar (in syrups, flavorings, mixers, and the alcohol itself) making them not a smart choice if You are conscious of your sugar intake.

Below is a list of some of the most popular high-calorie alcoholic beverages with suggested alternatives.

From Champagne in lieu of Chardonnay to martinis on mojitos, scroll down to see what you should drink instead.

Trade one Long Island Iced Tea (424 calories) for one Cosmopolitan (100 calories).

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With an ingredient list featuring vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec and coke, it’s no wonder a typical Long Island 420ml glass contains a whopping 424 calories.

A Cosmopolitan has much less alcohol and only a small amount of cranberry juice, which means a typical 250ml martini contains only 100 calories – a quarter less than on the Long Island.

Exchange Pina Colada (300 calories) for Navel Blush (120 calories).

Pina Coladas are the perfect beachside cocktail, but thanks to the addition of coconut and pineapple blends, these drinks often have a high calorie count of around 300 calories per 230ml.

Fuzzy Navel contains only peach schnapps and orange juice, making it an ideal fruit substitute with around 120 calories per 115ml drink.

Trade a Mojito (242 calories) for a Martini (70 calories).

Mojitos are a summer favorite, but thanks to the sugar syrup, a typical 230ml can contain up to 242 calories.

A Martini has no additional mixers, which means a 250ml glass contains only 70 calories – if you don’t eat olives, of course.

Trade one Alcopop (253 calories) for one Diet Rum & Coke (115 calories).

Alcopops or coolers often contain a lot of added sugar and an average 340ml bottle can have up to 253 calories.

For an equally sweet but lower calorie drink, a glass of rum and diet coke can contain as little as 115 calories per 280ml serving, making it a sweet alcoholic drink. ideal.

Trade your gin & tonic (170 calories) for gin & tonic (115 calories).

Gin & tonic is one of Britons’ favorite drinks, but due to the added sugar, a typical 210ml serving can contain around 170 calories.

A similar serving of 210ml gin & slimline tonic contains only 115 calories, saving you an average of 55 calories per glass.

Exchange a glass of sweet white wine (160 calories) for a glass of Champagne (89 calories).



The added sugar in sweet white wine means that a medium 175ml glass can contain about 160 calories on average.

Champagne has one of the lowest calorie counts for fizzy drinks, with a 120ml serving containing just 89 calories.

Trade a vodka tonic (175 calories) for a vodka, soda, and lemonade (106 calories).

As with the gin & tonic, the soda that provides the vodka tonic is relatively high at 175 calories per 280ml.

Vodka, soda and lemon have no added sugar and are low in calories at just 106 calories for the same measure.

Trade one Margarita (280 calories) for one Moscow Mule (120 calories).

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Margaritas are another trendy cocktail, sadly it’s not ‘especially healthy,’ with 280 calories per 230ml serving.

Try exchanging them for an equally luxurious glass of Moscow Mule, as they contain only 120 calories per 170ml serving.

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