The best video games to get you in the holiday spirit

When the last piece of pumpkin pie is eaten on Thanksgiving, you can often hear many people shuffling their holiday decorations. To get more gamers in the mood, here’s a list of five surprise games to get you in the holiday spirit. There’s a very particular itch that can be scratched with some of these games, and because they come from unique titles you might not necessarily expect, that makes them highly sought after. welcome more at this time of year.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Friendship and family relationships come first Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales, and having the game take place over the holidays will push that number further back home. As you find yourself swinging through snowy New York, Miles finds himself having to combine friendship and fighting crime, a key element of the Spider-Man universe. In the way that the first Insomniac Spiderman the game is about Peter Parker and his relationship with Mary Jane and Aunt May, the same can be said for this sequel.

This is a story mainly about family, friendship and strong relationships during the most difficult times. With that idea clearly at the core of the game’s story, placing it in the holiday season makes it even more effective. There’s Miles’ relationship with his father, briefly explored in the original game, but playing a much larger role in this title, as well as his relationships with Phin, Ganke, and his mother. . This is introduced wonderfully early on, when you all join together for a holiday meal, as Miles is left to burn some vinyl records, as his mother prepares dinner. It’s a great scene that encapsulates the holiday spirit perfectly the game can capture.


Persona 4: Gold


In the same way that Spider-Man: Miles Morales highlighting the importance of family, Persona 4: Gold Also focus closely on your relationships with others. Like many games in the series, bonds are a literal gaming tool, and here in particular their importance during the holiday season is emphasized even more. As you unravel the ultimate mysteries behind the game this month, it’s soon after you finally have time to hang out with your friends without worries. When you’re playing a high school student in the game, one can’t help but compare the way that lifting weights off the shoulder feels familiar to the days when you could finish all your schoolwork first. when taking a break.

You’re going to have to play quite a bit to really get the hang of it Persona 4: Gold, but by the time you do, you’ll be rewarded with some of the weirdest emotions the game has to offer. The highlight is going out with your friends and family for Christmas, when you all come together and eat a big cake. The Yellow The game’s version also adds one of the coldest songs the series has to offer, as ‘Snowflakes’ perfectly embodies the winter spirit. The game even extends the holiday past the typical December day, because in January the snow continues to fall across the city and into February you’re skiing with your friends.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Since the early days of MMOs (massively multiplayer online games), it’s been fun to see game developers implement real or fake vacations into their games. Usually, these will be timed events that allow players to participate and receive various gifts. One of the best recent examples of this is the development of Mule, and most recently in New horizons. All of these events in the game have something special to offer, but when it comes to the holidays, it always hits that special spot.

What’s particularly effective about this game is its ability to appeal to fans who’ve paused the game for a while, yet still make the player feel welcome, almost as if you’re coming home in the summer. vacation. As winter rolls around, you’ll see snow days start appearing throughout December, and when the big day finally arrives, you’ll be able to participate in Toy Day. You can get new recipes for items, buy holiday themed outfits, and even give gifts to your villagers. New horizons does a great job of highlighting your temporary family and group of friends that include other villagers, as you can enjoy your time with them and thank them for the memories you shared together.

Raw danger!


One might not expect a game about many natural disasters to be able to spark the holiday spirit, but somehow Raw danger! on PS2 can achieve that feat. The sequel to the game Disaster reportand the second game in the series, Raw danger! leaves you in mid-December, when you’re acting as a waiter at a big event. A big earthquake happened, and you are trying to survive the earthquake caused, of which there are many.

This game is a bit different from all the other titles, in that it puts you in a dangerous situation almost instantly. However, even in all these terrible events, there is still a sense of peace that you can find and embrace as you will often hear Christmas music as you run around the city. You’ll also see holiday decorations scattered throughout the different areas, and can collect various holiday themed items to use in your journey. Oddly, it’s so calming in the way that it can bring out the holiday spirit, but for such a heavily themed game, it can do so in an extremely effective way.

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Kingdom Hearts II


For this entry, one can also easily find a world like Arendelle in Kingdom Hearts III, but there’s a really special blend of cozy holiday spirit Kingdom Hearts II can reach. In this title, the game takes the player back to Halloween Town from Nightmare before Christmas. Unlike the first iteration of the game, this time it also extends to Christmas Town, which contains Santa’s house and his workshop.

It’s a pretty small area to explore, even considering the size of the worlds in the game, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. You’ll find yourself running around taking on the heartless Christmas theme, and Sora, Donald, Goofy, all with their own holiday outfits. Even Jack Skellington joined in the fun dressing up as Santa. The man in red even showed up, leading to some unexpected surprises. Combine all of that with the upbeat music you’ll be listening to and it makes for the perfect kind of area to get you in the festive mood.

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